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Great lessons but a not so great ending
Moesha with great plots became weaker as the show went on in both comedy and well, its storyline. Although it became very popular because it dealt with several issues involving racial and etc. Cliché is more the title it shall be. As it went on it was mishap after another people leaving without a trace take for example "Dee" played by Sheryl Lee Ralph just left to Jamiaca for a job never to be seen again. Great show for teen lessons might I add. With Myles becoming ADDICTED to marijuana and the short "talk" at the end of the episode was very educational and helping to those with similar lives in which they were involved with that. I wish that the last episode could be shown much more often so I could remember all the cliffhangers that were left in the open. It's a great show for pre-teens to teenagers and also for adults as well. Although major events were left hanging' you should watch trust me it'll grab your interest

Arrested Development

One word: Funny & Original (Okay that was 2)

To describe this show I would have to use this word. Very original plotting. I love the narration that is in this show and the " out-of the blue " mishaps that occur in this show. You cant watch 10 minutes of this show and guess whats gonna happen next because something just might unexpectedly happen. I dislike laugh tracks and I am so glad they are not included in this show. You definitely don't need one because the fact that there isn't any makes you burst out laughing. Don't get me wrong though there are great show with laugh tracks like take for example: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Anyways, this show has a totally different plotting and is FAR from cliché' it's a must see for the whole family. Its really funny how George Sr is on the loose has got me cracking up right now.(May be a spoiler if u ain't know he is on the loose) So plzzzzzzzzz watch cuz u are gonna luv the originality that shines throughout every episode in this show.

Instant Star

Different but Unrealistic Plot
An average 15 year old becomes a star after appearing on a crappy TV show something they try to make like American Idol. Jude Harrison who I say looks at least 25 years old, is a 15 year old who hits it big having after won a televised competition. All of a sudden the following day she is already having a music manager something not even Kelly Clarkson could pull off. She is already having several fans making appearances on TV and a music studio in 1 Day!! I mean c'mon fame doesn't come that quick. I guess you could say she even has the paparazzi following her. Back to the story- she is crushing on her 21 year old manager whom likes her back but cannot develop a relationship because she is a minor. She becomes heart broken by some boy named Shay who dumped her for the dumbest reason. Her best friend is madly in love with her who eventually falls for his other friend Kat whom i say needs lessons on how to dress. Kat and her new boyfriend who is barely over Jude- Jaime thinks their relationship must be kept secret from Jude for some stupid reason they think that she will be mad. I'd be happy to get that nagging, crushing on me of a best friend off my back. I think the plot was written up by the last minute cuz somebody said hey we need another TV show on the noggin channel.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

This Show is Funny and Witty might I add!
Will Smith a rapper before making his premiere on the show plays an inner city homeboy whom due to trouble, moves in with his rich uncle, his wife and their children and their exceptionally witty butler. Each character with a different personality brings the spark into this TV show which became a hit during the early to later 90's. Hilary, the oldest of his uncle in-laws' siblings, played by Karyn Parsons, has the least intelligence of all of Will's characteristic cousins. Carlton played by Alfonso Ribierto is often teased by Will due to his height. Ashley grows up in the show which shows how much her maturity has grown. Nicky whom is later making his debut performance on the show becomes the youngest. I love this show and hope to see similar plotted shows in the future!

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