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Raat Jaga Phool

'Raat Jaga Phool' is a Night Waking Experience.
The movie is directed by Mir Sabbir, who has also acted in a leading role, written the story, and produced the movie. Now there would be debating whether Mir Sabbir has given the best in acting or direction or in story. In my personal opinion, he has surpassed himself in everything. Throughout the movie, his presence at every moment will make you think, sometimes as Rois, sometimes in the weaving of the story and sometimes in the direction.

I have probably never seen such natural beauty of Bangladesh in a movie like this before. Extraordinary color compositions dazzled my eyes the whole time. Such clean cinematography and editing is very rare in Bengali cinema.

And one of the most powerful elements of the movie is the strong casting. Fazlur Rahman Babu, Abul Hayat, Oishi, and everyone have given their best in this movie. All the songs in this movie were melodic.

All in all, I want to say this. It was a wonderful experience. Mir Sabbir will be a powerful director in the world of Bangladeshi cinema. He has left his mark in the first movie. Congratulations to everyone involved with the movie.


Millstone of Bengali Web Series
It's a story that you might know somehow if you live in 'Mohanagar'. An amazing story with extraordinary acting set this series on top. You will be amazed by some of the roles of this series played by some actors that you might have never seen before.

Director Ashfaq Nipon made this series so much remarkable that set this series on top. Lead role Mosarraf Karim was just outstanding with his spectacular performance. I have seen him such a different character & different types of acting after a long time. Other characters also display beautiful acting skills.

I have to mention the theme music and set design. These really deserve to be mentioned. I would like to congratulate the whole team who make this series happen. Great work.

Networker Baire

Chol Bondhu Chol...!
It's a feeling that you can't express. This is a story of four friends who are soon completing their university life. Four different people with ups and downs of their life. They are planning for a tour for the last time, ops, sorry, for the first time. Throughout the whole movie, it is just a pure show of friendship. You can also relate yourself to any of these characters. An amazing story with a beautiful screenplay and a great combination of cinematography and music.

But one thing I should tell the whole industry. Please try to promote our own culture. I can see the cultural diversion last couple of years by the renowned directors and actors. This is not our culture, this should not be the message to the young generation. Please be aware of that.

Anyway, great work by the director, actors, and the whole team. It's a good Bangladeshi film that I can feel. Especially technical team deserve credit for visualizing a dazzling show for one and half an hour.


I can't get it out of my head
Raihan Rafi is one of the most promising talented directors of our time. Earlier, he introduced himself with two movies. Going beyond the conventional trend in the history of Bengali cinema, he gave surprises in the previous two movies. However, 'Janowar' has overwhelmed everything.

I could guess a bit after watching the trailer, but after watching the movie I can't get it out of my head now. There was violence but the tension did more than that. Each character is brought to life. You will be forced to hate some characters.

Although I expect more rather than the torture scene all the time, I felt pretty disturbing while watching the movie. Thought police have a pretty vital role in this movie. I expected that how police have investigated and arrested the criminal will be shown, but it is not.

Everyone has done well in acting. Such a movie has been made as a result of everyone's equal contribution. But Apu and the little girl of the movie was remarkable. mind blowing performance by both of them. The cinematography is extraordinary and brilliant.

In the end, I will say this, 'Janowar' is a milestone in the history of Bengali movies. It is very important for a Bengali film to have such a movie. I hope the good days of the Bengali film will come with the help of Raihan Rafi and others.


This Film is about to Change Your View...
Thought it would be another ordinary animated movie with some comedy and emotion. It is but this time it touched my soul. The world is moving too fast, so are we. Maybe this film can make you rethink about your life. Don't waste your time for searching the fortune when it is on your soul.

Great gift from Disney and Pixer. It was mind blowing. I love everything about this movie. I believe this types of film will create a positive vibe not only to the children but also grown man. Looking forward to see a few magnificent work like this. Hats off to the team who give us a chance to watch a film like this.


One of the Best Bangladeshi TV Series of All-time!
It won't be wrong if I called this series as a masterpiece. Lutfur Rahman George & Mosarraf Karim steal the show and create a legacy. Nobody can be Kislu or Montu again for sure.

Arguably the best work by the director Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. It was never easy to take an attempt to make a political TV Series in Bangladesh. He is the first one who did this and shows the dark side through the comedy. It was brilliant.

I remember back in 2008/2009, people use to watch this series again and again and nobody even find it boring. Totally unpredictable series and this is the strength of this series. Because of unpredictability, so many people didn't want the ending happened that way. But i know, because of that ending, everybody will remember it so long time.

Sikandar Box

A series to enjoy and lough with your family
Almost everyone in Bangladesh who watches tv knows about Sikandar Box. Mosarraf Karim as Sikandar Box was amazing. Everyone who watched any episode of this series will be fallen love with the dialogue of Sikandar. The comedy and the acting of Mosarraf Karim will bring joy and lough to your face. You will love it.

The bad side is the series is now too predictable and not that much fun when it was the beginning of Sikandar Box. Audience knows pretty much everything that will going to be happened in this episode. Because of that, the popularity of this series fallen down.

But if you thought about the beginning of Sikandar Box, it will made you lough again and again. I hope the director will bring this series with some different story and the different character of Sikandar Box. I will remember this series as good old memory.


Is it really a Bengali Web Series!
Taqdeer is the driver of a hearse freezer van. One day he discovered the body of an unknown woman in his van. he tried to find out who left the body. As he moves forward with that body, he has unknowingly stepped into an unknown trap. Gradually the real mystery unfolds. Taqdeer embarks on an unknown adventure.

I can't believe this is a Bengali web series. The plot of the story is strong enough to keep you tense all the time. I love the screenplay, no time-wasting, decent speed, and of course no nudity.

Chanchal Chowdhury as Taqdeer was remarkable. He is one of the best Bengali actors alive. You will be amused by watching him in this series. Sohail Rana as Montu is outstanding. Shoutout to the director of this series Syed Ahmed Shawki who is previously known for his debut directing movie 'Iti, Tomari Dhaka', I believe he will be known as the director of Taqdeer from now. This series is amazing in one word. Location, Lighting, Music, Cinematography was remarkable. Shoutout to the all cast & crew who gives the best performance in their own department.

I hope this series will lead and inspired others to make meaningful web series.

Mohammad Rasoolollah

The Best Movie that I have ever seen
Although this movie had created some controversy in the Muslim community, it is a pure description of the childhood of the greatest man in the world. I don't even realize how beautiful was his childhood. Sometimes I cry for his pain, sometimes cries for his loss, and sometimes cries for his joys. It is because I love him so much, that Is understandable, but I have never realized how he grows up before watching that movie.

Two Oscar winner A.R Rahman's masterpiece music is mind blowing. It will create goosebumps for sure. And the director Majid Majidi gives his best to create this masterpiece that I must say. Unfortunately, the second part will never come due to some controversy and ban issue. But I do believe that these types of movies will create awareness in the world and help everyone to realize how amazing the person he was and why he is the most popular and great man in the world. It will also help to engage Muslims to realize our prophet's life and teaching. To all the movie lovers, I will definitely recommend you to watch this beautiful movie and witness the childhood of the greatest man in the world.

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