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The Dark and the Wicked

Atmospheric horror similar to Heriditary.
This is the opposite of a jump scare movie. Like Annabelle or paranormal activity. It's a slow burn tense, atmospheric horror like Heriditary and Relic (or even babadook). All movies I absolutely loved. Great acting too and just like in Heriditary the actress carries the film. Great super scary horror about the devil trying to steal souls by using sight and sound to tempt you to darkness.

I am giving it a 9 instead of an 8 like I should be. However if I don't give it one higher than I want to rate it, it will likely place lower than it should do the extreme reviewers that give 1's if they don't like a movie. And this movie is that good of a horror that it deserves to be in the 7-10 range.

Terminator: Dark Fate

Sjws and feminists unite to make a movie.
Omg what did they do. I love the first couple terminator movies but this is just embarrassing and a disservice to the originals. This is worse than T3 and 4. Without spoiling to much, they ruined the story. They just crapped all over it. But the worst part is the feminist culture thrown in your face. It would be a complete evil man vs powerful women movie all the way through except the last minute they saved that by throwing a guy in the mix. Just more sjw crap outta Hollywood lately. Women can be strong without always having to be physically tough hand to hand and gun combat training. Jeeees Hollywood.


The preview looked boring. But. I Couldn't have been more wrong.
This is the first review I have written in a while. I just had to write one in case someone out there was on the fence about whether they should invest some time to watch this. Omg I'm so glad I did. Yes at times it can move a little slow. But boy did I get sucked in. I had to keep watching to find out what was going to happen. It is well written and very well acted especially by the Messiah. It kept me guessing the whole time. Excellent. I'm dying for season 2. Omg. It can't come soon enough.


I RARELY EVER give higher than a 9. 10's should be extremely rare.
And this show deserves the rare award of a 10 from me. I mean, this show is everything I want in a show. Forget that its Marvel or superhero based. It feels nothing like a regular super hero show we know. It throws that formula out of the water. Off a bridge. Hell it is so different than any show for that matter.

Where do I start with the compliments?

The visuals, cinematography - 10/10 - Some of the most impressive visuals in any tv show ever. Real eye candy.

Sound- 10/10 - Sound you mean soundtrack right? No, and yes, the soundtrack is outstanding. But literally the sound itself is meant to be trippy and just like the visuals, it is outstanding. For anyone lucky enough to have surround sound, this is a show you want it for. Especially in season 3.

Story - 10/10 - The take on madness, and just the wierd originality of this show is completely unique and stands alone.

Acting - 8.5/10 - I didnt give this a 10, not because anyone is bad, but just because there is no stellar oscar worthy acting, not enough to give it a 10. Like i said 10's are rare for me. But David and Farouk are excellent. So is Aubrey Plaza actually.

Just pure joy and entertainment, and you never know what to expect. Last episode he was fighting demons that ate time itself. Before he turned into shiva, before a guy pulled a scimitar out of his throat, before a android woman with a moustache talked like a robot. I mean what? This show is a trip. 10/10/

Black Summer

What walking dead used to be.
I stumbled upon this knowing little about it. And boy am I happy I did. There are few zombie movies or shows that actually are tense and make me feel like the show was really well thought out. Walking dead used to have the same level of drama and suspense. Great show. If you like end of world or zombie shows you should like this.


The perfect horror film. If you like horror at all. Just watch it
This is the best horror film I would say in past few years but I really enjoyed the ritual on Netflix and if you count a quiet place I loved that too.

But this movie is really perfectly paced. Some may complain it's slow in the first half but if the first half didn't set the eerie tone and give the characters depth you would not feel the emotion for them as strongly. The mothers performance is Oscar worthy. I mean she's incredibly talented in this movie. Charlie is the perfect creepy kid. I hope this movie blows up and gets shared for everyone to see as me finding it was a freak accident. I had never even heard of it or seen previews. Don't even watch previews. Go in knowing nothing but it's a supernatural horror not unlike the witch or the ritual on Netflix. Don't think about it. Watch it.


best show and NETFLIX is killing it lately
Between this and star get things and peaky blinders netflix is rearranging my top 10 list of fav shows ever. this show is so good. you have to read subtitles. i know a little german so it helped but i do t mind subtitles. watch with volume up on a big screen. bueatiful show. it's in 4k too for people with good tvs. super dark great cinematography. awesome plot all intertwined. amazing. don't give up after first episode. it's so worth it.

The Foreigner

Was NOT excited expecting a great movie. Was very wrong, excellent film
A 9 feels more appropriate but i give 9's so rarely and only maybe 10 movies have earned a 10 from me, and 9,s to movies that are the very best. So this isn't quite the very very best of all movies ever but it def is one of the best action movies i've seen all year and it's december. only Thor did i enjoy this much for action this year. Pierce and chan are sooooo good in this. it's very serious. pacing, story, acting all great. super worth watching over dumb movies like kings man sequels , which is all hollywood fluff.


Comic Fan says so much potential being wasted, he blames writers
Look, I don't care if it sticks with the comics or not, im not the type of person to say, OMG it doesn't follow the source material perfectly. But what i do care about, is a show with a great foundation, and premise, being squandered.

WWHHHHYYYYYYY DOOOOOOEEEEESSSS lucifer, the son of god, the father of evil, the taker or souls, the omnipotent all seeing eye second to none but GOD himself, have absolutely no abilities? Oh wait, he can politely ask people what they desire? Oh lord watch out. I have watched every episode, and its currently in the second season. Somehow i keep watching because I want them to start improving so badly. If he had some power and commanded at least a sliver of respect, from anyone, and did anything besides being attractive to women, i would be all in.

Another HUUUUUUUUUGGGGEEEE gripe, is WHOSE IDEA was it to turn EVERY single lucifer episode into a episode of CSI / every other murder per episode show? The only parts i enjoy is when he talk or acts within the paranormal aspect of the show.

Last thing, as far as acting goes, no real talent here. Save lucifers character. But although the actor does a good job, the character they write for him is predictable and pathetic. The actress who plays his demon bodyguard Mazakien? overacts the hell out of her part. I hate overacting.


I really enjoyed in, Not quite as great as breaking bad, but still really good.
Only a couple shows hold a 10 for me. Thrones and breaking are the only 10's. I have a decent amount of 9's. This show gets a 8.5 from me. Almost a 9. I brought that up because this is very similar to breaking bad. I think the show has even more potential if another season happens. I mean this was just starting up with only one season. I like bateman in this role. I hope he can become a little more bad ass as the show goes on. I know they want him to be the "nice guy", and i don't want him to be as "kingpin" as walt was, but still a little more badass-ness. But with all that sad, i still really enjoyed this show, it was done well. You wont regret watching this.


Why are people giving this one star????? Its rated R people, stop complaining of violence.
This was a great movie in general, and was definitely the best xmen movie yet. This movie was the ONLY xmen movie that actually had deep emotion and character development, and actually invoked emotion in me as a viewer. It was what i always wanted from an xmen movie. To be done right, and taken seriously.

The Boy

People are being too hard on this good movie, better than ANABELLE to me.
NO spoilers

OK, OK, i understand most peoples problems with this flick. It has some gaps, and some missing story elements. I read a couple of reviews, and people complained about things not being explained and impossible scenarios. But this move was super entertaining. I did not want to turn away, it kept me glued, and was fun. What else do you really want from a horror or mystery movie? It was original, and inventive, and the acting was good. Was it a perfect movie, no... but it was definitely worth watching, and if your on the fence about it, don't be, watch it. And i am picky.

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