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Lighten Up the Candle

Noble ideals and difficult realities
The wealth gap is a sensitive issue. The gap between urban and rural education resources, in fact, is just a facet of that issue. Mr. Yen Chang-Shou and his followers devote themselves to English and experimental high-school education at Taitung - Taiwan's most remote rural area and give up comfortable life in the metropolitan area, are indeed respectable.

However, people learn English hard should have place to really use it. Taiwan's television news radios are full of news without "nutrition" or meanings at all. News media or the whole society doesn't care what happens internationally. Foreign investment shrinks because of the rise of Mainland China, worsen cross-strait relations and other factors. The whole atmosphere of learning English or foreign languages, in fact, is a bit negative in the society. From another perspective, could students learn serious and smart enough at Taitung find good enough local jobs after they graduate from schools? With this knowledge, could they get better development opportunities after they choose to go Taipei or other big metropolitan overseas? Education in society does not exist alone; it ought to be considered together with economic development and international environment. Hence, what we should work hard is more than just "education".

I Can't Move It Myself

People need more than bread
After watching this movie, I think of a choice often appears on young couples fall in love: To love or bread? In fact, this question is a trap. The real answer is, it is necessary to both love and have bread. According to Maslow's theory of demand, the lowest level of demand is for bread only. But what human need are more than bread. To love, or other higher-level needs will naturally emerge after people have necessary bread.

By the same token, the old man sweeps the streets in the film although needs bread, but also needs self-esteem and cares. Hence, the clerk of bakery shop asks him to help moving the sign of shop (in fact, this is not necessary). And then she uses this excuse to send bread to that old man as a gift. The shop clerk could choose to send bread to the old man directly. However, there will be no or less some subtle feelings among people. This film could lets us think more about this kind of "interpersonal art" deeply.

The Thief

Screenplay derived from famous ancient Chinese proverb
"He who steals a hook gets hanged as a crook; he who steals the kingdom makes himself a duke" is a famous ancient Chinese proverb. This film interprets this concept via an interesting way. A thief, who steals money, is just a humble thief. But a politician, who uses gorgeous, false or meaningless words to foolish people, could occupy high seat in the modern society. Frankly speaking, it is ironic.

However, try to discuss serious political issues or human nature in a short film is usually not a good strategy, unless the film could be funny and interesting enough, but it is usually difficult. The motivation of people to see movies usually is to entertain them own. To deal with serious issues must be careful much more than usual.

What the Most Are You Afraid of?

'Friendly Healthcare' should be promoted
Medicine advances quickly in modern society. When we compare well being of human society to those hundred years ago, the progress is very tremendous. However, the doctor-patient relationship is always important. How to appease patients' mood to let them feel at ease down from insecure, and thereby accept rigorous and reliable medical cares, in fact, no matter how advances the medical technology environment, is still the indispensable vocational training a good physician should has.

Discussion on what patients are afraid of seemingly is not very meaningful. But it is the first step to appease the mood of patients, promote "Friendly Healthcare" and then improve the therapeutic effect. It should be encouraged that, there is a surrounding medical unit at Taiwan willing to pay and encourage young film workers to produce such kind of short film to invoke the importance of "Friendly Healthcare".

A Dog and His Name

Family values and interpersonal care & love
Parents' discord feelings and divorce, usually makes most injuries on their small children. This film is vivid to such situation, and links small children who need parental care and stray dogs abandoned in the street through the design and plot images together. In fact, if we want a healthier society, we should let everyone feel that someone indeed care him/her, so that people will really in turn care for others.

Put it more bluntly point, if families are dysfunctional and let children can't feel the sincere love from their parents when they grow up, then those children might be likely to lose the ability to care for others, and it will let this society becomes unhealthy. Apart from watching this video, I believe it is worth us deeper self-reflection.

Beauty or The Beast?

Important medical achievement, but can't answer all questions to be addressed
Cosmetic industry is the fastest growing medical field in recent years at Taiwan. This situation is derived from several factors at the same time: health insurance system in Taiwan limits the payment of traditional medical areas (plastic surgery industry is beyond health insurance system so the price is not highly regulated by government and profit is much higher),economic prosperity, and wealth gap which is expanding among Taiwan society. In fact, to love beauty is human nature. Good looks also could contribute personal development more or less. Maybe hence, we ought to hold a positive attitude to look at this industry.

The basic purpose of cosmetic surgery is to improve people's appearance or the so-called external image. But the function of cosmetic surgery to improve individual's look, in fact, is limited. Good living habits, regular sports, proper diet, suitable clothing and appearance, happy and relaxed mood and attitudes, in fact, all plays important roles to individual's external image. Apart from to affirm the positive value of cosmetic surgery industry, we can't ignore these other factors which are more important.

After the Storm

Repression and Predicament – good work explores serious social issues
This short film primarily investigates the effects of mental illness on families. Although it's a student production, actors' performance and execution ability of production team are pretty good. The actress – Chieh Yang has different drama-in-drama stage performance rehearsal slots at the beginning and ending of this film to express different emotion after her family 'Storm'. It calls the overall sense of echo before-and-after that experience. The actor who play the role with mental illness, express the process of psychological oppression feeling and outbreak afterward well. For a non-professional actor, this kind of performance is good enough. The mother of them in this film is played by a veteran professional actress, also performs appropriately.

Admittedly, there are some people with mental illness in this society. Issues such as what kind of pressure to bear, in what kind of predicament, and how to deal with such a situation by their families, in fact, is worth our attention much more. This short film led our attention to this concerned social issues, and has certain level of artistic quality and expression, is a masterpiece worthy of recommendation

A Possible Love That Maybe Never Happened

Stream of consciousness short film with exotic feeling
This five-minute short film almost has no dialogue between two actors. It uses French and English aside to describe views on love of director/writer/actress of this film - Chieh Yang. Together with editing of screens, this short film creates a stream of consciousness exotic effect, and makes it an exquisite piece with sense.

But the title of this film perhaps has a deeper meaning. In a public speech by Chieh Yang, she said this short film is shot by herself and her ex-BF during their time of European tourism (Actor & actress of this film are them, too). However, they broke up shortly after this film. To some extent, the title of this film might be ironic.

Her Dream Lovers

The blockbuster short film debuts
Although it is only the semester-end work of University film program, 'Her Dream Lovers' is the first short feature film shot of Director Chieh Yang. Shooting and post-production techniques may not mature enough, but the story is still pretty interesting. Single professional woman addicted to idol drama, dream to romantically date with handsome guys, and the magic elixir all are interesting elements of the screenplay of this film. It goes without saying this film still has improvement room at filming skills of fantasy themes, but considering this is the early work of Director Chieh Yang, maybe it is unfair to blame it too much.

The most interesting part of this film, however, is its promotion. Director Chieh Yang went to France to be the exchange student at 2012. She applies the 'Short Film Corner' of Cannes Film Festival by this film. Short Film Corner, totally different from competition units of film festivals, doesn't judge the art quality of a short film. It is just like a catalog of short films and offers opportunities of communication with others in the movie industry.

But the participation of 'Cannes Film Festival' attracts attentions of Taiwan media. Several Taiwan TVs and newspapers reported Chieh Yang widely at that time. It brings huge benefits of exposure and helps her movie business much. Her later developments in movie business all have some kinds of relationship with that exposure benefit. Hence, I would comment this short film as 'The blockbuster short film debuts'.

Express Girl

Funny movie and good crew with great execution ability
The film is very interesting. It is not easy for the crew to compile an interesting script within several keywords defined by the contest organization (48 Hours Film Project – Taipei) in advance and make the filming within just 48 hours. The music of this film is also fascinating, lively and can timely changes with the plot development. For example, when the subordinate of bad boss rushes out and try to catch the "Express Girl", the tempo of music becomes rapid and fast-paced. In the competition of 48 Hours Film Project – Taipei held at 2013, this film got "Best Film" & "Best Music" Award at the same time, I would say it is deserved the honors.

Superhero movie theme is usually the popular genre at United States historically. This genre develops quickly and becomes very hot in recent years, especially after intensively release of Iron Man, American Captain & The Avengers series and so on. However, they mainly are male superheroes. This film is filmed at Taiwan and a rare female superhero movie. Compact and interesting story, the heroine of the show performs in place, completion with music and the overall strength of the crew's cooperation, all make "Express Girl" a rare masterpiece.

Starry eyes

Colorful and Creative Film
Starry Eyes is an upbeat colorful and creative film. It deals with some interesting issues, such as 1, Social Media(Eyebook is apparently the mapping of Facebook) 2, Love at first sight 3, Whether people should accept his/her destiny. You can classify its genres as a romance film, but it also could be classified as science-fiction film,too. I am surprised at the imagination and creativity the Director/Writer Chieh Yang shows in this film, She is just 23-year-old when she produced this film.

The film is also thought provoking as it relates to the modern era where technology is used to find one's "lucky star" in a world with billions of people. In fact, social media is an important channel for modern people to make friends with their possible boy/girl friends and even future marriage couple. This part of film is interesting and reflect the real situation around the world now.


Great screenplay and video editing
This is a great short film which shows amazing screenplay and good video editing ability. At the beginning, it is difficult to guess the relationship among the three people. This film uses the facial expression of actors and actress and features to create oppression and suspenseful atmosphere. It also adds a lot of imagined screen, then tells the horror twist, and ends with throwing shocker casually, so everything goes back to the original point of jealous suspicions.

The basic character set enables viewers to quickly enter the situation. Old wealthy father with his beautiful young girlfriend, and handsome young son, whether they really have entanglements of love? Focus of the story hidden in the image quite often occurs when there is dramatic tension. The plot context is quite clear. Open ending makes people cannot escape the treacherous whirlpool. The design of screenplay and video language is great.

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