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Legacy List with Matt Paxton: Northmore Family
Episode 2, Season 1

Interesting but unbelievable
The house being sold is from the late 1700s and filled with interesting artifacts. But what I do find unbelievable is that this woman, who has lived in this 6000 square foot, 20-room house for 30 years, has left the entire house as is so that 4 people can supposedly completely move everything out in 3 days! WHAT?!!

There appears to be a lot of valuable stuff and many rooms are crammed with stuff. So she just does absolutely nothing and lets 4 strangers come in and pack her up in 3 days. It seems like a much more reasonable course of action would be to work with a local estate sale or auction company months ahead of time, decide what you want to go in your new 2500 square foot house, and then sell what you don't want.

Maybe she wanted to be on tv.

Some of the historical background they give is interesting, but sometimes they go into too much detail.

Clickbait: The Answer
Episode 8, Season 1

Okay but not a must-see
Overall, an interesting plot line. There was a mystery that held throughout the series until the end. However, there seemed to be a number of extraneous subplots that detracted more than added to the series.

One thing that seemed pretty ridiculous to me was that when Nick is almost killed and manages to get away, he doesn't go to the police or his family or friends; he goes to the one place that would be the most dangerous for him to go. Just seems ridiculous! If I was close to being murdered and lucky enough to get away, you can be sure that I would hightail it to safety - just like any normal person would!

Lost: Fire + Water
Episode 12, Season 2

Series seems like a farce at times
I enjoyed Season One of Lost but as Season Two started and moves on, I have been struck at times with the feeling that I am watching some bad actors putting on a farce. Most of the acting has been good, but there are a number of characters who just seem to be acting; and I am just trying to enjoy a tv show, not be a critic! But the characters of Claire, Charlie, Michael, Shannon and Ana Lucia have just seemed like parodies of real people. Some of them seem too stupid and cringeworthy to be believable. The worst is Ana Lucia playing the badass, tough woman set to be the next Rambo.

I want to like this show and continue watching but I am finding too many episodes more cringeworthy than enjoyable....... I hope it gets better and not worse because I would enjoy the diversion of being "lost" on such a beautiful island.

Dead Before Dawn

Really seems so stupid many times throughout
I did watch the whole movie, but it was far from gripping. Mostly, I was incredulous how stupid either the main character Linda was or how stupid the story was presented. It really did strain credulity.

In the Dark: The Feels
Episode 5, Season 1

So-so but very unlikable main character
This series has kept my interest enough so that I am still watching it after five episodes. But I find the main character so unlikable that I wonder how much longer I will keep watching. There are enough characters that are more engaging than the central one ----- which helps. Also, there is some mystery in the plot which also keeps me at least somewhat engaged. But overall, kind of a a meh.

Behind Her Eyes

Don't waste your time unless you love supernatural or fantasy media
This movie would have been so much better if it was reworked without the repetitive body-transporting and dream sequences, as well as the (in my mind) just stupid ending "twist."

I felt like I wasted my time. There is so much to watch between all that's available through streaming that I try to be choosy. This, unfortunately, didn't pass the cut!

Días de Navidad: Episodio 2
Episode 2, Season 1

Translators switched names of two sisters: Esther & Adela
I was watching this thinking that the two oldest of the three original sisters, Esther & Adela, seemed to have changed more than was believable. I even went back to check the names on the tree in the first episode to make sure I had the order correct - and I did. But then at some point, I realized that the TRANSLATION must have screwed up. From the time that she stepped out of the car with her daughter Lorena, she was called Esther -- but she was really Adela, as later scenes would attest to.

Once that mistake became clear, the episode was much better and made a lot more sense. The personality of Esther, the oldest, from the first episode to the next was believable, as was Adela (although not as believable as the other three sisters.)

In any event, this name-switching error is a serious negative error for this production.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: A Jewish Girl Walks Into the Apollo...
Episode 8, Season 3

Still wonderful, but some things are starting to annoy me.....
This show is fabulous in so many ways: creating a captivating ambience wherever the story takes it: really well-shot, fabulous sets, great costumes, outstanding acting.

However, some of the plot lines are kind of unbelievable. The Weissmans moving in with the Maisels? Abe Weissman, who has been shown to be very OCD, okay with almost complete strangers messing up his home?

Also, if I was supposed to feel sympathy for Susie because she actually cried, I didn't. Not only does she gamble away her own money, but Midge's, too? To borrow one of her lines, "What are you, five?" And then, we're supposed to believe that the incredibly bright Midge is stupid enough to leave all of her money with Susie, who barely has enough money to keep a roof over her head - and who she has observed being really into gambling? Give me a break!

Also, I'm not thinking Mrs. Maisel is so wonderful. She breaks off her engagement with a really nice guy in a letter? Can't even do it in person! She thinks her precious children, who she can't spare much time for, absolutely have to be in an elite, private school, even though neither she nor Joel can afford it and she won't even be around to help provide transportation to and from? Then of course she doesn't even get that maybe it isn't the nicest thing to "out" the man who gave her the biggest break ever by asking her to open for him?

No, definitely not always a fan of the self-centered Mrs. M, but I will continue to watch what is a really well-done show (with a few failings in the plot lines.)

The Kacey Musgraves Christmas Show

There were a lot of talented people in the show. Too bad the script didn't make better use of them. The initial song with James Corden & Kasey is so corny & predictable (the snow keeps bursting through the French doors every time they sing "let it snow" - wow, now that's funny - NOT) that I am really surprised that they pull the same trick out again not very much later when every time Kasey & another guest star start to sing Silent Night, a carpenter starts a new noisy project. (HA HA)

The idea of repeatedly showing the "behind the scenes" working of the show doesn't add much; it's not exactly bad, but why do it when it seems to do nothing positive for the show?

I like Dan Levy and he was amusing as the narrator. Of course there were Christmas carols and lots of nice voices, which was to be expected. I particularly enjoyed Zoey Deschanel because she was just so darned cute singing the Hawaiian Christmas song - which ended with an adorable tiny puppy.

A real downer: some of Kacey's outfits were just plain unattractive or weird for a young, pretty woman like Kacey.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: It's the Sixties, Man!
Episode 2, Season 3

This episode is a let-down
This is a wonderful series. Fresh, original, fabulous writing, acting, costumes, sets, ambience, cinematography - or whatever you call it for tv!

But during this episode, I began to wonder if perhaps, like so many tv shows that start out gangbusters, if this one was beginning to go downhill. The whole set-up with Abe Weismann, the professor, who has been fabulously meticulous about his study at home, his scientific projects, his vacation in the Catskills, is now perfectly okay with near strangers making a mess of his house and bossing his long-time maid around?

That part of the story just didn't ring true and seemed like the writers were really trying too hard to both (a) come up with something plot-wise, and (b) be funny.

Also, I am getting a little sick of how completely wrapped up in herself the fabulous Mrs. Maisel is. She seems to care more about her wardrobe than her two children, and she seems to have no consideration for the fact that Susie barely is earning enough money to keep a roof over head. Apparently Susie (and everyone else in her orbit) is just supposed to be happy that she can be there for Midge, because that should be enough for her. Forget about Susie having other clients if it should be a distraction from the all-important career of Mrs. Maisel.

And what self-respecting woman, married with two kids, expects Mommy & Daddy to keep shelling out the big bucks so that their grown-up daughter can look like a million bucks in at least 3 different outfits a day? (Could Midge even buy ONE of those outfits from the salary she earns in a week at her make-up counter job, telephone operator job, or stand-up comic job?). I was at least glad to hear about the mom's trust fund, because otherwise the expensive clothes & lifestyle did seem beyond the reach of a college professor's salary.

The Tunnel: Episode #3.6
Episode 6, Season 3

Season 3: a real step down from first two
The first two seasons were good; this third one: not so much.

The acting was excellent, the dialog was fine, the production in general was good: this was consistent through all three seasons.

The big problem with season 3 was the plot just didn't make sense. It wasn't believable that those two losers could mastermind their crimes and not get caught. They just seemed not very bright.

Also the ongoing child kidnapping was totally unrelated to the other crimes which just seemed unnecessary.

My problem wasn't with how things ended up with the main characters. It was just with an unbelievable plot that strained credulity.

p.s. Just one annoying instance of unbelievable plot actions: When Elise & her partner English guy go into a cave following a lead without at least calling in their whereabouts to their station. People are getting drugged, branded, maybe even killed - so just go into a remote cave where no one even knows where you are. Uhhhh, no.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Date with Destiny
Episode 24, Season 15

Maybe the worst NCIS episode I've ever seen
The main reason this is the worst episode I've ever seen has to do with Maria Bello's portrayal of Jack Sloane. The character has never seemed believable or likable to me. She seems to overact the part. So instead of enjoying the episode, it's more like watching a bad play.

The other negative thing is the new forensic scientist, Casey, who mainly just makes me cringe.

The show ended with a character I actually do care about, which was probably the main redeeming feature of the episode. The interaction between McGee, as an admiral's son, and the commander of the ship was also good.

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service: Homefront
Episode 22, Season 13

Good but some details just unbelievable...
NCIS is overall a well-written, well-acted, and well-executed series. But sometimes the details of the plot just seem too incredibly unbelievable. For instance, why would any thinking person choose a safe house in which the door is always left unlocked? I'm referring of course to Gibbs house which has been used as a safe house repeatedly throughout the series. Not only is it unlocked, but it is a house Gibbs has lived in for many years, so not exactly a secret location!

Also, having Gibbs sleep on the couch for a couple decades after he lost his wife & daughter and after he's been married THREE MORE TIMES because the memories are too special in that bedroom also just kind of insults the audience's intelligence.

This episode's plot where a middle-school aged kid is out walking alone after dark and witnesses a drug-related murder also strains incredulity. The family wasn't living in the middle of a ghetto.

Touching Evil: Deadly Web: Part 2
Episode 6, Season 1

Too implausible a plot.....
Overall, this is a good show. But this episode was not credible. The police know that a man they have in custody has killed multiple people and they let him go and let him kill a few more. Plus a friend of the killer is told all about his killing yet she helps him get away and secretly meets with him, even when her house is under police guard. Naturally she is killed by him, too. The acting and everything else was fine ...... but the storyline was poor.

Secret Smile

Good acting, interesting ending, but unbelievable plot points
This is a 3 part mini-series. I almost stopped watching after the first show because it was so annoying to expect viewers to believe that the main character was completely stupid, clueless, and spineless. If the makers could only have tightened up the plot to make it believable, this would have been excellent - good acting, interesting relationships, fine settings, etc.

However, it is just so annoying to have a woman living alone who breaks it off with a really creepy guy who had the audacity to take a key to her flat and go through all her things to NOT change the locks. Or to not really explain to her sister why this guy is so creepy once sis starts dating him. Or to let the creep & her sister move into her flat with her.... and then to not lock either the bathroom door or her bedroom door when creep lives there. Or to not say anything when he completely rearranges her flat and takes half her clothes away. Etc, etc, etc.

One thing this movie is good for: reminding everyone that there can be serious negative consequences to jumping into bed with someone you don't really know.

In Treatment: Sophie: Week Five
Episode 23, Season 1

Mr. Therapist is so unprofessional and downright creepy. He knows that his 16 year old patient has had sex with her gymnastics coach and has tried to kill herself at least twice - once in his office where he left a bottle of prescription sleeping pills in the medicine cabinet of the connected bathroom. (And he doesn't even feel guilty about that!! He's a therapist treating patients, some of whom are suicidal and he leaves pills they could use to kill themselves within their reach!)

He, mr. know it all therapist, gives permission to Sophie to return to training with the same coach who had sex with her. Even though the mother is, understandably, against it. He should be reporting the gymnastics coach to the police and to the gymnastics community, not telling the girl to return to coach's reach, a week or two after her latest suicide attempt!

I'm not sure I can keep watching this show. Between Paul's lusting after his disturbed Lolita-like patient and completely ignoring his wife and just generally acting like a major league jerk............. probably time to dump this series.

In Treatment

Unappealing characters although well-acted
I have seen the first 14 episodes and am wondering about the rave reviews. Yes, the series is well-acted with interesting story lines, but...... I don't like one of these characters except perhaps Gina, Paul's therapist. I feel sorry for the children - Paul's son Ari and his teen-aged client. But I think Paul, the main character, is insufferable, and his wife and adult clients are kind of disgusting, too.

So at this point, I'm not sure if I'll continue watching the series or not. Interesting, yes, but compelling? No.

Grace and Frankie: The Home
Episode 13, Season 4

Good, but annoying ending....
Enjoyable series with good characters. Nice to have a comedy with unusual plot line and older main characters (in their late 70's.) However, I want to comment on the absolutely ridiculous ending. Grace puts her house on the market and it gets sold without her even knowing about it? Give me a break!! When you sell your house, you know when you receive purchase offers and when you agree on one and sign papers. The fact that this apparently comes as a complete surprise to Grace & Frankie is really annoying. Unless Grace had given power of attorney over her financial affairs to someone else -- which seems highly unlikely, given that she is of sound mind and even running a business!!

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Day afternoon tv.....
I probably wouldn't recommend this movie under any circumstances, but I found it enjoyable to watch on a New Year's Day afternoon as I was doing a few minor household tasks. I enjoyed seeing all the many actors/actresses I recognized. The multiple plot lines were not exactly compelling, but they did hold my interest and were entertaining.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Something Happened
Episode 7, Season 19

Worst SVU ever
I've seen a lot of SVUs, but this one was overwrought, overacted, and just plain annoying. It's obvious that the case would not be straightforward, but it wasn't presented in a way that was at all captivating. I thought about turning it off a few times but hung in there to see if it might get better -- considering the big advertising build-up it had.

Happy Valley: Episode #1.6
Episode 6, Season 1

Good show & series, but......
This is a well-done series. Interesting plot & characters. Well-written, well-acted, good pace. BUT in this particular show, there is an unbelievable plot detail that definitely detracts.

SPOILER: So Catherine is extremely upset, even obsessed, with the fact that the vile Tommy is at large. He has previously accosted her & her grandson, telling the boy that he is his dad. So what does she do: give the little boy permission to bike alone to and from school for the first time. WHAT?? As a parent, it would be unthinkable to let my small child go anywhere alone when his murderous father is whereabouts-unknown, especially since he has already expressed interest in him.

This is the kind of unbelievable plot line that definitely detracts from my enjoyment of a show. I am perfectly ready to toss my critical thinking aside to enjoy a TV show; but sometimes it just screams: You have got to be kidding me. No way!

Chopped: Tailgate Fate
Episode 11, Season 24

I am not a Chops aficionado but I've seen enough of these to have a perspective. This group of chefs was the least proficient I've seen. For the entrees, all three were pretty deficient. They could have chopped any one of them, easily. The judges actually could have been harsher, but I guess it's important to say at least one or two nice things about every dish.

Chopped: Tailgate Fate
Episode 11, Season 24

I am not a Chops aficionado but I've seen enough of these to have a perspective. This group of chefs was the least proficient I've seen. For the entrees, all three were pretty deficient. They could have chopped any one of them, easily. The judges actually could have been harsher, but I guess it's important to say at least one or two nice things about every dish.

House Hunters International

Enjoyable show, but the constant repetition is ANNOYING!
I generally enjoy this show. I like the format and the glimpse into another couple's or family's life as they make a home buying or rental decision. However, it is extremely annoying to have the same things repeated 2, 3 or 4 times in a half-hour show. Either add some other footage or cut the show to 20 minutes.

This same complaint of repetition could be made for the other shows in this genre produced by same company. I also find the voice of the narrator kind of irritating. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't if she didn't tell us 5 times that Jim & Sally are leaving behind their life in the States now that they are empty nesters -- or whatever.

Midsomer Murders: Death and Dreams
Episode 2, Season 6

I agree: completely preposterous

I have also seen almost all of the Midsomer Murders series. (PBS & Netflix!) Whether or not the plot or solution to the crime is brilliant, it is usually believable enough. This one, however, is incredible. NOT believable at all. No indication is given - or not much - of the extreme psychopathy necessary to be a mass murderer. And that there are 3 in one family, all behaving like normal kids is beyond belief -- even when you want to just go along with the show and not be too critical (I mean, it is TV after all!)

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