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How to Train Your Dragon

A great effort from dreamworks but a total slap in the face.
HTTYD was fantastic. The pacing was phenomenal, the humor was great, the character development and scripting made us really feel for the inanimate cartoons, the action was exciting and top notch.

My problem with it was the ending when out of nowhere they slap in the fact that hiccup loses his leg. Sure it may signify that both hiccup and his dragon are handicapped in some way but nowhere in the (fantastic) last action sequence did it even hint that he lost his leg. It's like they just threw it in there to attempt to be deep like Pixar.

Well they failed, how to train your dragon is a shallow but great movie.

Toy Story 3

A definite change in direction for Pixar, but fantastic nonetheless.
So I saw Toy Story 3 tonight at an early screening here in Houston, TX. A little background info about me. I am a big, no HUGE, Pixar fan, I've watched every film that they have created dozens of times. Let me begin, this is definitely no Ratatouille, Wall-E, or Up. Pixar is definitely coming back to it's family roots and Toy Store 3 is extremely evident of that. Don't get me wrong, Pixar has completely outdone themselves once again offering a film that is extremely entertaining, thrilling, and fresh, but it is kind of disappointing that the film doesn't reach any true depth until the POWERFUL last act.

I'm going to divide my review into several sections.

Writing: The humor was straight up HILARIOUS. There were several scenes that had the audience ROTFL'ing, even I, as crude and bitter I may be when it comes to comedy, was laughing out loud at a few parts. However some jokes do fall flat into Dreamworks territory with potty humor (lincoln logs anyone?) which I hope does not become a recurrence, but overall the film had some wonderful writing and dialogue creating a truly believable setting and tone.

Animation: It's truly a shame that some of the later scenes in the final act haven't been shown in the commercials because, DAMN, the detail is truly remarkable. Since this is a no spoiler review I won't move further into that but let me tell you now, you will be impressed. Humans are beginning to look more realistic with ton's of attention to movement and the toys have benefited from some spackle in the facial department in an attempt to create a more emotionally expressive character. While it didn't blow me away like Finding Nemo and Wall-E did when they released, the work done here by Pixar is truly solid and way above anything Dreamworks has brought to the table. The 3D is also decent, I'm not really buying into this whole fad because after a few minutes you don't notice the effect. The added depth is nice but you honestly won't be missing much if you watch it in a good quality cineplex.

Sound: The theater I went to had a pretty weak sound system so I can't really comment on the effects but when it comes to voice talent, the actors truly shine. It was sad to see some characters go like Bo Beep and Squeaky but some of the new additions like Lotso and Ken, played by Ned Beatty and Michael Keaton, are some true standouts thanks to the excellent dialogue provided by the script. All the original characters once again do their job quite well and with the excellent editing and mixing, the dynamics of social interaction between the characters are expressed clearly.

Depth/Theme: You know I was going here and I HAD to talk about it. Ratatouille had the whole analysis of segregation with "Everyone can cook", Wall-E brought environmentalism, consumerism, capitalism, and most importantly love to the table, while Up directly deals with death and the emotions that stem from it. Toy Story 3 repeats the abandonment and moving on angle from Toy Story 2 which is TRULY the film's weakest link. Not because the movie copies the second films moral, but because TS3 virtually ignored these themes until the last act which I will admit was quite compelling. It would have been nice to spread these serious moments throughout the film to create a balanced equilibrium but unfortunately this does not happen. However I do want to talk about this pivotal juncture in the final act, there was a moment in the movie that only last a minute or two, but felt very, very, very real. I can't stress this enough, I have never felt anything like this from a movie. The first time I cried in a move was with Up's "Ellie" sequence but for some reason I didn't do it here. My emotions went beyond crying, I don't know if it was the swirling bright ember colors contrasting with the stark images or the expressiveness of the toys in that very moment, but I sat there in disbelief and was affected in a way that has not existed before.

Overall: I really do wish that Lee Unkrich could have spread the last 15 minutes throughout the movie but that didn't happen which is why I could not give this movie a 10, however, that last act SAVED this motion picture from being another run of the mill Dreamworks film. Aside from some of the lame toilet humor and disappointing direction choices, Toy Story 3 is a very solid conclusion to one of the best trilogies of all time that needs to experienced solely for the last beautifully gratifying act with the gang that I grew up with.


Don't listen to the hate, want a good time? Go watch Bruno.
So I was able to attend an early screening tonight here in Houston, and it seems Bruno is touching some buttons here in America, I understand. Yes Bruno is a flaming stereotype of homosexuals but didn't Borat do the same thing? Cohen ran throughout America depicting Americans in uncomfortably stereotypical situations.

If you loved Borat you will undoubtedly enjoy Bruno. It follows the same genuine formula found in Cohen's previous film, be as outrageous as possible with some slight classiness/taste and the austrian is exceptionally well at it.

I really don't want to spoil anything for yall since the commercials/trailers have shown a lot but Bruno offers everything a great comedy can offer to you which in total means a great night at the movies.

The only cons I can think of are some jokes fall flat but the great ones easily overshadow the bad ones.

If you're easily offended by blatant nudity and controversial topics steer clear of Bruno but if you're open minded and ready to have an amazing night at the movies, I would buy your ticket for opening night ASAP.



Possibly the best Pixar film to date.
I was luckily able to catch a screening a few weeks ago here in Houston.

As an avid lover of Wall-E, I felt Pixar could never reach those heights again.

I was wrong.

UP's story will probably seem peculiar at first glance. An old man as a protagonist? It definitely blew my expectations. The first 5 minutes demolished every other Pixar feature just because it was the first time I cried in a theater.

This just shows how much heart there is to the movie. I really don't want to get into specifics because of spoilers but the movie literally has everything.

Amazing visual effects.

Amazing sound.

Hilarious comedy.

Breath taking action.


All those combined equal something special. Today's movies like to blow you away with gimmicks, Pixar is different. Each movie shows soul and UP definitely has it.

I can't wait until it comes out so I can see it in 3d, im bringing everybody.



First of all don't listen to all these losers complaining about it's message and all, the movie is amazingly well done and is easily watched by both adults and younger audience which is quite an achievement. Animated moves aren't usually adult friendly but wa;;-e manages to achieve just this. The visuals were stunning, the humor was hilarious, the story was great and creative, Pixar is extremely talented by just how the movie is presented, the movie barely has any dialogue yet we know what is going on in every scene. I just loved it and its toally worth the hih price of admission today, really don't liten to the trolls who hate this movie because its on top right now and are just trying to lower the score so their favorite movie is higher on the top 250. Watch this movie its amazing.

Speed Racer

amazing,easily the most under rated title of the year
Washoski Brothers don't let those film school rejects put y'all down, Speed Racer was incredible, though it did have some flaws, the spirit of Speed Racer was captured perfectly and the movie was stunning, keep it up! I loved the chimp, he was so cute.

I also went with a group of teenagers (we skipped school), everybody loved it and at the end everyone was singing along to the song at the end.

The visual effects were a 10. The music was a 10. The acting was a 8. The story was a 7. The direction was an 8.

Overall the most underrated movie of the year.

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