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Certainly not as bad as made out to be
I have just finished watching this film on Sky Movies. I checked IMDb as I was actually watching the start titles and saw how poorly it was received, but I watched anyway to make up my own mind.

Conclusion...... this is NOT a horror film. This is a slow burning supernatural drama. There is a certain sadness to it.

And I really enjoyed it :-) Yes, it does have some minor flaws but they can be ignored quite easily. Give it a try and make up your own mind.....you may surprise yourself and enjoy it like I did.


Please, please, please, don't watch this awful film!
I'd read some good things about this film....and a few bad, but i thought, what the heck,i would see for myself. Oh how i wished I'd decided to hit myself repeatedly in the head with a 2lb hammer instead. It would have been much more fun.

This is a truly appalling film. I think it started when an elite fighting team was nearly completely destroyed by a bunch of punk rejects with only big sticks. Then watching the transvestite Glaswegian dancers on stage.

At this point i decided i had to turn it off and go watch some paint dry, or else i was going to kick my TV to bits.........and i can't afford another one.

I'm begging you....only watch this film if you have been bad and you want to punish yourself severely.

Honogurai mizu no soko kara

A genuinely creepy film ...watcher beware!!!
I've had this film on DVD for some time and never had the chance to watch it, but since the new American version is now out i thought i ought to see the original first so i can compare them later on..............its 98 minutes later.....and now i don't want to go to bed or ever see running water or children again. This is a genuinely creepy film, more so than the ring or any of its sequels, ( however good they were ) shivers run through your body when you get to certain scenes....thats if you can keep your eyes on the screen, because the suspense builds so much that you just have to close them for a minute so your nerves can settle down. If the Hollywood version is only half as good as this then it will be a great film. Just one thing though....its best to watch Dark Water with the lights off and with no interruptions. the horror comes from the relentless suspense that builds up throughout the film, and if you are interrupted, then the suspense is gone and you may have just rented scooby doo 2 instead. Lovers of Ringu, Cursed and the like will love this one......settle down and be prepared to get the shivers!! dryadcrow

Kyûtî Hanî

a hormone erupting attack of cartoon silliness...YAY !!
This film does not need any deep serious in depth analysis.....it is what it is....a weekend popcorn munching, cola swigging, sugary sweet sucking blast of power ranger silliness, glittery costumes, over the top posing villains and a sugary sweet, naive but extremely sexy heroine running around in underwear and skimpy costumes kicking the bad peoples behinds.....all as it should be. Cutie Honey really is a Cutie Honey and for this reason alone males will want watch this film and the females will be hitting them over the head with the nearest non lethal object to try to keep them more than six inches from the screen in case they go blind.............oh by the way.....did i forget to say i totally enjoyed the film. settle down and prepare for some action packed silliness from beginning to the end !! dryadcrow

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