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Please Stand By

This is not a comedy!
This is not a comedy movie. Somebody made a mistake in the description. I wanted to watch a comedy movie, would have settled with anything, but this is a pretty disturbing drama.

The Soviet Story

Propaganda movie
It was so-so until I saw that mass murderer, Javier Solana somewhere at 53rd minute. Than I was sure it was new age nazi propaganda movie.

Immortal Beloved

Excellent movie
First class cinematography, direction, music, main actor, costumes, set design. There are a few small thing in the story that could have been corrected, nothing too important, but just to make some points more convincing.


It's a good movie don't listen to the haters.
This is the first Russian movie I've seen in last couple of years, and very firts SF in a decade, and I'm impressed how far they've got. After boring Hollywood stories, this was kind of refreshment.

Don't want to write further more for spoilers, but other reviewers that have given this movie negs, because they don't understand the plot or characters' actions, seem just dumb.

I don't see why would anyone give this one lower than 6.

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