Reviews (2)

  • Simply tedious, full of extraordinarily disgusting scenes. Such an ultra-long so-called movie about nonsense, without a particular target or message. Might be useful for perverts. Total waste of time; happy that I paid no money to watch it.
  • Totally waste of time; 160 minutes of torture. €10 on a total fail. I cannot believe that the film industry in Germany is so miserable that such a catastrophe is chosen as their candidate for an academy award. This screenplay is ultra-weird, not for the unusual timeline of the movie, but exactly for two disgusting scenes. The sex part with pastry, and the birthday party; I regret to mention, but only perverts can think of such stories. Awful; waste of time and money...

    The main idea could be elevated into an interesting story not necessarily by a very professional screenplay writer, but even middle. This movie is a false and defective combination of Hollywood films' and French films' philosophy. That is, at intervals the tone switches between those two ideas.