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#ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh: #ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh Challenge 3
Episode 3, Season 1

Funniest Episode Yet??
While no, i do not believe this is the funniest episode of the series it is up there for me. This episode took the edgy humor that i felt ruined the last episode and pushed it up to such a highly ridiculous degree that it feels like a spoof comedy. While the show later on uses lots of edgy humor to justify it's comedy it was quite new back when this first episode came out and the edgiest moment we've had was the 9/11 joke in episode 2 which i feel like was in bad taste. But this episode pushed it up to such a notch that it was hilariously entertaining. This episode has also completely ruined the whole scare of someone dying permanently as a couple of characters who die just come back in the next scene. DCTV also makes an appearance and just gets shot killed in his first moment. I'm pretty sure that was a perma-death as he's not appeared in the show since then. Or maybe WindKraken has no intention on using him as he's not exactly a popular name for brands sake. Like making a full Try Not To Laugh series on him would be super non-beneficial to Kraken. But i wouldn't of minded him to make another appearance as the one scene he show's up in was hilarious. And clearly killing someone in this show has no meaningful value. I'm not going to bring up the edgiest moment of this episode (the skitten scene) as i feel it's so dark and grim that you have to experience it for yourself to get the real reaction...Even Chavezz was shocked Kraken would go that far. The Lord Of The Rings segment is ok. I've not been a fan of these since the original one (1 like = 1 prayer for KT) but it's tolerable. It isn't as forgettable as episode 2's one. It just feels like intermission straight before something that'll give a meaningful finale to these segments (except not really *explained in episode 4 review*) I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was very fast paced, filled with quippy one-liners and enjoyable moments. The Kevin moment will go down as one of the most defining memes of this series. So yes, i loved this episode, when it originally came out it was my favorite at the time, and while that has since been beaten it is still a very good episode throughout!

#ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh: #ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2
Episode 2, Season 1

I might be the only one who doesn't like this episode.
Yes, you read the title correctly. Everybody for the most part regards this episode as one of the better ones from the earliest 5. I've seen some people say it is there favorite. But it didn't click for me. The jokes fell flat 80% of the time because most of them were either sexual innuendos or shock value jokes made to make an 'edgy' second episode. A prime example is the 9/11 joke sequence. It's sole purpose is to shock you and doesn't have any payoff whatsoever. There is no joke, the only joke part of it is the fact that it's 9/11..It's shocking. Are you laughing yet? And the two-face scene. Chavezz's face blows up from his coffee machine and TheWindKraken edits in a disturbing image of Chavezz with half a face, and there was no joke. Just the fact that his coffee machine wasn't working and it blew up. That's it. Nothing worked for me in this episode. Not even The Lord Of The Rings sequence. It was just some sloppily edited in faces during a scene from the lord of the rings, with one joke about Randy being gay and he qoutes "suck meh dick" that's it. Was that supposed to be funny? I don't know, maybe i'm in the minority but this is my 2nd least favorite episode of the show. It just wasn't that funny. The only actually funny joke that made me chuckle was Josh being portrayed as Trump. And although it's technically edgy, i thought it was edgy humor done well.

So yes, this wasn't a great episode. I probably wont ever watch it again.

#ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh: #ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh Challenge
Episode 1, Season 1

An ok starter episode for a great youtube series.
Ok, since i am the one who has added this onto IMDB i will review every episode in the series. Starting with #ChavezzSlovakia Try Not To Laugh Challenge 1. So what are my thoughts? It's all right. It's an enjoyable episode in a series that gets much better later on. Rewatching this episode over a year later it's clear TheWindKraken had less of a skill in video editing and sentence mixing as some of the dialogue can be a little choppily edited in. The pacing can also be a little slow as this 5 minute episode feels around 7 minutes. Watching the segment with Brandi P feels like a chore and doesn't offer any solid payoff to justify it's existence. It just feels like a scene made to get this episode over the 5 minute mark, but that will become a trend in these videos later on. That's not to say there are a few good segments. The whole Lord Of The Rings bit with KT is hilarious and definitely is one of the funnier gags that stays along in the series, 1 Like = 1 Prayer For KT. Even if it's been abandoned more recently. The zombie genitalia bit is also fine, even if the references get a bit annoying later on in the show, i enjoyed it this time. It was an actually funny gag that made me chuckle.

All in all, it is an alright starting episode. While there isn't anything inherently bad about it, it's nothing special. It's on the lower ranking of the episodes for me, though there are a few that somehow manages to get worse.

Tourism Australia: Dundee - The Son of a Legend Returns Home

Fooled Us All.
This was just brilliant fucking marketing lol. Somehow they managed to trick us into thinking we were getting a new Dundee Movie starting Danny Mcbride with multiple teasers and clips...Only to be revealed during the superbowl that it was a Tourism ad for Australia. While some of us may have suspected it, it was still a pleasant surprise. Probably the best superbowl ad of 2018.. Congratulations Tourism Australia. You managed to make us super mad with the reveal of this movie only to trick us with a brilliant ad campaign..

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul

I got words. How do you mess up this badly? I like watching movies its a thing of mine, but.....I just wasted my time watching this movie. There is no redeeming factor to this movie, absolutely none. Now look the original movies based on the books are mildly bad and are just enjoyable bad movies to watch if you're below the age of like 12. But nobody should be forced to sit through this film. NO ONE. Does anybody remember #NotMyRodrick? Well they were right as you compare this Rodrick to older Rodrick, its like comparing Justin Bieber to Whitney Houston.

This movie is full with fart and poop jokes and terrible child acting. Don't force yourself to see this movie. You have kids? Take them to see Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 instead, if you already have then save your money for Cars 3 or something. Do not waste it on this.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Wanted To Love It
Before i start this review i would like to point out that i'm a huge fan of the pirates franchise. I feel like the 2nd and 3rd sequels are fantastic and i don't know why people hate them so much, I understand why you'd hate the 4th personally i don't like it either, now lets talk about the 5th one....semi-disappointed.

I'll begin with Javier Bardem as Captain Salazar, who by the way is a great actor. He is a little all over the place for me. I feel like Javier came in read the script and knew he had to be over the top in his role, which would work for a character, like Davy Jones, but his lines are choppy and his cgi is not the best in some scenes, in a very visual way as well you'll notice it pretty much the whole movie.

The new-comers Kaya Scodelario and Brenton Thwaites are all right *spoiler in case you didn't know* it turns out Henry is Will turners son and its an interesting reveal i saw coming, and of course Karina is supposed to be the Elizabeth to his Will but that was to be expected. Sadly enough as well we saw like no Will Turner, I was really looking forward to it as well, and I will mention this even though its to be expected, Johnny Depp is a stand out and is Fantastic as Jack Sparrow. So in conclusion..It's all right.

I would say if you're a fan of all 4 you're going to love it so go ahead and see it this Friday. But if you have been expecting some epic return to the franchise this is not your movie. As where Force Awakens takes too much from the original star wars, so does Dead Men Tell No Tales, but in a disappointing way. Listen if you're a huge Pirates fan like I am you're either going to think its mixed or love it so either way its not as bad as the 4th. With a bunch of sloppy fight sequences, some choppy editing, sometimes very visually bad cgi I am going to give Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 6 out of 10 stars, just because I felt Johnny Depp did a great job and there is enjoyment in this movie just like all the other pirates, except 4, If you did not like any of the sequels you will not like this one either. Thank you for listening

Suicide Squad

Fantastic Movie!
Wow. Got out of the early screening earlier and was super surprised. First thing i want to talk about is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She did an amazing job, at times it can be confusing because her voice switches from her signature Brooklyn accent to just a normal American voice but it works out perfectly. Jared Leto is great, he is a very controversial pick as the Joker but i think reactions will be mixed, I think he was fantastic though. Not enough of him either. Then there was Will Smith as Deadshot, he was more or less the main leader of the suicide squad (or the squad) Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was probably the best casting In a superhero movie since Rdj as Iron Man. She was so menacing and is such an amazing actress. Batfleck is in it for a little, you were expecting him to play into the story more, but every scene he was in the crowd was Cheering. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje plays Killer Croc, who was good, but wasn't a stand-out like I was hoping, although they didn't really put him in it to much but he was still good. Diablo was an okay character, easily has the most bad ass powers in the squad though. People Do die. I'm not going to say who, but if you watch the trailers there is a certain somebody in the squad who you assume does die... If you know who that is then you know who dies. The first 15 minutes of the movie is pretty slow. It shows all the villain's backstories. Flash interacts with Boomerang which was an Amazing scene. The flash is awesome so hyped for Justice Leauge. All in all this movie had enough Comedy and Action to blend in to an amazing summer movie. I won't compare it to Bvs Or Captain America because it isn't fair, they are all good in there own way. I highly recommend it. Go see this movie in theaters August 5th and buy it on DVD when it comes out. It's highly worth your time.


Is The Video Game Curse Broken?
First off, i would like to point out Duncan Jones has made another fantastic flick. Better than source code, but me personally i loved moon so.... Warcraft isn't good enough to beat it lol. So Everything about this movie felt right. And i would like to point out this movie is about the warcraft storyline (First game) Not World Of Warcraft. The acting was good, the pacing was great. The CGI was amazing! Gul'dan was an awesome villain. Never heard of Daniel Wu But i feel like he will be voice acting more characters soon. I love how they wear that ridiculous armor that a normal person can't stand up in. Lothar was an amazing main character, and I only know Travis Fimmel because he's in the show vikings but i feel like if the rest of the critics like this movie this could be his breakthrough movie. If there is a sequel then i would definitely go and see it. And lads, The Video game curse is broken! Hopefully Assassins Creed will live up to the hype! Fans will love it, people who like lord of the rings or the hobbit will love it, just regular people who has never played WoW will love it! All in all, i think that the hype was well worth it and it is definitely going to be a recommend for me! After you have seen Captain America go see Warcraft, you wont regret it.

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