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Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector

Disappointing on so many levels..
Terrible Casting killed it for me, from there it went down hill.. i like Sachs the rest don't fit

The suspense and thriller are none existent.. It's not dark enough for what it's trying to be..

And note to "give it a chance" folks: Watching more episode in hopes that it will improve is how networks make money from nonsense shows


Lazy nonsense
They tried and miserably missed the mark, it's a total waste of time unentertaining piece of crap and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Was one of the greatest, not anymore..
Unpopular opinion:

This show Turned into a senseless, inconsistent, lazy written, plot holed soap opera...

Monster Trucks

Senseless children's movie
It's Watchable and well funded but it's nowhere near 10 🌟

Miss Bala

It's an acceptable movie
Forced my self to watch and wasn't disappointed at all... I approve...

Unicorn Store

An pointless movie..
For kids under the age of 10 years and Brie Larson cheerleaders....


Could have been great
It's a good watch, good balance between drama and comedy.

No complaints, but there's so much wasted potential here, It could have been easily stretched out to more than 20 episodes...

Seinto Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

It's painful to watch...
It feels like it was written by a drunk 3 year old, it's that bad.. It's all senseless and illogical, pointless and uninteresting..

Was really looking forward to this, but it's just a straight up insult to our intelligence as human beings and an insult to the original Knights of the Zodiac..

Yakusoku no Neverland

It's good but not great..
Everything is rated 10 Stars these days with "best what what ever" headings

There are many loop holes in this story.. It lacks realism and some common sense, the characters are all ignorant.. Its Full of convenient turn of events and anticlimactic cliffhangers..

I think the movie "Chicken run" was more interesting than this..

It's a little emotional especially the last episode, but nothing to shed a tear over, because you already know everything will turn out as rainbows and sunshine..

It really had the potential to be great but they dropped the ball by chasing "happy every after". Escape was almost impossible, in that situation many kids should have died during the escape


Nowhere near Best Anime
Its watchable and entertaining, but It's also full of plot holes and open-ended story threads. It started off great but became senseless and pointless.

Nancy Drew

I Should have listened to the low rating reviews
So much lazy writing.. Half baked mysteries.. Annoying Plot holes.. Poor character development..

Was gonna say it's for children but then there are the unnecessary sex scenes

The "inside voice"/narration is really annoying.. Stupid one dimensional characters...

Its a Total waste of time and brain cells...


Amazingly stupid and boring
I'm really amazed to see the low ratings because this is the exact same crap standard as Supergirl, Legends of tomorrow, the current flash and arrow which are all way too overrated..

Back to the topic at hand:

Random Native American... enough said.

Who the hell is the black kid and what's he doing in Bruce Wayne's house and how does he know the identity of Batman...

Anyone with half a brain can easily access to STARLAB, i meam the batcave..

Why does the bat cave look like It was abandoned in 1960.

Why do "powerful women" almost always belong to the

No one noticed that Batman is a woman or that "he" has boobs at least, and the one who noticed says it's not important..

You don't have to throw shade at men to empower women..

"I need you to Fix this suite", like what da hell..

Overall this show has super lazy writing, one too many plot holes, poor character development, is plagued by feminism crap, poor casting and fails to capture our

Kanata no Astra

There's hope after all
Intelligent and interesting plot.. Intelligently well written and executed..

Short and straight forward, no beating around the bushes

Best of the Best of the Best

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions

Lazy writing riding on nostalgia...
Total waste of time, full of plot holes, senseless and illogical... It was good seeing the gang again but totally disappointed by the degraded storyline...

The lack of Intelligence and effort behind the duels in this movie is really irritating..

We need to have standards when rating movies/shows or else It all becomes pointless

Mahou sensou

Total waste of time nonsense
Way too many lose ends, plot holes and annoying senseless relationships..

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Total waste of time and brain cells..
Unintelligent, stupid, lazy, senseless, nonsense of a movie..

I wonder what are these people where smoking when they made this movie...

It's a Total disappointment..

Shakugan no Shana

Mostly nonsense, annoying and static but It has it's moments


Leading nowhere
The pilot was very Interesting, but where is this really going... It's starting to feel like we gonna be watching a donkey chasing a carrot in every episode..

Raising Dion

Not intelligent enough..
Kudos for effort but it lacks the "WOW" factor, I couldn't even finish episode 1, the kids are way too young for this hero story to make any kind of entertaining logic, part of the plot is depressing and they hover on it too much, like we get it her life sucks... The special effects are way too amateur.. Casting is not on point, like why is it that when they cast leading black people most of the time they go for the average Joe... i have nothing against the kid but he ain't hero material..

Screen Rant Pitch Meetings

I need you to get all the way of my back..
Pitch meetings are tight..., always on point and hilarious

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

A stupid parody
As a parody it's great and funny...

As a spin-off it's a total piece of crap, illogical, senseless, pointless waste of time, full of lazy writing and way too cartoonish.. flame throwers don't blow people away...!

The Umbrella Academy

Unreasonably overrated..
The drama was acceptable.. The action was hard to swallow..

The plot is senseless.. The powers are inconsistent and barely explained.. The characters are all one dimensional and annoyingly stupid.. The ending or lack thereof rendered the whole season pointless..

It's a total waste of time..

Annabelle Comes Home

Harmless evil spirits and ghosts
Its a lazy teen flick dressed as a horror movie, enough said


It could have been awesome..
The plot is interesting.. the drama is entertaining..

But It's Visually annoying, for me at least. And unfortunately It has No conclusion, they just leave you hanging..


It's a good watch, full of bulls#it and plot holes. Nothing special but not a total waste of time

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