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The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Great show, IF ...
This will be a great show if sometime in the next episode all the melodramatic teens get eaten by the zombies.

The Boys

EXCELLENT first season.

Incredibly, an even better second season.

Extreme Cake Makers

Sweaty cake-makers in tiny home kitchens baking cake designs from better shows.


Meshes of the Afternoon

I generally do not watch pre-1970 films. Simply, FOR ME, the ones I have watched do not live up to what I have been assured to expect from them. Mashes of the Afternoon, however, was simply enthralling.

One of the major, and jaw-dropping revelations to me, was how a 1943 film had such small, but sublimely sensual parts in it; and the way they were meshed with a reverberating sense of dread, was just genius.

While some who have reviewed it seem to believe it is practically seamless in its continuity, this is the only area where I found fault in it. I find it choppy at times and wish so ardently that the married duo who created it would have fine-tuned it JUST a tiny bit more so that instead of being the practical masterpiece that it is, it would have been perfection. Then again, everyone's a critic, right?

A must-watch, and clocking in at ~15 min., there are not many films like this.

Relatos salvajes

I love, Love, LOVE this film.
Not only is the acting fantastic, but every single one of the stories paints a picture of each of us at our most gloriously, base, human-like moments.

If aliens exist, THIS is the film they should watch to learn more about us than any amount of probing might ever give away. :)

Great first watch. Excellent re-watch. Highly recommend.

Better Call Saul

Kim Wexler: the Perfect Woman and the Antithesis of Skylar White
Not only is Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim, extremely pretty, but the character is rich and deep in ways every person should aspire to be. In short, Kim Wexler is the polar opposite and the very antithesis of Skylar White.

Kim, alone, is enough to not only watch Better Call Saul, but to rate it a 10.

The thing is, that BEYOND the 'perfect woman' that is Kim, it isn't only she who makes up the wonderful tapestry of interwoven majesty that is this series. As if her character were not enough to convince you of this series' greatness, on top of it, you have a myriad of characters almost as fabulous and just as engaging. To not list them all would be an insult; and yet to list them all would be an exercise in futility. Not only is every major character written and directed as only the geniuses who brought us Breaking Bad could write and direct them, but they are portrayed fabulously by everyone onscreen. EVEN the extras and lesser-used characters are standouts.

Now, Better call Saul moves at a pace that is not for everyone. The story progresses somewhat more slowly than other series/shows. The plus side is that it gives you time to enjoy each moment of this subtle (not slap-you-in-the-face, willy-nilly), but delightfully presented jewel of a look into the time before the monumentally amazing story of Breaking Bad took place.

I can't say it enough: watch it. If you watched some and thought it was not for you, watch it again. You'll thank me.

Better Call Saul

Kim Wexler: the Perfect Woman and the Antithesis of Skylar White
Not only is Rhea Seehorn, who plays Kim, extremely pretty, but the character is rich and deep in ways every person should aspire to be. In short, Kim Wexler is the polar opposite and the very antithesis of Skylar White.

Kim, alone, is enough to not only watch Better Call Saul, but to rate it a 10.

The thing is, that BEYOND the 'perfect woman' that is Kim, it isn't only she who makes up the wonderful tapestry of interwoven majesty that is this series. As if her character were not enough to convince you of this series' greatness, on top of it, you have a myriad of characters almost as fabulous and just as engaging. To not list them all would be an insult; and yet to list them all would be an exercise in futility. Not only is every major character written and directed as only the geniuses who brought us Breaking Bad could write and direct them, but they are portrayed fabulously by everyone onscreen. EVEN the extras and lesser-used characters are standouts.

Now, Better call Saul moves at a pace that is not for everyone. The story progresses somewhat more slowly than other series/shows. The plus side is that it gives you time to enjoy each moment of this subtle (not slap-you-in-the-face, willy-nilly), but delightfully presented jewel of a look into the time before the monumentally amazing story of Breaking Bad took place.

I can't say it enough: watch it. If you watched some and thought it was not for you, watch it again. You'll thank me.

The Gentlemen

For THE film to watch and THE tracksuits to wear in 2020, look no further than The Gentlemen
In Love Actually, Hugh Grant, who coincidentally also lends his acting talents to The Gentlemen, tells a group of reporters: "We may be a small country, but we're a great one too. (The) Country of Shakespeare, Churchill, The Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter, David Beckham's right foot ... David Beckham's left foot come to think of it."

Well, in my opinion, he forgot to mention Guy Ritchie, who is known for his gangster films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000) among others, as well as the Sherlock Holmes' films of 2009 and 2011. With The Gentlemen, Guy Ritchie goes one step further in proving himself a national treasure of our friends the Brits.

With the help of a cast comprised of big names and lovable favorites such as Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant and the inimitable Colin Farrell, as well as an intelligent, engaging and entertaining script, Guy Ritchie once again comes through in delivering sumptuous fare for the eyes and ears and heart. Here, Mickey Pearson (McConaughey), is a powerful American marijuana dealer based in England whose plan it is to retire and sell off his marijuana empire for a cool £400 Million to spend more time with his wife. As can be expected, more than a wrench is thrown into his plan. What ensues, is giddy entertainment a'la Chef Ritchie's Specialty of witty, super-fast, intelligent, humorous exchanges and more than a few sleights-of-hand by a gallery of engaging and colorful characters who are thrown into numerous subplots, countless twists and turns, betrayals, confrontations and several inevitable revelations.

Sounds confusing 'duneh it'? It isn't.

Sit back and enjoy the rich mischievousness with which this is all served and rest assured that Ritchie is a master. With a deft and artful hand and sure command of his narrative threads, he has fun rearranging the linearity of the story (which if attempted by anyone else might be confusing), and delivers something close to a masterpiece.


The Invisible Man

Mixed Feelings on the Subject of Domestic Abuse
While I understand that every person is different and reacts differently to different situations, the scared-as-a-mouse performance by Elizabeth Moss upon leaving the relationship, to me, was just not believable. It takes A LOT to leave a relationship which has become as abusive and controlling as the one that was alluded to in this film. By the time one is emotionally ready to walk out, generally, you've been through all the pain, the doubts ... the weakness; by the time one has been driven to stand up and leave, generally, there is nothing as frightening "out there" as staying IN the relationship would be, and there is NOTHING more empowering than the moment you step out of that door KNOWING that it is the last time you will ever allow yourself to go back. Now, again, I understand, and would like the reader to understand, that this is just my opinion. For others it may be different and very well may be as was depicted in the film, where the recovery process takes a while longer and during that time the survivor still feels emotionally or physically vulnerable and at risk. Either way, people (I won't define by gender because there are men who are abused too) who find their legs and leave a situation such as this, sooner or later do discover that they are indeed among the strongest on earth.

That being said, what I did like about the film is that none of the prior abuse was actually covered or depicted. If people are really thinking about the subject matter, it opens you up to the thought that in many of these real-life situations, the abusee is sometimes doubted, seen as not entirely credible, or are downright disbelieved by others. This film brought that home by picking an "abuser" who looked like a nice, average-looking guy, with an obviously good job, who looked like he could "never do anything like that". That was brilliant.

The special effects were nicely done as well.

Going back and forth between what I liked and did not like (ergo my title of Mixed Feelings), contrary to what I see is a popular opinion, I do not think this ties in well with the "Invisible Man" franchise. If the creators were not actively saying it is, I would have figured it was a script about a tech-genius who discovers how to make himself 'not seen', and NOT about THE "Invisible Man" we've read about and have seen in the past.

There were also plot holes galore which I took the time to list, but then thought better of it so that even though this is tagged with a spoiler warning, if you have not seen the film it won't spoil it too much for you.

While I have some problems with the film, I still suggest you watch it. It is entertaining enough, suspenseful in some places, and most of the acting and special effects are pretty great.



Rabidly Romantically Unromantic Story about Love and Other Human Frailties
Because Closer is, in a way, like sneaking a peek behind the closed doors of people we know, or more so, like looking in a mirror when we are at our most base and humanly human, some people seem to be viscerally turned off by it, as is apparent by a few of its more negative reviews.

To me, the very fact that it opens the door to such "voyeurism", if you will, is part of its deep emotional appeal.

Who among us can say we have never been tempted to be lured away from what we believe is love, by what we momentarily believe to be love? In closer, however these moments go beyond temptation, into lies, deceit, infidelity, misery, painful truths, abandonment, tears and suffering. "Love", in Closer, is shown to be against everything we've been taught to believe it should be, such as: honest/truthful, enduring, constant ... and faithful.

In short, it is a rabidly anti-romantic film, where, unbelievably, somewhere within each of these broken, self-serving, selfish, emotionally-underdeveloped people, brilliantly played by Jude Law, Julia Roberts, Clive Ovens and Natalie Portman, we find beauty, and in the end, a deep satisfaction upon seeing that love of self can lead to release and rebirth.

It had been a while since I watched this, and I am happy to say that I loved it this time around as much as the first time I laid eyes on it. And isn't that the mark of real love? That it endures?

Closer, is one of my favorite films.


The Hunt

True to the adage: 100% of Americans think 50% of Americans have lost their minds.
Much more enjoyable than expected.

The beginning of it is funny enough, but it is the ensuing few scenes which are riotously HILARIOUS and make it worth watching- I literally laughed until I cried.

Toward the middle of the film, there is a wide gap where the laugh-out-loud moments are slowed and further and further apart, but still bring a smile or giggle here and there. The ending while good, is overshadowed by a preceding fight scene that is one for the books. It was really, really well done.

The best part of the entire movie though, and what makes it stand out, is that if a person watching has more than two brain cells, the dialogue is spot-on close-to-perfect in mocking BOTH SIDES of the political divide. And here, is what I think people are missing: NEITHER side is depicted as being 'better' than the other. Or worse. It has fun at the expense of everyone and it doesn't do it in any overtly mean way, but in a way where we can nod and nod and nod and laugh ... at ourselves ... no matter who we are or where we stand.

Lastly, a horror film - it is not. Somewhat gory, yes. A "horror" film? no.


The Pale Horse

Excellent ... until the ending, that is.
Engrossing and entertaining with an excellent cast and suspenseful storytelling ... until the last fifteen-to-twenty-minutes or so, when it unravels so much that it undoes everything that came before it.


MOSTLY Magnificent
Where do I begin, without giving too much away?

I believe a good place would be to say that never did I think a show would pin me to the screen without ever wanting to move during the entirety of each of the first two episodes the way Dracula does. Breaking Bad is the only series to have done the same, and consistently.

I am amazed so far by Dracula. (And I almost hate saying that as I don't want to over hype it).

For a while now, the ratings on IMDB make me shake my head. Dracula is no different. The fact that it only has a 7.1 is unbelievable to me. This should be THE new show to watch. It almost leaves me at a loss for words with how good it is - for those who enjoy a highly intelligent script; extremely witty dialogue; great twists; a fast, forwardly-moving story (despite its slow-to-steady, almost delicious pacing, you'll understand what I mean if you watch it); fantastic acting; charismatic and sometimes quirky characters; and so much more! The only thing I can imagine is that perhaps people rated it based only on the first 20-30 minutes or so, which indeed are a little slow, in which case I would suggest they watch more and come back and re-rate; OR that some people have a problem with the subject matter. Well, that should tell you something. See, it is, simply, Dracula redone ... but REDONE SO WELL that it is raising hackles and disturbing those that don't understand this magnificent, bloody, especially clever piece of art.

Well done, creators! Bravo!


Edit: Lowered score due to the ending. The first 2/3 (two-thirds) were MAGNIFICENT. The rest felt uneven.

Rambo: Last Blood

LOL. WHAT the HELL was this?
Stallone fans are giving this a 10; and NO, it is in no way a 10. The Godfather is a 10! Sheesh!

That said, it isn't bad.

It starts out pretty evenly-paced, and surprisingly, really well-acted. Even Stallone is believable. He does look ancient, however, and it tugs at ones' heartstrings to think he really IS THAT old. The girl who plays Gabriela, the girl he refers to as his niece, is really cute and she too can either act, or, had a seamless rapport with Stallone which made their scenes together almost flawless.

The thing that got me, is how gory the film is. I didn't mind it, but it did surprise me. It's Rambo Last BLOOD after all, so we knew there would be blood, just not as much as there was. The death scenes are well done, if just a tad fantastical, but all in all they satisfy.

I really wish IMDB had .5 scores, as this one is a 6.5. Not anything that you will be talking about next year, but good enough to enjoy now.

The Irishman

Almost Perfection
Other reviewers at the top, when sorted by Helpfulness, have already covered much of what makes this film so exceptionally good. As such, and knowing that I have a tendency to sometimes exceed the number of allowed characters, I'd like to add just a couple of small things.

First, the sets and costuming were near perfection. Every SINGLE piece of clothing which the characters wore, down to cuff-links, handbags, hair pins and shoes were of the era. That kind of meticulous detail can only bode well for a film. If the creators care enough about the small details, imagine what they do with the big ones.

Secondly, in many films now, where there is a well-known and varied cast, you find that the screen time each devotes in comparison to the film run time, really leaves a little to be desired. That is not the case here. Almost every second of every scene is filled with one or more of these masterful actors, actually acting. Performing. Pulling you in to the world they are creating. All, without the need of heavy CGI or filler. As Hoffa might say: they get right down to brass tacks - and, pardon the pun, deliver.

DeNiro, Pacino, Pesci, Keitel. Enough said. Leave politics at the door, and enjoy.

Excellent film all around.


Pretty Enjoyable Ride
Freaks starts out (or so you think) as a film which promises to deliver some uncomfortable moments between an over-protective dad who may or may not be outright crazy as well as possibly dangerous, and a cute, socially inexperienced, awkward and defenseless little girl. If you know nothing about the film going in, like we did not, upon viewing the first few scenes, naturally, your mind can't help but run to all kinds of dark places, wondering where the filmmaker is going to take us.

Well, where it goes, although the ride hits a couple of small bumps, are dark and eerie places touching on the horror genre, and then surprisingly, it pulls back and takes an unexpected left turn into something completely different.

Much of the supporting cast is okay, but the real revelation is the outstanding performance by Lexy Kolker as the little girl, and just slightly less-so, although still great, her dad, played by Emile Hirsch. They pretty much carry the film. Bruce Dern also delivers, if not a riveting performance, at least a mentionable and memorable one. His role in their lives unravels slowly and is not completely understood until somewhere in the middle of the film. It takes a while to discern what his purpose truly is and for the viewer to see the entire picture. I enjoyed that.

I also liked that the film lets the viewer decide for themselves if what they've witnessed is abuse, trauma, or something else entirely. I also like that while I believe the characters are used as a stand-in or metaphor for discrimination, it isn't anything that is heavy-handed or overtly pushed.

All in all, I found Freaks to be entertaining, and that its concept had been well-executed and delivered. The journey, despite the twists and turns, was captivating, and the destination was 99% equally pleasing and enjoyable, if not 100% where I had expected to go.

The Mandalorian

Cowboy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away = Pure Magic
The Mandalorian (so far) has everything anyone could ask for. It is SO well-crafted, I have yet to see one flaw in it.

Pedro Pascal (is it really him under that mask 100% of the time?) is fantastic as the imperturbable, or so it would seem, outer-space tough guy bounty hunter with a soft, heart-of-gold, and a helmet that into the third episode, still does not budge. We know it's coming though, don't we, and waiting, is a small fraction of the fun. At least it is for me.

While it is somewhat on the side of slow-paced vs. fast-paced, in my opinion that just adds to the appeal. You can savor the onscreen antics, action and dialogue, while knowing more is coming. Actually, you find it kind of exquisite in its pacing. I literally dare you to look away. Not because you think you'll miss anything, but because even at its steady pace, you won't want to. Speaking of which, the visuals are quite impressive. The entire thing IS a Lucas Star Wars landscape. At no time can anyone see a 1-minute clip of The Manadalorian without knowing immediately that it belongs to the Star Wars universe. The twist, is that thrown into this universe now, is this strong proverbial cowboy of few words, who carries a big stick.

I'm a fan, and can hardly wait for more episodes.


ONLY a 7.5? Come on.
HOW does this series have a rating of only 7.5?

Granted, I am only 3 episodes in, but so far it is smart, real, fast-paced, funny (hilarious at times), and just plain entertaining. Hell, the mixed tape alone deserves a 10.

I never watched much of How I Met Your Mother and do not think Cobie Smulders was given screen time enough within the Avengers franchise to develop an opinion one way or another about her, but I really like her in this. Plus, the rest of the cast is great, and the guest stars and cameos are fantastic.

I see a few people complaining that it is formulaic, yet IMO, it is anything but! Has the premise been 'done' before? Sure. What ISN'T a mix of everything that's been done before? (If you have the next 'original' concept, go sell it - fast!). When it comes right down to it, in regard to programming and shows, it is HOW it is done, and this is one series where it is done really well.

So far, for me, it is a solid 9.

Hopefully, within the next few episodes it doesn't take a turn into boring or bad. From what I've seen though, I doubt it will.

Doctor Sleep

Surprisingly, better than expected.
The ever-beautiful Rebecca Ferguson and a favorite from the Fargo series, Zahn McClarnon team up to bring us some somewhat scary, but more so eerie/creepy moments in this adaptation of King's Doctor Sleep. For the most part, and with the help of Ewan McGregor who plays an alcoholic, grown-up version of The Shining's Danny Torrence, they pull it off.

While Doctor Sleep is a rather drawn-out and, mostly, slowish-moving film, it still has enough to it, to not lose one's attention. The story-line is solid and engaging, although those unfamiliar with the book and looking for outright horror and gore, will find little satisfaction. There are a couple of scenes which can be construed as "horrific", but in my opinion, Doctor Sleep is not really a "horror flick" by definition. To me, it is more like an intense drama about good vs evil, with a couple of well-done 'end-of-life' scenes thrown in. :)

What I most enjoyed about it, is that in this day and age where practically every story ever has already been made into a movie, this one's plot was just a bit off the beaten path and came across as slightly new and original in its approach, while still pretty seamlessly tying it in to the well-known classic: The Shining.

If I had to add one con, it would be a somewhat minor one, in that, at times, the girl who plays Abra (Kyliegh Curran), who also possesses 'the shining', and who can communicate with Danny, delivers her lines in almost a stone-like manner, and at other times as if she is rapidly reading. It occurred one too many times, and I found that it took me out of the movie for just a bit.

While good, the scenes leading up to the ending are a bit predictable, and the 'showdown' (remember, good vs. evil) leaves a little to be desired. For the most part, however, I can live with it, seeing as Rebecca Ferguson saves it by just being in it, and King and the creators do their best to come full circle. In short, like the entire film itself, it is satisfying-enough to where one can feel as if watching it, was time well spent.

Room 104: No Hospital
Episode 8, Season 3

I don't usually review episodes ...
While I generally like this series, I have to admit that some episodes miss the mark, and others still (such as the two episodes before this one), are downright crap.

Every so often though, you have an episode like this one, which makes the hair at the back of your neck stand up. The acting was AMAZING and the story was both genuinely original and inventive as well as engrossing and entertaining. There were moments when I think I forgot to blink.

I can't believe it only scored a 6.4 here. I guess those who are rating it way lower than it deserves, either don't enjoy reading subtitles, or just can't read.

The Giver

How could I have not known this film existed until now?
What a simple, yet beautiful film. It is by all accounts, what should quantify and qualify as the real definition of a "feel good" movie.

I can only imagine that those who rated this subtle, unembellished, yet exquisitely moving film any lower than a 7, have lost the ability to be moved by anything.

As for me, I am so glad I live, love, laugh and feel.


... A definite must-watch when you want both to smile, and for your heart to ache just a little.

The Laundromat

There is a reason why the attorneys at the center of the scandal this covers, wanted it banned.
The attorneys at the center of the scandal this covers, filed suit in federal court claiming they were defamed by the film. Upon viewing, you'll realize that there is no way they did not defame themselves.

Above and beyond that, this is a film every single person who is unfamiliar with offshore banking should see. It describes in accurate, albeit humorous terms, how "money" works in some people's hands, vs. how it works in the hands of the normal Joe.

The cast is made up of amazing actors who give amazing performances, yet as most of us know, that isn't always the ingredient for a great movie. This one went a step further, and gifted us with FACTS. (Not even its many detractors can argue with any conclusive proof that the laws it unveils to the layman are not on the books and being used daily).

Basically, it takes the viewer through the inner machinations of a business run by people who know the law and push the law as far as the law will allow in order to serve their own purposes. People who deal in gauging the value of buying and selling trades and commodities, as easy as they gauge the value of .... and trade in ... other people.

Lastly, in going through other reviews here, I can't help but think about how different we all are, and how some people understood and could appreciate such a well presented window into actual business practices and money and how the two affect the average American, and how others seemed to take simple facts, as a personal affront or attack on their political party.

Not WANTING to face facts, does not change fact.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

A REALLY slow start, but OMG, if the rest is not amazing, I don't know what is.
Okay, so full disclosure. I am a HUGE Breaking Bad fan. I have watched the entire series three times, and then I have watched it ANOTHER SIX TIMES, skipping an episode here and there. I have turned countless people on to it, because in my opinion, anyone who has not seen it has robbed themselves. I have debated on how every single episode is a work of art. In short, in reply to the question of if I were stranded on a desert island with only one "thing" - the complete BrBa series would probably be my answer. :)

That said, I am not oblivious to its minor flaws. The fact that I love it so much does not mean I cannot be objective about it. It just means that it is deserving of such praise.

This brings me to El Camino.

Is it perfect? No.

Is it riveting? Absofrickinlutely!

First and foremost, before watching it, the viewer needs to understand that El Camino did not have a theater opening. Vince Gilligan, and I assume everyone involved, knew what this was - and it is not meant to be a blockbuster film, but simply, the goodbye so many of us have been asking for.

Was this goodbye perfect? Not entirely. In my opinion, it would have gone a long way to being a WHOLE lot closer to perfect if the first 29 minutes could have been condensed into 15.

Those minutes kind of dragged, and while parts were moving and sweet - again, it dragged. Thank god that at 29 minutes in, it began to gain momentum, and while still slow in parts, the tension and the build-up was fantastic. Seeing most of your favorite (and hated) characters, and not only SEEING them, but FEELING your way into their minds, was amazing. (Yes, Todd IS distracting as you must have already read from other viewers). Why could they not have waited until he lost some weight? Offered him lipo? Used CGI? We'll never know - and if there is a main problem with the film, the difference in Todd is it). If one manages to put that aside, however and watch it for what it is, it is pure Breaking Bad at its best.

The climax is kind of difficult to explain. I guess again, it wasn't perfect, but it was SO DAMN GOOD. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but you just have to watch it. Oh, and here, I must tell you to do yourself/yourselves a favor and avoid all kinds of spoilers about it.

The time leading up to the end was the best part of the entire thing. It was tasteful, poignant, touching, moving, funny ... and almost a love letter of sorts to all us fans.

The actual end was pretty good and almost satisfying, but in my opinion (and I think many would agree), it would have been better had another character been brought in to complete the circle, even if they had to skip to the "future". While they did touch on this story arc at the ending, it was much too vague to appreciate.

All in all, a solid 7.5-8, but considering it was preceded and born out of the most subtly monumental series in history, I HAD to up it to a 9.

Am I a fan girl? Perhaps. But the movie and above that, the series above any series ever, deserves to have fans.

Holy heck. I love you Breaking bad.

Time Trap

Light years beyond DUMB (+Wildly FAKE Ratings).
While there are parts of it that are entertaining (maybe entertaining makes it sound better than it is) or are just okay enough to keep your interest, as a whole, it is pretty terrible.

The premise has been done before, repeatedly, and has been done much better. There are so many glaring holes in terms of the quantum mechanics of time travel, that if you are a mathematician (or have OCD about numbers) or if you're just really into time-travel flicks, the discrepancies will drive you crazy. (Time goes slower in the cave and the world passes them by, but when one or two of them get out of the cave and then come back, for some reason time has not passed. Whaaat? Lol). The costumes (yes, costumes) are laughably bad (if you see it, you'll know which ones I am referring to), and although the acting isn't as bad as some of the worst-acted movies you and I have surely seen, it is still pretty bad. As if that wasn't enough, there are a couple of parts in particular that just make you shake your head in amazement at how ludicrous they are. One of them, and the reason for my spoiler tag, is that the group is RIGHT next to a plot device which will help a character, yet they don't think about using it? Oh, and as an afterthought, what purpose did having the dog in it at the beginning serve if it was not followed up on? Lastly, the ending? SO DUMB.

All in all, there is no way that I could in good conscience recommend this movie to anyone I know even if just to pass the time, and I cannot fathom how anyone could.

I GUARANTEE THE 8, 9, & 10 Reviews are all fake. THINK about it: 8, 9 10s should be reserved for the best of the best. What are the chances that a B movie about time-travel with zero to no buzz is that type of film? The answer: it isn't, and the only way to recoup the terrible losses brought about by the awful film it is, is to "fake it till you make it", in rentals.


Beautiful beyond words, and yet ...
This film is visually beautiful - almost stunning, and yet all that beauty almost lulls you to sleep. At the 58-minute mark I literally nodded off. Thankfully, it was just compelling enough that I chose to stay awake.

I am so glad I did. Or am I? As one reviewer already put it, it is "traumatic" and even though it is slow-going, it is well worth the almost inexplicable payoff.

It will haunt you, in that long after it is over you will think back on it.

What a mind F.

I'll say no more.

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