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What is going on??
This movie sucks. Totally waste of time. There are 2 3 scenes that brings a little smile. Beyond that nothing more.

Housefull 4

Watch it and know yourself that this movie is hilarious or unbearable.
Wait 4 some time to get impartial reviews. They are those users who haven't seen movie yet but because they are haters and had to spread negativity. Movie is good.

Desh Drohi

If you are BORED and want to try something funny, go for it.
What to tell about this movie. Don't go on the genre Action+Thriller. Actually this is a funny movie. You haven't seen a funny movie in you life like this. Hero of this movie- The great KRK; can't act, can't dance, can't run, can't fight. There is no such a work which he can do in this movie. This movie is a masterpiece and should be used for torturing the terrorists.

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