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Don't Look Up

This was so stupid. Tried to be funny but it was NOT. Tried to be a drama but it was too stupid, Majorly disappointed given the cast of stars. Don't waste your time.

Deadly Illusions

This movie just sucks. There's no other nice way to put it

Life Sentence

That mother though....
I hated how the mother (Ida) always opened her big mouth and let out secrets. I hated how she interfered with everything. I hated how she criticized everyone. I hated how she pushed in and took over everyone's life. I hated everything about her. But I hated even more that no one in the family had the backbone to stand up to her and let her know what kind of boorish, intrusive, big mouth she was. Family is important but this family allowed themselves to be walked all over.

Private Practice

While I love the show and the characters, the idea of the constant bed hopping among colleagues is annoying. But even worse is the way "I love you" gets thrown around so freely. Falling in and out of love so easily and moving on so quickly. They either never really meant it when they said it or they don't really know how to actually feel it. Back and forth, in and out, up and down. My head is spinning. Other than that, it's a good show

Wake Up

So many mistakes
First of all, how does a nurse who is on duty happen to have her car keys on her when they go out to her car? No purse, no jacket, but car keys she carries with her. How does she have a change of clothes and money for a hotel room if she left with nothing (except those mysterious car keys). When he was doing research at the library, the date said body found on "June 31th". No one caught that??? It was just not a good movie

The Open House

Waste of time. I jumped in a few spots but overall the whole plot was dumb and too many holes

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