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Suicide Squad

Didn't like This movie
I rely wanted to like this movie, but well ,this movie was slow. This movie had a pretty good cast, yes, but no too good dialogues. Yes, its true this movie is slow too. Now this movie may be for some, not me though. This movie rely bored me at times, though this movie was also confusing at times.

So overall I'd give this movie a 1 or 2. This movie may be disappointing to DC fans, and if you've seen this movie, you no what I mean.

Overall I'd say this movie was OK but not great. I wouldn't say go see-- whoops! I almost made a mistake and said the name of this movie! And as well know, thats against the rules.

So up to you if you want to take a chance on this movie, I think this movie could of been better. See this movie and make up your own mind if you like this movie.

Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You

Pretty good, but no mention of his film career
Actually, that's not completely true. "Cold Turkey," which Lear wrote and directed, and a few films he produced, such as "Divorce American Style" and "The Night They Raided Minsky's," were flashed briefly on screen, for about three seconds. If you look really fast you can see them.

But little or no mention at all of Lear's longtime producing partner, the late, great Bud Yorkin.

This is especially disappointing in light of the fact that Yorkin died last year, which barely made the news. He was not recognized by the Academy, of course... but most people behind the scenes aren't.

If it weren't for Yorkin, there would likely be no "Blade Runner." And Yorkin was a pioneering TV director, brief clips of which are seen in the film... but again, no mention of the man.

Sure, you can always make the argument that EVERYTHING in a person's life can't be included, but come on -- a ten second snippet of an interview is all that remains of a 20-year partnership? And a fifty-year friendship??

This seems extremely odd, and disrespectful.

The Legend of Tarzan

This movie, OK
This movie was pretty good, but had some bad parts. This movie was supposed to be based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs books, but didn't seem to be. This movie was OK in some areas but not OK on others.

This movie also could of used some more humor, I thought. This movie also had a lot of CGI computer generated images and u could tell. This movie had some good animals but needed more real ones. This movie also had a pretty good jungle scene.

This movie may be for some people, who have never seen Tarzan movies, but this movie might also be entertaining for people who have not see him.

As you notice I'm never going to mention the name of this movie I'm just going to call it This Movie because those are the rules on IMDb, rite???

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