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Definitely worth watching!
I saw the trailers for Bright on Netflix for months and was eagerly anticipating watching it. I wasn't disappointed. It certainly won't win any Oscars, but honestly most of the movies I like probably wouldn't either. It was a good take on the Buddy Copy formula, and mixed with the fantasy elements resulted in what I thought was a great production. Will and Joel did a great job, and the effects and story were really good.

A lot about the world it was set in was not explained in detail, but that was a good thing, especially as I'd love to see this result in a TV Series which could delve much deeper.

I read one critic review (and I paraphrase here) where he stated that being a subscription model Netflix movies are not dependent on critical review or box office results in order to measure their success. He then rated this movie quite badly. I'm glad that critical reviews have nothing to do with success on Netflix, because I really liked this movie. When critics rave about The Last Jedi (which I thought sucked), and pan this (which I thought rocked), I am not at all interested in their isolated little opinions.

Netflix - keep doing what you are doing.


Yeah, It really *is* that bad
I used to watch MacGyver, not religiously, but enough. It was a good show that introduced some cool concepts to a TV series.

THIS version, however, is just painful. The acting is bad, the script is shocking, the plot is just terrible with holes enough to drive a large moon through. Whoever wrote this should go back to penning late night chat line commercials. The story line is childish, rushed and has pretty well no redeeming qualities.

It did, however, make me go back and start watching the original series again, which I had forgotten about.

Do yourself a favor, miss it. Or lobotomize yourself first.


Just don't bother.
It would appear that often people are motivated to write their first review here out of admiration for the way a film moved them, or shock at how badly it was made. Unfortunately I'm here because of the latter.

Just to preface, I'm not a critic, I have no agenda other than someone that just likes to enjoy the escapism that is provided by a movie. I love to be entertained, and I admire a wide variety of genres, so I'm certainly no film-snob.

This film doesn't deserve the rating it currently has on IMDb. Overall it's pretty bad. Whilst the plot isn't terrible, and it all starts off quite nicely for about 20 minutes or so, it all goes downhill into quite a mess. The supporting actors are terrible, and the dialog makes you want to cringe. Overall it's not the most horrible experience in my life, but I do wish I had just mopped the floors or something else instead of watching it.

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