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  • First, words cannot describe how i feel. Never watch such a emotion marvel hero movie. Its like roller coaster ride. Story line is truly amazing. Truly worth the money going to the theater watching it. Although i hope to see another sequel, but hey it is a good ending. Anyway total WORTH my time watching it ! Double thumps UP !!
  • I am quite disappointed that some of you guys felt that this movie is not even worth 1 star. How is it possible ? Seriously to me is very funny throughout the movie. This movie also suits family to watch together. Even though the story line is NOT as strong as other movie, but hey, the hilarious part makes this movie very interesting and NOT dull at all. Very RARE to see a super hero behaving in a comedy Conclusion, worth to go watch at movie theater ! 10/10
  • This is a truly eye opener avenger movie that i ever seen. All other marvel movie NOT even close to it. 1 thing i would like to point out, IRON MAN Technology has gone up insanely. I am super shocked ! As for the bad guy Thanos, well it did bring me some sadness and of course his super power ! Hey, even our big guy green man CANNOT find thanos ! Well the only sad part is, some of the heroes are gone......SIGH..... Well not going to mention who are the heroes. Looking foward 2019 part 2. Well worth movie ticket money !!
  • Okay first of all, the visual is no doubt amazing ! The acting is good. However i find the negative part is this movie story line. Nothing surprising . It is like plain jane. But overall still is a enjoyable movie and of course the marvelous visual. Well well, if there is a part 2, maybe will watch it :)
  • Nothing much to complain nor whine about. Still a decent movie. Maybe my expectation is not as high as others. But hey, there is NO perfect movie !
  • I don't know why so many are writing negative review. Is it because you guys standard are very high ? For me the story line is okay. Not very dull. The good thing of this movie is huge improvement of the CGI effect...Sound effect is good. Graphic is good too. It is not easy to make this sequel i believe.

    So let's enjoy it and appreciate it. Rather than over fussy. Anyway I have nothing much to complain. Worth waiting of this part 2 after so many donkey years has passed. I am looking forward to watch part 3...Hopefully.

    Oh forgot....Where is Will Smith ?