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12 Feet Deep

Astoundingly bad
I often have to suspense and horror movies as it's my partners favourite genres, and they're mostly below average and predictable, the plots are always similar and highly predictable. This one looked to be a bit different than the norm so I went in with a more open mind than usual. I was very wrong indeed, it's worse than the average. Completely illogical at every juncture, the dialogue surely was written by someone working on a school project, and it somehow found its way into the hands of someone trying to lose their job. The two girls wouldn't have the smarts to get out of a stationary vehicle let alone a covered pool.

The Commuter

An absurd and unbelievable tale of stupidity that completes Neesons descent Into the rubbish bin of cinematic history.

Don't Hang Up

As bad as it gets
From the very opening you hope that the bad guy wins and is able to inflict as much pain as possible on the protagonists. Cliche after cliche, bad acting and plot holes the size of the empty space in the writers brain. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, I'd go as far as saying that anyone who enjoyed this movie should re-evaluate whether their existence on this earth is necessary.

John Wick

Same old same old
Seen it one hundred times before. Russia bad, USA good, bang bang, the end. Uninteresting story line filled with average performances and Russian accents that swing between convincing and awful every time they open their mouths. I don't know why this has become one of those "you gotta see it" movies, I've had more entertaining and challenged bowel movements.

After Life

Same old predictable Gervais
Once upon a time I could barely contain my anticipation at the thought of a new Gervais offering, that was before I realised that Merchant was the true genius and this is proven every time Gervais releases something new. After Life continues the drawn out decline of a once cutting edge artist. It's not very interesting and it offers nothing new, just the same old Gervais themes and humour that he's been trotting since his last decent creation and self fulfilling prophecy of Extra's.

Possibly the most vapid and predictable show I've seen in a long while, just because he turns on the waterworks it doesn't make the show deep. Many seem to be fooled and believe the opposite.

The characters are likeable but don't scratch below the surface and the main character is just another vehicle for Gervais to tell us what a nice guy he really is.

The show will appeal to those who cling to sentimentality but won't do mutch for those who require something deeper in order to be entertained.

Apart from a few wry smiles, it wasn't funny, the standard Gervais shock treatment just doesn't shock anymore and it's pretty lame.


Well made celebration of a selfish man
As a fan of F1 and Williams I was hoping for more of a team narrative covering the achievements and goings on between various personalities involved throughout it's existence. Instead I was faced with an commendably honest look at the teams creator Frank Williams. I hadn't realised what a selfish and somewhat uncaring man he is, it baffles me to see anyone sing his praises after watching this, yet they do. The movie is full of apologies for him from those who have every right to feel the most aggrieved, I can't fault them personally as family is family. However, it was well made, insightful and worth watching even if I do have to reconsider my choice of team going forward.

Midnight in Paris

Contrary to some opinions, this is not an original concept, a similar idea was used for the U.K television series 'Goodnight Sweetheart'. Having said that, I went in thinking it had all the ingredients to make a good film, it failed.

The actors where generally good and I'll admit a soft spot for the affable Owen Wilson.

Most of the characters didn't develop beyond their opening scenes and I struggled to feel anything for any of them apart from Wilson, this could be due to my Wilson bias.

The trips back in time were lazily written and uninteresting, giving us no more than a checklist of notable writers and artists. One after the other they parade across the screen, most of the time in a completely irrelevant way and gave nothing to the story. One can't help but think that Allen had a list of historical figures that he felt compelled to include, probably for no other reason than intellectual posturing.

The movies "message" was dull and uninspired.

The entire movie is predictable and unchallenging, you will have forgotten that you've watched it within five minutes of it ending.

Doctor Who: Arachnids in the UK
Episode 4, Season 11

Very poor
I quite like Jodie to begin with but I've become bored of her quite rapidly, perhaps her character will improve over time as more layers are added. The story was silly and childish, Dr Who's recent fetish with lesbians continues as does it need to appeal to a more liberal audience. I'm a vegetarian Communist and even I'm finding it all a bit much. It now feels like an American program and that's clearly it's focus audience now, I think us fans of the traditional Dr Who have to face up to the fact that it's not for us anymore. Oh well we had a good run.

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