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War of the Worlds

Stupid ass movie
I would rather see a "b" flick like white chicks or basketball instead of this movie.

its more a drama movie, with the sentences "" no you cannot go, - Yes i need to go.. NO! You cannot go"" and so on and so forth. This movie is an outrage to the sci-fi theme. You are probably wanting to see something new or interesting, and you get a whole lot of "the bold and the beautiful"- Screaming from characters whom should not bee there.

The characters are screaming their heads of for "no" particular reason and just standing there like some idiots..

And a lot of hiding in basements.. DO not expect much of this movie..

I'm not seeing it again . EVER:!

Six: The Mark Unleashed

The Worst movie EVER!
I think I've hit a rock bottom. This movie is one of the worst movies i've ever seen.. And I'm including all the "skischool movies, include the "best" scene in giggli and all the local norwegian movies( witch is not any good)

Please do NOT watch this movie.!!!

I'm NOT religious, but this made me HATE Christianity. This movie has NO meaning , no context, no action and extremely bad acting. The movie it self is altso in a very bad shape, with its " matrix inspiration. LOL! And its twelve monkies inspiration. Witch I'm still looking for..

In result.. I'm going back to the store and asking for my money back..

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