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Fresh Horses

Not the best...but certainly not the worst movie ever.
I would have to agree with some that this is not the best movie ever made, but for those of you that haven't taken the time to watch it, this film still has many very nice qualities to it. The film is filmed beautifully, and the music score is beautiful as well. If you can look past most reviews of this movie, and the fact that Ringwald and McCarthy were burdened by the Brat Pack title, you can still enjoy this movie. I'm not saying that the stars deserved Oscars for their performances here... but this movie is very watchable.

I feel that Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy might have been looked down on from the start of this movie simply because it was a departure from the type movies and characters they had played so far. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, which is how it will always be, but it should be fair for some of us to mention how much we appreciate this movie too.

I have seen many films that are much worse. I'm not saying this one of the best films ever... just that there is a lot of creativity and beauty to this film that shouldn't be missed because of only negative reviews.

House on Greenapple Road

Janet Leigh's performance...and the film in general.
I would have to agree that Janet Leigh looks very beautiful in this movie, but I hope that people also notice how great of a performance she gives. This character gives her the chance to play a much more seedy part, and she plays it to the hilt.

I don't want to take away from the other great things about this movie because there are many. The plot was great, most of the actors were very good, and the use of flashbacks was COOL! The script was quite racy for a TV movie of that time.

House on Greenapple Road still holds up watching it today, and many believe it is one of the better made for TV movies.

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