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Beauty and the Beast

Visually appealing, amazing soundtrack, etc.
I originally had very low expectations for this movie. Unlike a lot of other people, I actually really enjoyed the song previews by Emma Watson. But the visuals didn't seem close enough to the original. However, seeing the movie today I was proved wrong. There were a few visual aspects that I questioned, such as Mrs. Potts and Chip, but thinking about it, it would actually be incredibly hard to convert the original animated movie into a live action movie. The film was incredibly well executed considering how well-loved the original is. I was speechless around halfway through the movie. I could sympathize with the Beast incredibly well. The audience was given more of the Beast's history which made the character development and relatability so much more effective. In regards to Mrs. Potts and Chip, I thought the character animation was really awkward and the design was subpar compared to the other characters. Plumette (Lumière's love interest), was also incredibly odd. The way that she could fly maybe made sense in order for her to move, but she looked more alive than the others considering the fact she was based off of a bird. I originally believed that the Beast's appearance looked far too kind to be considered frightening, or beastly. But as the film progressed I noticed the emotion in the eyes especially that makes the Beast more human and therefore more relatable. The music was delightful, very emotional and included original songs as well as the music from the 1991 movie. In addition, a lot of the mistakes made in the 1991 version were fixed. I noticed that the actions of the characters were a lot more believable and realistic. A lot of the content in the original movie was slightly unrealistic, and so the change was refreshing, especially since it made it different from the other film and not an exact copy. Overall, the movie was incredible and definitely worth seeing in theaters.

Kubo and the Two Strings

Beautiful and Unique Style
This movie is absolutely beautiful. The animation is amazing. The design aspect is incredible. It had almost a darker kind of theme which why it was so unique and breathtaking. I loved many of Kubo's lines. "If you must blink, do it now." "...Or the hero shall surely parish." (Or something along the lines of that) The dialogue drew me in from the very beginning. The animating of the water was absolutely astonishing. I did expect a lot out of this film. After all, Laika makes incredible films. I love Coraline, and Paranorman. I do like Boxtrolls as well but I think many people can agree that it doesn't come close to the phenomenal story lines of the other films. Kubo and the Two Strings does fit in with Coraline and Paranorman. The ending wasn't surprising exactly but it was beautiful and fitting. I did not expect Monkey and Beatle to die, I thought they would come back to life. I also loved how the villagers stepped in to aide Kubo without hesitation. And the way that the dead came to help was awe inspiring. Amazing film, definitely living up to the legacy of Coraline and Paranorman. Amazing style. Wonderful movie.


Incredible animation
At my school everyone makes fun of frozen, but it is absolutely incredible. Disney animation is making leaps. The snow to so realistic that I was in awe. In addition I loved how they made the villain a little more unclear. I did understand that Hans was the villain but I really liked how it wasn't as clichéd as previous movies. I also loved how the love story wasn't love at first sight. Anna fell in love with time. I cried during the first twenty minutes of the movie. It was amazing how they made me care for the characters so quickly. I liked Anna more than Elsa but I thought both of them were very well developed. The songs were amazing, some of my favorite Disney songs. it might be a little obvious how the movie was going to end but Frozen was a milestone in my opinion. Absolutely amazing. you could tell that the animation improved from Tangled which itself was a huge success for Disney. The design was also amazing, but Disney usually does have amazing color schemes and design.


Stunning movie
I'm not sure if I'm bias towards Disney films, but I personally thought this movie was incredible. I could connect with Cinderella and the design was absolutely stunning. The dress was beautiful and I loved how Cinderella changed from the beginning to the end but still held on to her values as a person. I also loved how I could understand the Stepmother and why she does what she does. When I finished this movie the message stayed with me. I don't usually like movies with "true love" but this movie made it work. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. Cinderella's motives were very clear and I was rooting for her the entire movie

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