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Aquaman RULES!!!
Ok, so this movie is original in many ways: the underwater fights, the underwater costums, the different characters, the hair, the colored eyes, the drumming octopus, and keeping aquaman underwater captive. Don't forget they have put alot of hard work in the special effects. Also, It will have cost alot of money, time and patient. I think that some people forget that most important fact.

This movie should deservere at least a 9/10 on IMDb. I don't understand how this movie could get a rating under 5/10 serious? What can you expect more from this movie??? And ofcourse the amazing actor: Jason Momoa did an amazing job. 1 of the most original movies i've ever soon so far!

So so so happy i've just seen this movie!!!


So i heard alot about this movie on social media. And i said to myself let's give it a try. I was so so happy that this movie isn't just another standard horror movie, with a haunted house or haunted ghosts that appear when a person is alone in the house or alone in a room.

The story is original in the sense that a normal family faces the evil version of their own. (wich you won't see very often in many horror movies). & Also to be honest some scenes were funny, because let's admit it if you see yourself in a very weird way, acting weird it can evoke conflicting emotions. (shocked, angry and funny as well).

Another original aspect: the spiritual connection the people in red clothes (evil ones) had. But the end is disappointing..... it came over as nothing happened. Like the end of a fairy tale were they all live happily ever after. In my opinion a horror movie should have a bad ending. So the movie in general is good it deserves a 7/10 but the ending was just bad.

Gerald's Game

I love most of the Stephen king movies, but this one is really bad. Basically Gerald's game was filmed in 1 same room during the entire film. It was boring beacause there was no variation during the whole movie.

I saw a couple discussing during the whole movie. And a bit of their past. But where was the story and the depth? I watched it for only 10 min. The older movies Stephen king made are way better.


Wow! I just finished watching the complete 6 seasons of lost. It took me 2 months. From episode 1 of season 1, i was already convinced that this is going to be the best serie i'm going to watch. ( i watch alot of different tv series).

This serie is so intense, mysterious and complex with a very strong story and amazing actors. The last 2 seasons are so complex that i can call it: a complete MINDFUCK. Not only is this serie about survival, but also a continuous switch between the past and the future. I also noticed changes in personalities.

I didn't miss a single episode, because in my opinion if you miss 1 you can't understand it anymore because of it's difficult understandable story. This is a serie that you will always remember because it's so DAMN good and strong.


Very intense !
I just finished watching arctic. It's a good movie Most of the scenes in the film is non-verbal but very intense. I missed some action , for example at a sudden moment in the movie the white bear made growling noises and threatened him. I wanted to see a fighting scene with the bear, or like some other kind of action.

The fact that Mads Mikkelsen sacrificed alot to make this movie, is something i really respect. He is a GREAT actor who acts brilljant and perfect in every movie. He was talking in a interview: during the shouting i walked for days in the extreme cold, with barely something to eat. I am sure that he also has fantastic survival skills in real life.

If i have 2 be honest, there were some boring scenes in the film, especially in the beginning from the movie. Perhaps if they would let the girl take more initiative and talk more it would be less boring. The ending was just so intense and at the same time sad. Wow very brilliant, emotional movie!

True Blood

Unique and addictive
So i just finished watching all seasons of true blood. I discovered this serie by reading a article about true blood in the newspaper. So i was like why not let's try this serie. I was not diaspointed for even 1 second. This serie is not like vampire diaries. This serie is very varied. The story is not only about vampires. But also about fairies, witches, werewolves, V-blood and shape shifters.

I was afraid the serie would not be varied enough, but that was not the case at all!. Every episode and seizoen was a surprise. So i advice this serie to everyone !!! It's worth watching! It's pure magic! If you like to escape from reality for a while this serie is perfect.


I just finished watching this movie. This movie is good but i would describe this movie as a standard horror movie. I've seen alot of horror movies and Horror classics like Poltergeist are in my opinion more unique then this one. The sound during this whole movie is really good. Another thing i noticed: the actors that were screaming when they were followed and killed by the killer, seemed in my opinion really fake and the noice they made was really horrible. For the rest this movie was ok.

Dances with Wolves

1 word AMAZING
As a big movie lover, I think this is the best movie I've ever seen. I had not been bored for a second. Everything is in the film: history, romance, action. You also learn a lot from this movie. This is incredible! Everyone should see it!

The Babadook

Nothing special
Not bad, but i was expecting more Horror. Only at the end of the movie u saw some creepy scenes. The movie was a bit disappointing in my opinion. I Love horror movies saw alot of them and this one is not special.

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