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Che botte ragazzi!

It can't live up to the first one.
For those of you expecting a film on the level of The Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe, you should look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for a total and utter piece of crap, then The Return of Shanghai Joe is the movie for you! And to think I had some assumption that this would be half as good as the original movie, well It's not even fit to be in the same state as that film. It's basically boring and pointless that i was having a hard time trying to stay focused and awake enough to sit through it.

Another huge problem is replacing Chen Lee (the actor who played Joe in the original) with a poor knock-off that looks nothing like him or fight like him named Cheen Lie. I wonder why this is his only film credit. You might also remember that Klaus Kinski memorably played Scalper Jack in the original, but here he's just your average evil landowner that's in every spaghetti western. He seems almost as bored as I was with the material, but at least in his scenes there's an air of tension as you never quite know how he'll deliver a line or overact in any given moment. Tommy Polgár plays the salesman and is easily the most charismatic of the bunch. That's not saying a lot, but it does look like he was trying.

The Return of Shanghai Joe re-focuses itself on the dumb spaghetti western comedy sub-genre. The laughs just aren't there, instead everything just cruised by in a boring, energy-sapping haze. And the fights! God damn are they crap. Every fight in the early part of the film is scored by the opening theme song that truly must be heard to be believed. It's actually a pretty catchy song and I found myself singing it to myself after the film was over, and I did come to enjoy hearing the song play out over the incredibly awful fights, but even that wore on me after a while.

There are some good comedic lines, though I'm pretty sure the comedy here was unintentional. Where The Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe showed an understanding of both the western and the kung fu genres, The Return of Shanghai Joe shows the exact opposite. It's not competent at anything it attempts and is truly a chore of the highest order to sit through, but i did manage to sit through it. Hell, the original didn't have much of a story, but that movie was awesome. There are definitely worse movies than this, but this one feels a lot worse because of how great the first film was. Never the less, i did manage to sit through it and still did enjoy it for some strange reason and i also really liked the opening theme song.

Conclusion - It can't live up to the first one. Rated this 5/10

The Exterminators

"Los Angeles - a quiet little town until... THEY CAME! Now a terrified city crawling with crime!"
Bug Blasters: The Exterminators was a cancelled Sega CD on-rails shooter, made by Stargate, that was supposed to come out in 1995. A complete version of Bug Blasters was commercialy released in 2001 by Good Deal Games.

The gameplay is pretty simplistic, it's an FMV game and all you do is just have to aim and shoot...bugs. It's a 'Ghostbusters' rip off, but who cares, i thought it was great and had lots of fun while playing. And after shooting each bug, you get to see a nice clip of the bug blowing up, which is really cool.

Bug Blasters may not be the best game, but it sure was fun playing and also quite funny too. You have to appreciate Good Deal Games for at least allowing this one to see the light of day. Most casuals gamer's probably won't care, but die-hard Sega CD fans should find it worthwhile.

Conclusion - Overall there might not be much of a game here, but Bug Blasters: The Exterminators is still quite enjoyable.

Spider in the Web

The saving grace is Kingsley, who can do this sort of thing in his sleep.
Ben Kingsley plays an aging Israeli agent investigating a company suspected of selling chemical weapons in this spy thriller.

"Spider in the Web" is slow and talky; and though it delivers a couple of good twists, the unfortunate result is that you wind up thinking how much more you'd prefer to be reading this kind of story, that's been told many times in spy novels, than instead of watching this tedious exercise. But the saving grace is Kingsley, who can do this sort of thing in his sleep but never gives the appearance that he's doing so.

Conclusion - This movie is slow and boring but Kingsley, who's always at his best is the only reason to watch it... Rated this 6/10

Fast Draw Showdown

Fast Draw Showdown is a fun game that creates a fun experience.
Fast Draw Showdown is a live-action game that was originally released on laserdisc by American Laser Games back in 1994, and it was eventually re-released by Digital Leisure on the PC in 2004 with mouse and light gun support.

The overall premise is simple, draw your gun, faster than your opponent and successfully shoot them before they do the same to you. It's just like an old western showdown. Graphically the game is a "live-action" game, meaning there are actual people on the screen with real world environments, rather than rendered graphics. This gives an old school feel with it, seeing as how many games from the past had this type of graphics, especially in arcade shooters. The real enjoyment of the game comes from the cast and crew of B-Movie actors you'll encounter throughout the game. In each of the gunfights, the player must attempt to out-draw the villains, as quickly as possible. At times, the player faces two opponents instead of one, but, invariably, only one will draw his or her gun and thus pose a threat. The game ends successfully when the player has defeated all of the villains, including Wes Flowers the final villain.

Overall, Fast Draw Showdown is a fun game that creates a fun experience and the transition from Arcade to PC is great. I've always been a big fan of American Laser Games and really enjoy their games. It offers a quick pick-up that will entertain you for a couple of hours.

Rated this 8/10

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold will appeal to anyone who is a fan of arcade lightgun games
Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold is a live-action laserdisc video game produced by American Laser Games, released for the arcade, Sega CD, 3DO, CD-i and PC.

The plot of the game is simple enough: you must find the gold that's hidden in a cave. You have a choice of three guides to help you reach the treasure. Each of the three will produce different scenarios that the player will encounter. During the course of the game, you will run into trouble in the form of roving desperados, sharpshooters. and other surly characters.

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold will appeal to anyone who is a fan of arcade, lightgun games or retro games as well as B-movies and Wild West settings, certainly provides even more fun to the lightgun experience of being back at the arcade machines without even having to leave your home; therefore showcasing just how relevant lightgun games still are today.

Rated this 8/10

Citizen X

Citizen X is typical of the early-90s video games.
Citizen X is an unreleased Sega Mega-CD game developed by Digital Pictures. It was a side-scrolling action game paired with many full motion video cutscenes set for release in 1993. Though the game was not officially released, a mostly-finished prototype emerged and was distributed commercially by Good Deal Games in 2002.

Citizen X is mainly a standard side-scroller with full motion video (FMV) clips intermixed with the action. Playing as some weird looking guy in red shoes, you collect items and use them to subdue terrorists that have made the sewers into their headquarters. Your fighting abilities are limited to a simple punch, but simply running past these thugs is usually your best bet.

The graphics are kind of grainy and look like they were drawn with a crayon. The sound effects are somewhat muffled. The controls are decent. There's nothing outstanding here, but the gameplay is unexplainably addictive. Citizen X is typical of the early-90s video games that tried to incorporate FMV with standard platform action, and so Sega CD fans will probably like it. I know i liked it!

Dracula Unleashed

For those that like vampires and Dracula, add this one to your collection.
Dracula Unleashed was a Full Motion Video game developed by ICOM Simulations and released in 1993. The graphics in the game are simply amazing for 1993. It had easily the best graphics on the Sega CD and was years ahead of its time. The sets and costumes within the game are amazingly authentic and the acting too was really good. It acts as a sequel to the story Dracula, taking place several years after the book's events. You play as Alexander Morris, a brother of Quincey Morris, who comes to London to find out about Quincey's death. However, strange murders soon start happening around town and Alexender realizes it's linked to his brother's death. Now he must get to the bottom of what's going on before his friends and loved ones are put in danger.

Now, if you play your cards right, you will soon dispose of the Lord of the undead once and for all. But that my friends, is much easier said then done. You see, being in the right place at the right time is essential throughout the game, and if you mess up, you will most likely die. There are many ways to die in this game, and you will most likely encounter them all long before you find the correct solution to the game., But that's what makes it so worth playing through out. Any gamer can beat a game where you shoot zombies in the head. This is a game for the intelligent and perceptive gamer. The game was re-released in 2002 as a DVD with updated visuals and special features and it looks even better than it did on the Sega CD.

Conclusion - For those that like vampires and Dracula, add this one to your collection.

Rated this 8/10

Ground Zero Texas

Ground Zero Texas is a cool fmv game
Ground Zero Texas is a full-motion-video (FMV) shoot-'em up, that was released by Digital Pictures for the Sega CD/Mega CD. There is plenty of full-motion video footage in this game, so if you like these type of games then you are half way to liking this game. The other half is a shooting type gallery game, and it's also critical that you're at the right place at the right time, for the moments where you need to save people. It's a pretty fun game, and it feels like you're in some kind of old B-movie. They really took care in supplying plenty of fmv game fillers to build up the story and get your adrenaline pumping. Some people might not like this game because of the limited game play and just shooting things on screen. But i don't know what these people are expecting, this is an interactive game that uses your participation, that's what it is. Overall i think it's great for an Fmv type game, it's also one of my favorites.

Conclusion - Ground Zero Texas is a cool fmv game, So if you enjoy these type of games, then be sure to add this to your collection!

Rated this 8/10

Surgical Strike

Blowing things up, is really fun.
Surgical Strike is a full motion video game that was released for the Sega CD and Sega 32X CD, where the objective is simply to control a hovercraft and maneuver it around a war torn city. You must search out and destroy key enemy emplacements on the map, all while conserving your ammo and trying to avoid destruction. You have to be conservative on your ammo, but if you plan out the right course this is also no problem.

The end of each level consists of finding a final target then confronting the mad terrorist. The only complaint I have about the gameplay is that there is no save feature. There should have been some save points or something through out the game. But anyway, play this game on an emulator and that problem is fixed up.

It's not an easy game, but once you get the hang of it, it's a BLAST to play and driving around everywhere blowing things up, is really fun.

Conclusion - This game is a great addition to the Sega CD and Sega 32X CD, and now thanks to the beauty of emulators you can play this game on your computer instead of your Sega CD.

Corpse Killer

If you enjoy FMV type games, then be sure to add this to your collection!
Corpse Killer is a full-motion-video (FMV) shoot-'em up. Well I'm a big fan of full-motion video games, like Double Switch or Ground Zero Texas. So when it came to sitting down with Corpse Killer, naturally I knew i was going to like it. There is plenty of full-motion video footage in this game, so if you like campy, bad B-movies, you are half way to liking this game. Unfortunately, you also have to be the type of person who likes shooters of the Virtually mindless variety in order to get the last half of the way there.

Many people might not like this game because of the limited game play and just shooting things on screen. So i don't know what these people are expecting, this is an interactive game that uses your participation, that's what it is. But any way i thought that Corpse Killer gives you a good dose of "multi-media" without ruining the game play, and it's exciting when zombies are flying at you from every direction, So I found myself strangely drawn into the world of gunning down zombies.

I have played the Sega CD, Sega 32x CD, Panasonic 3DO and Sega Saturn versions and have completed the game numerous times and still enjoy the game even now. But the best versions are on the 3DO and Sega Saturn cause the video quality is better and also the Saturn version has a few different features, including extra power-ups and additional enemy footage.

The game plays out like a B- horror zombie film with rail gun shooting randomly put in, So If you like killing zombies, cheesy old B movies, cheesy acting, and real actors in your game, Corpse Killer is a game you just can't pass up!

Conclusion - If you enjoy FMV type games, then be sure to add this to your collection!

Rated this 7/10

Daughter of the Wolf

This film isn't that great, but it's not as bad as they make it out to be either..
Daughter of the Wolf is a new action-thriller film, that stars Gina Carano and Richard Dreyfuss.

Now i didn't have any problem with the movie and it's story, and scenery and cinematography and all that, i thought it was all great. So i don't understand all the negative reviews with all these people, i don't think they have anything better to do with themselves but be negative.

But anyway the only problem i had is that there simply isn't enough action as a whole. With a former Mixed Martial Arts star in the lead role, you would expect the movie to be action-packed from start to finish. Instead, there is much more drama and story line which is okay too. Now this film's biggest crime isn't that it is boring - it's that it just doesn't take full advantage of the situation it's in.

Richard Dreyfuss's performance - is the movie's biggest highlight. Dreyfuss, really hams it up in his role here. Additionally, the film looks very impressive on a technical level, so it would have been a major disappointment had the movie not at least looked nice

And starring Gina Carano, you would think that there would have been plenty of great fight scenes but there isn't anything great. Still i like Gina Carano, and with her presence, and her fist-fighting credentials, hopefully she will land some good action film roles soon.

Overall, Daughter of the Wolf isn't that great, Apart from a crazy wacky performance from Richard Dreyfuss as the villain, but it's not as bad as these negative reviewers make it out to be either..

Conclusion - If your a fan of Gina Carano like i am, then i suggest you watch the movie anyway!

Rated this 6/10

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years

An excellent documentary. Informative and entertaining.
Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros. Years is an excellent look into the makings of some of Hammer's most iconic films and their relationship with Warner Bros. Studio.

In 1968, Hammer Studios were rewarded for their hard work and obvious talents with the Queen's Award to Industry. It's there that our story picks up, and we learn about Hammer's first film with Warner Bros, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, starring Christopher Lee in the nominal role as the infamous Count. It covers many of Hammer studios productions, and features interviews with one of Hammer's much loved beauties, Veronica Carlson, Caroline Munro, and others including film writers, critics, and historians. Also included are rare production stills, previously unseen film footage, Hammer's original shooting locations, and access to previously unpublished archive documents.

The films the two companies made together are among the most renowned in Hammer's history. Classics such as Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968), Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1970) and Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970) were produced alongside the Oscar-nominated epic When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970), the disturbing thriller Crescendo (1970) and the bizarre sci-fi western Moon Zero Two (1969). Later on the films became increasingly more experimental in the 1970's, challenging the perception of traditional Gothic horror with Dracula A.D. 1972 (1972), The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) and The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974).

Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years is essential viewing for those that have watched, still watch, and enjoy the films that were made by a company with a passion for what they did.

Conclusion - An excellent documentary. Informative and entertaining. Rated this 8/10

The Immortal Masters

The pioneers of karate.
This film is only about 23 minutes long. It has some great information in terms of the pioneers of karate in the US and how they were responsible for leading the way in the USA. The footage is not the greatest quality but none the less it's old but true. The film includes footage of Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace, Ed Parker, Chuck Norris, Mike stone, Bruce Lee and many others.

Conclusion - Not the best documentary but it was informative.

Kimbar of the Jungle

Worth watching only just for the great Steve Reeves...
The five stars I gave this are for it's exaggerated value because it's really pretty baaaaaaaad. I mean, Steve was always quick to admit that he was never a GREAT actor but I always thought he was pretty good, but honestly - with dialog like this, what was he supposed to do?

When I first heard of this, I thought it was a pilot for a film, but it's the first of what would have been 13 episodes of a serial. What makes this even peculiar was that its producers wanted to make a classic, old-fashioned serial for TV, complete with cliffhanger endings, only they were shooting for a time slot of just 15 minutes (!) and so the leftover we have is just 12 minutes or so. This is it unfortunately, and so we will never EVER know what happens next as this was the only episode actually filmed, because they lacked the funding to make any more of this. So that's it.

Conclusion - It's fun to watch, though, even if Steve swings from a vine that looks suspiciously like a rope. I just wonder how the rest of the story would have turned out .... Worth watching only just for the great Steve Reeves...

Rated this 5/10

The Last Day of Summer

Not a good time loop movie
Where do i start, Although this looks like a good time loop movie, it is not. About fifteen minutes in, I was already getting impatient and waiting for it to end.

Luke Malloy (Jansen Panettiere) is a 11-year-old boy who wishes that summer never ends on the last day of summer. Unfortunately, that wish comes true! Except, the last day of summer repeats, and that's not what he planned on. Constantly getting hit in the face, bullied on, and stole from, Luke Malloy must survive the last day of summer over and over again, until he figures out a solution.

I found The Last Day of Summer extremely weary and predictable and, even at a brief 86 minutes, remarkably slow-paced. This movie gets really boring very quick plus the acting is very weak also.

Conclusion - If you want to watch something similar to this where characters experience the same period of time repeatedly, watch 12:01, Edge of Tomorrow, ARQ or Groundhog Day. These are some of the best..

Rated this 3/10

A Violent Man

A Violent Man is far more than your average fight movie.
A struggling mixed martial arts fighter finds himself in a fight for his life after his one night stand is found dead in her home.

I must admit that I was expecting a low budget, direct to video, 'wannabe action classic', whereby the filmmakers intentions fall sadly short of what was aimed for.

A Violent Man however, writer/director Matthew Berkowitz should be proud of crafting a twisting story that kept me hooked throughout. A Violent Man occupies the ground of "worst case scenario" situations. After Ty, a struggling mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter played by Thomas Q. Jones cheats on his girlfriend with a reporter (Denise Richards). This however, is the catalyst for a series of events that takes Ty down an increasingly crooked road involving money, sex, death, violence and regret. Each turn in the road seemingly taking him one step further towards his dream of fame and fortune, only to be ripped away from him at the last moment and another obstacle put before him.

The entire cast was believable and drew me into their characters, and the character of Ty; a man whom I was truly invested in seeing what became of him. The only problem i had was that it could have been edited down to 1h 30min instead of 1h 47min and the sex scenes could have been edited slightly too but other then that, i found it quite enjoyable.

Conclusion - A Violent Man is far more than your average fight movie. Recommended, Rated this 7/10

The Bunker

An entertaining little game with a great story line.
The Bunker isn't the most "involved" video game you're going to play. It doesn't require any strenuous input, there's no epic combat sequences nor are there any brain teasing puzzles to solve. Essentially, it's an interactive movie. You're free to explore and unravel the story through finding documents, recordings and objects, but your path is largely set for you; you've just got to get there.

This is an introspective story on a well-explored topic: the Lone Survivor in a dystopian future . It's done pretty well too, and has a good soundtrack for the presentation, but it's not a game as the gamer community would define. The Bunker is an interactive story, where choices matter and actions have consequences.

This game is a bit slow paced and not as good as the game Late Shift, but it doesn't mean that it is a bad game. This game shaped Late Shift and if you start playing it with an open mind you can forgive it for not being perfect. One play through of the game will take somewhere between two and three hours, depending on how much time you take to absorb everything the game throws at you. Trying to piece together the story is part of the fun, but even when you think you understand, the plot is always chasing you. The Bunker is a special game in that it tries to be different from everything else. The way in which it plays out completely in live-action is extremely commendable and it's executed very well in the core point-and-click game play. If you're curious in seeing what it's like to play a live-action game, then The Bunker is certainly worth trying.

Conclusion - An entertaining little game with a great story line. I had a nice evening playing it and maybe you might too.

Rated this 8/10

Tomcat Alley

90's classic
Tomcat Alley is an interactive movie FMV video game developed by The Code Monkeys for Sega CD. It was the first Sega CD game to feature extensive full screen, full motion video. It was later brought in an updated form to Windows-based PCs. A 32X version was also in development, but never released.

In this interactive Full Motion Video game, you're in the backseat of a F-14 Tomcat making rapid decisions to survive in the sky. The game has quite a bit of variety as well, not only do you get the standard dogfights, but there are also a few bombing missions to complete.The bombs need precision placement, which might discourage some from persevering. The players who tough it out will enjoy a deep satisfaction of a "Mission Accomplished."

This game is short and sweet, yet brilliant and innovative even by today's standards. If you own a Sega CD or a PC and have never experienced Tomcat Alley, then take my advice and check this game out. You do have limited control over the gameplay and there's a fair bit of trial and error but it's extremely well produced and has an addictive quality that rewards patient gamers.

Conclusion - Finally, the game is just plain fun. Blowing up planes is quite enjoyable. Even evading a MIG on your tail can be fun (as long as you don't die as a result). Overall, this game is worth checking out.

Rated this 8/10

Fox Hunt

Just like a movie but don't just sit there!
PC System REVIEW for Fox Hunt! Fox hunt is a Full Motion Video Game, where you can click around the screen in First person, trying to solve puzzles.The first person stuff blends really well with the FMV and the story.Also, there are moments in the game were you have to shoot and fight to get your way through things.

The gameplay of this game is varied. In some places the player character explores rooms and finds objects, and in others he enters fighting and action sequences. There is time limit in many of these sequences. A red box in the corner of the screen informs the player when they need to take action during a quick time event.

It looks just like a movie but don't just sit there! You've got to observe. Think. Act. And watch your back- every moment, every move. How it all ends- and there are 10 possibilities- is entirely up to you. So you see, it's not just your movie- it's your move.

Conclusion - Fox Hunt is an interactive movie that merits more than a showing or two. It's silly and amusing but surprisingly well developed and fun to play."

Rated this 8/10

Crime Patrol

You will enjoy it tremendously!
This is a great game I used to play at the arcade, and then later on my old PC DOS based computer.

Crime Patrol is a live-action laserdisc video game released by American Laser Games in 1993. American Laser Games released a sequel, Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars, the following year. The gameplay is quite typical like we see in shooter games as it its arcade style but it is quite swift with smooth animations and some very fine controls.

The PC versions use a mouse or light gun to aim and shoot the villains. Reloading is done by moving the light gun outside of the screen and pressing the trigger; this is also achieved when using the mouse by directing the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and right-clicking. The player can reload at any time and an infinite number of times. The player has three lives at his disposal. There are four levels, not counting the shooting range, which one can access to improve one's aim and reflexes.

If you loved playing these FMV games back in the day, I'm sure you'll love them every bit as much now.

Conclusion: Even though this game is challenging and will require much practice before becoming a top cop, you will enjoy it tremendously!

Rated this 8/10

Wyatt Earp's Old West

Wyatt Earp's Old West is a well-organized CD
Wyatt Earp's Old West is a computer game developed by Grolier Electronic Publishing in 1994 for the IBM PC and Macintosh. This is really one obscure game - wonder if anyone has ever played this?

It's an educational type game and the main point of the program involves you wandering through the town, looking at things and walking up and down the streets and alleys, in and around the buildings, etc. Like all good cd scripts, this one allows the user to increase or decrease the depth of involvement at will. A background narration is also available through the entire tour of the old town.

The package also includes a "Shootout" game, so be careful because a bandit could jump out of nowhere and begin shooting at you. You must be fast on the draw, otherwise you will end up in Boot Hill Graveyard. It's not a first person shooter quality by any means, just a fun diversion that it was meant to be.

The gameplay is pretty easy and is completely point-and click. Wyatt Earp's Old West is a well-organized CD, that has a wealth of interesting info, movie clips thrown in for good measure, and is a well directed, information-oriented computer game.

Conclusion - Wyatt Earp is enjoyable, as well as testing the player's knowledge in the game of Old West Trivia.

Rated this 8/10

Stay Dead

I had fun with the title despite it being pretty short
Remember when Full Motion Video games were popular?, like Supreme Warrior or Prize Fighter, from the late 90's I do, And If you're the kind of weirdo like me who likes FMV fighting games then this is for you.

The game play can be summed up to a bunch of Quick Time Events that pop up on top of the FMV Cinematics. If you succeed the QTEs then your character continues on with the story. If you fail with your decisions then your character gets hit or loses the fight, depending on what's happening in the movie.The game is made entirely of FMVs, just like in the good old days. I must admit that the FMV scenes are actually pretty well done.

The biggest flaw to Stay Dead is the storyline, it has none. I'm generally okay with fighting games lacking a narrative but I would think that a big draw to an FMV game would be the fact that they can tell a story with live actors. Sure it could have done with more moves, more footage, better finishing scenes, etc etc, The lack of story and steep learning curve are a bit of a let down but overall I had fun with the title despite it being pretty short.

Conclusion - I recommend it to fighting game fans and to someone who's looking for something a little different.

Rated this 8/10

Taimu Gyaru

Even now it is just as unique and charming
(This Review is for the Sega Cd Version) Time Gal is a 1985 Laser Disc, Full Motion Video arcade game by Taito. Wolf Team brought it to the Sega Mega-CD in 1992, the game was also ported to Mac 1994, LaserActive 1995, PlayStation 1996, and Sega Saturn 1997. You play as a time traveler, who must stop a rich guy from altering the future by dodging various deadly obstacles throughout time. At some points in the game, you are given a menu-based choice as to what to do next.

The animation/art style in Time Gal is gorgeous, especially compared to Road Avenger and Triad Stone. The game is incredibly well-animated throughout, especially the many cartoonish deaths of our hero. The game's controls/input response times are also excellent, making Time Gal feel tough enough to be a challenge, but not frustratingly so.

Time Gal may seem like any other FMV game, but its sheer quality blows most out of the water. Even now it is just as unique and charming as it was twenty six years ago. It's a shame the game hasn't been ported to new systems as Dragon's Lair has, because Time Gal may just be the best laserdisc classic out there.

Conclusion - The story is decent enough; intro song is awesome; controls are fine and responsive; graphics look great overall.

Rated this 8/10

Press X to Not Die

I Really Like It!
(This Review is for the PC Version) Press X to Not Die is one hilarious FMV romp through the zombie apocalypse. With tons of dialogue choices, QTEs and potential scenarios, it's an absolute campy blast. 'Press X to Not Die' is great for 30 minutes. That's about the time you need for a single play-through. These first 30 minutes are just fantastic. I hadn't laughed that hard for a very long time. It was awesome.

The second time i played, it was quite funny too. But the third, the fourth and the fifth play-through clearly wears off and the game becomes repetitive. Nevertheless the first 30 minutes did it for me. This was enough to clearly recommend this game. It's fun to play through.

Anyway i though the concept was insane, and the price was cheap, so I bought it. I Really Like It! I really want a sequel. Seriously.

Conclusion - So, all in all, "Press X To Not Die" is a rather good live-action B-movie adventure game that is worthy of your time and money if you enjoy B-movies and games such as "Double Switch".

Rated this 8/10

Wrath of the Gods

Loved this game in 1994!!
Wrath of the Gods is a 1994 adventure-style computer game. It makes use of digitized backgrounds and sprites. The story is based on concepts and characters from Greek mythology. Wrath of the Gods has load of puzzles, and the acting is good throughout. Animation is sometimes pretty smooth; moving between locales can take a while, but the story is interesting enough for you keep playing.

"Wrath of the Gods" has photo-realistic graphics with digitized characters that are animated and speak to you. You will meet mythological creatures like Cyclops, Hercules, Atlas the Titan, the famous Hydra, Medusa and many others in dozens of locations that depict ancient Greece. Your character will have to solve many enigmas on your quest to reclaim your kingdom, and the game will provide you with hours of amusement and information.

Loved this game in 1994!! Played it several times, the game is not too difficult, and it's quite entertaining. Also a good game that will teach the kids a lot about Greek mythology, when playing the game.

Conclusion - If you're a fan of Greek mythology and you like adventure-style games, then you will probably be interested in this game, i know i was....

Rated this 8/10

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