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Patsy & Loretta

Great Story and Sorry Portrayls
After I read Coal Miner's Daughter I yearned to know more about this special friendship and now it's great to see it. I liked the story a lot but I didn't like the actresses in either role. Both ladies could sing but they sure couldn't sing one bit like Loretta or Patsy. It was really distracting hearing those unfamiliar voices singing familiar songs. I wish they would have just dubbed in the real voices it would have made the movie more enjoyable and believable.

Megan Hilty did an alright job as Patsy I think she got close but was kind of raw, she certainly could have used more preparation and a voice coach. Megan shined compared to Jessie Mueller who was just awful! She looked really old especially at the beginning of the movie, she had those big bags under her eyes lookin like something the cat dragged and I'm sorry to say this but the girl is homely and she's got that big honking nose! Loretta was and is a beautiful woman, she sure didn't have a face that could stop a clock. I can't imagine why they hired this girl, she wasn't anywhere near the accent, in fact she didn't even carry an accent through a lot of the movie, she couldn't sing worth a lick and she sure didn't act the part so I can't imagine how she got hired?

Another thing that really bothered me about the 2 leads is their hair. My god, did they do their own hair for the movie? Half the time they looked like they'd been speeding down the road with the top down, hair all scattered and ratty, Patsy's hair was teased up way too high and Loretta's hair looked like a cheap Halloween wig and it was always messy. Those women sure did not go out in public or up on stage with such nasty looking hair. How could they get something so easy so wrong?

Talk about the wrong actors for the parts, Charlie Dick and Doolittle were short little guys and Doo had a belly but they gave the parts to 2 tall guys? It's a lifetime movie what do you expect they do stuff on the cheap cranking out movie after movie not much caring about quality.

They went all out on other parts of the movie making it look correct, it's too bad they spend a little less on sets and more on hiring the right actresses for the parts.

Despite the bad singing and unflattering mimicking I still like the story. It's too bad they didn't make this movie after Coal Miner's Daughter with Sissy Spacck and Beverly D'Angelo this would have been some movie then.

On Becoming a God in Central Florida

Not a Comedy, that's for sure.
I admit Kristen Dunst is great in this show but the show is crap. If you think it's funny to see someone in misery then you'll like this show. It's not funny, it's tragic. This show should come with a warning label if you're depressed because it just might push you over the edge.

I can't call this a drama either because it's not dramatic, it's just plain sad. I made it through 2.5 episodes and I just couldn't take anymore. Life is bad enough without watching a TV show about the train wreck some people make of their lives. I don't know what plans the producers have for this show but I can't wait and sit through all that misery to see if there's a happy ending because it seems pretty unimaginable at this point.

My advice, pass by this steaming pile of lost dreams and find a show that knows what it is, drama, comedy, thriller what have you. Something that has a point of view,. The upside of this show is Kristen's life is so miserable it's bound to make you feel better about your own situation.

Men in Black: International

In a nutshell, Boring.
When I saw the first ad for this movie I had my doubts but there isn't really much to choose from this summer season. Sadly this was not a good choice either. It was fun to see some familiar characters and references but that certainly was not enough to carry this movie.

Chris Hemsworth has played the fool most delightfully in past movies but here it doesn't make sense. How would such an idiot even get into the M.I.B.? I can't hate Chris' performance because he's just so damn beautiful and I've never seen a man look so incredible in pink trousers but as soon as he started talking my attention wandered.

Tessa Thompson was alright and about time they added a woman, I expected Linda Fiorentino to be Will Smith's partner in M.I.B. II and was greatly disappointed she wasn't. Tessa does a passable job but she isn't really all that interesting either. I'm sorry but even Liam Neeson channeling the force was not enough to save this movie. Referencing past movies these actors have been in was way too corny.

Half way through the movie my fingers got itchy, they wanted to push the fast forward button, to put it into 1 word, the movie is boring. Yeah there's some action scenes and some cool CGI, been there done that give me a good story, make the characters interesting and make me get lost in the movie. Chris and Tessa in my opinion didn't have any chemistry, it kind of makes me wonder if they didn't hate each other off screen?

Even if you're a die hard M.I.B. fan I'd say wait until it comes to cable or you can rent it for $1.99, it shouldn't take too long for that to happen because this movie pretty much stinks. Your kids might like it, there are some cute side characters that I think might appeal to kids, one of them really stole the show and was way more entertaining than Chris Hemsworth.

The Hot Zone

Edge of you seat kind of drama.
What an incredibly frightening story, the most frightening thing is how governments refuse to see the truth because of negative reactions. The story is well written, the acting is incredible, great casting. Julianna Margulies is such a talented actor. For me if she's in a movie or TV show I know it's going to be good. This series is no exception, it's riveting.

Seeing the bio hazard symbol used in movies and TV shows has almost become a cliche and it makes me wary about watching it but this is worth watching. It's exciting and scary yet by the end I wonder when governments are finally going to acknowledge we have an environmental problem here on Earth that needs to be addressed. We can't keep living the way we are or it's all going to blow up in our faces.

It was nice to see Topher Grace again even though he had a goofy haircut it helped me from seeing Eric Foreman. For me, he wasn't a very likeable character he did a good job, although it wouldn't hurt for him to take a few acting lessons. His performance in no way comes close to most of the other actors on screen.

There is some blood and gore but not too much. Because of the subject matter I would only recommend this series for a mature audience. It is well worth your time.

Blood & Treasure

Not bad if you're a teenager.
I could tell from the commercials this was not an A class series. I hope none of the actors made more than scale because they're certainly not worth it. I wonder if they searched dinner theaters across the country to find this cast? I think some of the actors could have pulled it off if the dialogue were better. The combination of ridiculous dialogue and bad acting makes for a complete disaster of a TV show.

The whole time I was watching I had the feeling this show belonged on Saturday morning TV show or maybe on PBS's kid's show or maybe on the Disney Channel. It would probably do quite well there if kids were interested in archeology, fat chance with today's kids who most like don't have a clue who Antony and Cleopatra really are.

It also reminds me of a foreign TV show that's trying to look like an American TV show where all the voices are dubbed by people who normally do voice work for animation. So many of the voices seem fake and very unbelievable. It's a talent of a good actor to sound believable and hardly any of these people certainly not the main characters sound believable.

Danny McNamara is kind of cute and it would have made things a little more interesting if they had taken advantage of this but every time they could have played up his sexiness they cut to the next scene. Near the end they did a close up of him where he's in the bright sunlight and squinting, holy cow talk about wrinkles, it made him look really old which is fine but it seems like he's playing a character in his 30s, not 50s. Obviously they weren't casting for talent so I don't understand why they couldn't find a cute sexy actor in his 30s to play the role?

If this show had been made for adults I would have expected a little more sexiness something to lure an adult audience in, likewise the action is also lacking in reality. I'm not sure if the producers even have a clear vision of what they wanted this show to be, comedy, drama, action, history, mystery? It's just a hodge podge of everything thrown together, stirred around and dumped out on the table. It was almost painful for me to watch until the end. I kept looking at the clock wondering when it was going to be over. The only thing that got me through it was working on a puzzle on my Kindle, that at least kept me entertained.


Lots of Talking
This movie almost killed me, boring me to death with all the talking. Good grief I wanted to kill the guy myself just so he'd shut up. Yeah there's some fight scenes but I wouldn't call this an action movie. It was more about the lead complaining about the all the bad things that happened to him.The acting was pretty good, better than I expected, the story was OK if the writing would have been better.Maybe it's just me but watching 1 fight after another after another, it gets kind of tedious especially with all the talking in between fights. Another odd thing for me was there wasn't 1 single character in the movie that I liked. At first I was sympathetic with the lead character but his long boring dialogues really turned me off and lost my sympathetic vote. I won't spoil the ending but I found it unsatisfying. I'm sorry I wasted my time on this one.

Division 19

Great Idea, Poor Execution
The poster and description of this movie caused me to think I was going to see something exciting. Nothing could be further from the truth. The description of the movie being about citizens watching inmates on TV is accurate it's also really boring. The whole movie is boring, It's like they all took acting lessons from William Shatner, say 1 word, pause for 3 seconds say another word, pause for 5 seconds say a word, stop talking for 5 minutes and look like you're thinking about what to say next then walk away.

They had a good story, actually they had a couple of good stories in this show but they chose not to go with them. I had the impression the writers were sitting in a circle in Forman's smoke filled basement coming up with all these great ideas which they forgot about when they came to their senses and they went with something really mundane instead.

Science Fiction? I would not call this science fiction it's bare more advanced that what we have today, in fact I think all the technology in the movie is available today it just isn't being used yet, or is it?

I liked all the actors, but it was confusing I didn't recognize any of the names but the faces looked familiar. I thought Nash was Ryan Gosling, he looked and sounded just like Ryan. I watched it all the way through hoping for something relevant to happen, TBH I was playing a game on my kindle for most of the movie and just listened to it because it moved so slowly.

It looks like a big budget movie but the story wasn't there. The dialogue what there was of it was good there just wasn't enough. Remember when writers used to be able to fill time with dialogue to keep you entertained and intrigued? Today's writers are lazy and just aren't producing enough words and the actors stand around looking brain dead.

I can't recommend this movie unless if you're looking for something to play in the background while you sleep, then it's perfect.

Teenage Cave Man

Much better than expected.
When I saw the title for this movie I assumed it was a B movie made to play as a double or triple feature for an outdoor. It was much better than I expected. The acting was good even though the dialogue wasn't the best. To be honest I mostly watched it for the suspected beefcake. The young Robert Vaughn is quite handsome and I was hoping the costumes would be a little more revealing. There are a lot of shirtless men and some sexy thighs on view but nothing too exciting.

I found myself sucked into the story which seemed to have some holes in it. It's a story of questioning, something man has probably done since the beginning of time. We wouldn't be where we are today if not for questions. There is a relevance to this movie and a lesson that at the time of it's making was most likely pure science fiction. As we have seen many times, yesterday's science fiction is today's truth. One computer that used to fill a whole room was less advanced than the modern smart phone. Looking at today's world it's not so hard for me believe how drastically the future can change.

If you start to watch this movie all I can say is stick with it until the end, it may surprise you and like me it may cause you to think about things differently. One valuable lesson from this movie is it's OK to question the law but still it's in place to protect us until the time comes when it needs to be changed. A paradox perhaps but also a truth.

Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias: One Show Fits All

Does Netflix ruin everything?
I was really really disappointed with this show. I heard people laughing in the audience but I couldn't figure out why? I thought it was pretty cool that this show as 90 minutes long, most comedians do 45 minutes maybe an hour but Gabriel does 90! It didn't take me long to figure out why he does 90 minutes, because his stories are really boring and long and totally not funny. I sit through all that talking expecting a good punch line and he just starts talking about something else. What? Did I miss something?

This guy used to make me laugh so hard I'd almost fall on the floor in fits of laughter, I smiled a couple of times but he didn't even get a chuckle out of me then I just started to feel sorry for him. It happens to a lot of comedians who have been doing shows for awhile, they lose the funny.

All the sound effects he does are funny when the story is funny otherwise they're really tedious. No wonder Netflix is in trouble they keep producing crap like this.

I did learn something Gabriel has a lazy ass son who's going to be in trouble if his dad doesn't get back on the funny train, because the gravy train doesn't last forever.

Ladies in Black

A really wonderful charming movie.
No CGI, no car chases, no explosions or fight scenes, how refreshing to watch a movie with a wonderful story featuring wonderfully normal people. I really had no expectations of this movie and isn't that the case when you discover a real gem? It's nostalgic, sweet, romantic like a classic Hollywood movie that is often watched on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It's lovely and it made me feel good. The whole movie was enchanting, it pulled me in and kept me interested throughout and left me wanting more. The dialogue was wonderful, so many movies today substitute characters, story and dialogue for special effects and action. Here the special effects are a stunning recreation of Sydney in 1959. If I used 1 word to describe this movie, it would be charming.

Julia Ormond was incredible as Magda, an Eastern European immigrant in a not always friendly environment. It was exciting to watch Rachael Taylor's character blossom, the style of this era really suited her, the hair the makeup, the clothes, all I can say is WOW! She was incredibly beautiful. It was exciting to watch how her character grew and changed yet still had a spark of innocence. Angourie Rice blossomed as well, this was mostly her coming of age story, she wasn't quite an ugly duckling who is well on her way to becoming a swan, I hope.

We only get a peek of about 6 months into the lives of these fascinating people and can't help but expect everything worked out for the best. I do miss the time when women were ladies and men were gentlemen, when people were polite to each other and talked in a more respectable manner. It's refreshing to not hear people using crass vulgar in your face language. Something that really stands out for me is how different life was in that time. It was very common for people to leave school early because they needed to work and earn money to survive. People were more mature and independent, work was necessary, you couldn't be a 30 year old child living with your parents. Life was hard and you had to grow up and deal with your responsibilities. This movie brought back a lot of those memories for me and how life was so different.

It's kind of an old fashioned type of movie and I loved it. The characters were interesting and the acting was wonderful. The whole time I was watching this I didn't want it to be a movie, I wanted it to be a series so I could come back week after week and learn more about all the different characters. I strongly suggest you watch this movie, if for no other reason, it will make you smile and feel good.


Doesn't live up the hype.
I hate it when they withhold a movie for a holiday release so they have the potential to make more money. If a company decides to do then they better give me something to make the wait worthwhile. In this case they didn't come through for me, I was anticipating something better.

I will say I kind of liked this movie but I expected more, it left me feeling kind of disappointed. I think they sacrificed too much of the story for more action. It felt like they were trying too hard to include too much for 1 movie. I think it might have been better served splitting it up into 2 parts but then it wouldn't have been as exciting. This movie really needed a good writer, someone who could have condensed the story into something that flowed more smoothly. The dialogue was at times silly and out of place. Momoa trying to be funny is like Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to be funny as the Terminator, awkward. Momoa is a great straight man, he has good comedic timing and had some really funny moments in Stargate Atlantis when he wasn't trying to be funny. If they wanted humor in this movie, they should have used the same technique vs. using corny jokes.

Maybe because I'm older and grew up watching movies with incredible actors and dialogue but the CGI stuff doesn't impress me that much. Some of it was incredible some of it was just off and made the scenes look fake. I knew it was CGI and what they were showing was inaccurate, it took me out of the movie. I admire the movies that use CGI but don't make me aware of it. There were times I wished I'd had a remote control so I could fast forward through parts that were just way too drawn out. I wasn't crazy about the music, at times it didn't enhance the story and sometimes it was downright distracting. I think the music and background noises were overpowering, making it more difficult to understand what was being said.

I like Momoa as an actor, he is visually impressive but I still can't wrap my head around him being Aquaman. It was like he as an actor didn't believe he was Aquaman? Nicole Kidman's performance was not all that believable either. Maybe it was the CGI or lack of great dialogue but it didn't pull me in. The antagonists were the worst, their lines were laughable. I'm reminded of a quote from W.C. Fields "If you can't dazzle them with Brilliance than Baffle them with Bulls##t" they tried to dazzle us with Brilliant imagery so we didn't notice all the Bulls##t.

I love Super Hero movies but the biggest problem I have with them is they try too hard to be epic. Yeah I want a Hero and action but I want a good story as well. Too many times the story gets lost in the struggle to make it more Epic than the last Super Hero movie. I hate that they're always trying to outdo each other with action and special effects at the cost of the story. If you have a good story you don't need epic battles. I think this movie really sacrificed story for action. It's like when you go to a buffet and you eat a little of everything but you don't get enough of the few really good things. When you leave you're full but not satisfied. Although there were some great moments in the move it left me unsatisfied.


Last Page First
My biggest pet peeve in TV shows and movies is flashbacks. The show starts out really exciting and I'm totally getting into it then everything changes I see 2 hours, 7 days or 12 months ago... UGH! It frustrates me to no end. It's become such a cliche in TV land and it is way overused.

I was intrigued by the commercials for this show and I so hoping I'd have a new good Sci Fi show to watch. My hopes were dashed against the rocks rather quickly. I know some people start reading a mystery novel and their curiosity is too much for them and they have to skip to the last page to find out who done it. That is not me. I watched all the way through the first episode to see if they'd pull a rabbit out of the hat and retrieve my attention. Didn't happen.

By the end of the episode I was just angry. In my opinion, whoever chose to tell this story the way they did made a huge mistake.

I wasn't crazy about many of the characters, they just weren't appealing. I'm pretty sure I figured out what's going on, the plot seems pretty simple. From what I surmised this plot has been around a long time and it's been executed better with much more interesting characters.

I found it boring and tedious, I tried to watch the next episode but just couldn't make it past 10 minutes. Syfy has really turned into a very disappointing network.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Made me feel like a Thick-Head.
What I really liked about the first Fantastic Beasts movie was how everything was new and different yet still part of the Wizarding World that I was familiar with. I loved all the characters. I really liked that Grindelwald was a subplot and not the focus of the story. I guess I should have understood "The Crimes of Grindelwald" was a clue on what this movie is about.

I can't even tell you how many times I've watched the Potter movies but it's been a lot. I do appreciate the little snippets of background information and a few of them are quite exciting and surprising. That's my favorite part of this movie. To be honest I felt like a thick-head most of the time. I really didn't understand what was going on, sometimes I wasn't even sure were the action was taking place? I was confused, I kept feeling like I missed something. It almost seems like they edited out a bunch of scenes making the movie really choppy. I wanted to like the movie but it left me feeling empty. The characters were not as lovable or endearing, they were chaotic and emotionless. They didn't seem consistent with their original portrayals. Frankly I don't understand why they even brought some of the characters back? I saw familiar faces but felt like they were totally different people. They didn't make sense.

The special effects are amazing, the scenery is amazing but also frustrating. I cannot understand why a production spends so much money on making everything look real then they film in almost total darkness or in the rain. This movie was almost entirely filmed in the rain, obscuring the wonderful sets. The rain was really distracting, it was so heavy and loud it became irritating, it was so dominant it should have received a co-starring credit. I can imagine the director sitting in his chair behind the scenes screaming through a megaphone "More Rain! MORE RAIN! I NEED MORE RAIN!!!" like some kind of rain maniac. I wonder if he was having some kind of depressing manic episode in his life and felt the need to transpose it into the movie?

I do love Jude Lawe as Dumbledore I love that we get to see more of who he is and how he became the Dumbledore we're familiar with. Jude seems too young to be playing this part, the timeline seems off. Ron and Harry made jokes about Dumbeldore being incredibly old and gave us the impression that he was abnormally old yet this movie suggests he aged naturally. Newt seems more like a minor character, well everyone seems like a minor character, no one really stands out. I think they missed some opportunities to make the characters more realistic. Remember in the first movie we had a lot of "awe, isn't that sweet" moments? I liked that and I miss it. I wanted to see sweet, adorable, sad, loving, caring, funny Newt but all I saw was, confused, cold, boring Newt. It's like he's not the same person.

I feel like Magical Creatures sold me a bill of goods and didn't follow through on it. I had the impression the show would be more about Newt and his magical creatures and not another set of movies about good vs. evil wizards. I've seen that already, I know how it ends. We see Grindelwald in the last 2 Potter movies, we know what happens to him. I want to see what happens with Newt and his friends, I want to know their story.


Drawn Out and Boring
First of all I can't believe they called this Hitchcokian and a Thriller. The Hitchcock estate should sue them for defamation of character and slander. Hitchcock was a genius unlike the people who put this show together. Thriller? Seriously I would have been more thrilled watching the goldfish in Julia Robert's office.

I think there's a good story here but it was exhibited in the most boring and banal way. There is a lot of dialogue that seems utterly pointless. Someone else mentioned the cinematography being great, yeah, I don't see that at all. Even looking at the stills of the show, it gave me a vibe that it took place in the late 60s, early 70s. The decor is totally vintage and kitsch but the cars and electronics are all modern. I'm sure the director did this on purpose because he/she had some grande artsy fartsy esoteric reason to create this unsettling illusion. I just thought it was weird.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste was for me the only actor in the series who gave a credible performance. She seemed like a real person, a believable person everyone else was flat and emotionless. I'm sorry to say this because I like Julia Roberts but she stunk up this whole series with her dead eyes expressionless face. I suspect that was what the director wanted because Julia is a good actor although you'd never guess it from this show.

Dermot Mulroney, another actor I admire put forth a totally impotent portrayal. He was just plain godawful. Plain is a good word for this series, it's kind of like the Stepford wives were hired to star in this show. I see people, I hear them talking but they don't seem real like it's a dream from which you can't awaken.

The Meg

I liked it.
It was pretty much what I expected, we've seen this story before but I think it was well told this time and had some twists. I like Jason, I liked all of the actors in the movie and thought they did a fine job. Listen, I've been watching summer disaster movies since the 70s, it's part of summer. We had that movie with Dwayne Johnson which was terrible, at least this had decent acting and a way better script. It's also much more visually exciting than Dwight's move. Even though a good part of the movie is filmed underwater we had great visuals.

My one big disappointed was that Jason wasn't shirtless enough and I wish it would have been a bit more gory. It was plenty exciting and the ending wasn't disappointing even though it was predictable. For the type of movie it is, it's good but it does make me appreciate Jaws more but we can't have that same experience of Jaws again audiences have become too jaded. It's fun, exciting, thrilling. Just enjoy it and don't overthink it. It's a good excuse to escape the heat, have some candy, popcorn and sody pop and enjoy.

The Outpost

Is it over already?
OK, I couldn't find anything else to watch and this sounded like it might have potential. I'm not sure but I suspect it's going to be terrible. I actually liked Jessica Green and her character but I'm not so sure about the story. The premier episode wasn't great, it didn't grab my attention and draw me in. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think the first episode should be really great, it should show me what to expect and leave me wanting more. It just left me wishing I'd done dishes or read a book instead.

There's potential for an interesting story, if they only would have given us something to sink out teeth in. They should have skipped the long flashback sequence and saved that for a later episode after they drew in an audience. There's so much out there in TV land, if you're going to create a new show you have to work a little harder to attract an audience and to keep their attention.

The description mentioned that Talon has supernatural powers but I didn't see any evidence of that. The cliff hanger ending did not make me want to come back for more, if anything that made me dislike the show more, it was a cheap trick that crashed and burned, in my opinion. If they couldn't have a found a way to make the first episode interesting they should have shown episode 2 right after. I won't be tuning in for the next episode and I can't imagine it lasting.


Ho Hum...Dwayne Saves His Family, again.
We all know Dwayne Johnson is never going to win an Academy Award which is fine, we don't love Dwayne Johnson for his acting, we love him for his Action. C'mon Dwayne action only takes you so far wake up and stop doing these crap pictures. This should have been a made for TV movie not a big theatrical release. The previews were awesome, way more awesome than the movie. Dwayne if you're a so-so actor at least surround yourself with good actors and a good story, it really will make you look better.

Neve Campbell is a decent actress, she's never going to win an Academy Award either but there's only so much she could do with what she had to work with. The kids? Oi Vay, the kids, could have played by a couple of oversized stuffed teddy bears and we wouldn't noticed the difference. The plot, the dialog, the "supporting" cast they all stunk. We've seen this before, it's the same old story with different pictures. Been there done that don't really want to see it again Dwayne.

Part of why I didn't like this movie is my own fault, I wanted it to be a way better way cooler version of "The Towering Inferno" yeah, it wasn't even close. Dwayne has turned into such a cliche, I don't know why he thinks he has to do everything himself? Hey buddy, learn to share the glory be part of a team. The plot of this movie is so lame and it's just an excuse for Dwayne to come to the rescue. This idea had so much potential, they spent a butt load of money on special effects, wish they would have spent less on special effects and more on hiring better actors and writers. I want to move to Hollywood, get a job writing crap and make lots of money. I don't understand who keeps financing these crap movies?

The other thing that really annoys me is the movie is shot almost entirely in the dark. Hollywood has forgotten how to light night scenes. I'm sick of squinting and trying to figure out what they're doing, put some damn light on the action already.

Rawson Marshal Thurber director/producer, why? He's made some lame semi comedic movies, who thought it would be a good idea for this dude to be in charge of an action movie? It kind of explains why the plot and dialogue are so terrible, his movies aren't known for plot or dialogue, he basically relied on stupid base jokes. The whole thing is just sad. Thankfully this painful movie is only 102 minutes long although it feels like the pain is never going to end. If you're a fan of The Rock and have to see all his movies, wait 2 months and it will be on HBO and Netflix save the $15.

Escape Plan 2: Hades

Stallone at his most wooden
The only thing I thought about watching this movie was how much Stallone's diction has improved. He must have spent a lot of time working with a voice coach to improve so greatly over the years. His diction was great, his acting was horrible, the only thing I can think of is that maybe at his age and as hard as he's been on his body that he might have terrible arthritis and he's in a lot of pain. I sure felt his pain watching this movie.

I liked the original Escape Plan, it was an interesting story. This was not interesting, It didn't really have a story although there was an attempt to teach a moral lesson. None of the actors were memorable, the dialogue was totally forgettable as well. I just felt pity for Stallone, he looked so old and he's still trying to do action pics well past his prime. He kind of reminds me of Brett Favre neither one of them could face the fact that their glory days are behind them and instead of staying out of the spotlight they crave just 1 more score. I don't understand it, if you have the money why not retire when you're on top and let your legend speak for you? It's crap like this that tarnishes what you used to be.

If you're a big Stallone fan and you feel like you have to see this movie, wait a month it will be on Netflix. I promise you're going to be disappointed.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Great expectations crashed and burned.
For me to say this movie sucked is an understatement. Jurassic World was a really great movie. The only explanation I can think of is they rushed to production with no script or credible idea for a part 2. There's a lot of action but it's so disconnected, the characters have no depth, it's just plain boring. Sure there's dinosaurs running amok, people screaming and dying and being evil but it doesn't make you feel anything, not scared, not hopeful, well it did make me feel sad that I wasted my time watching this crap. Even the obligatory child character was boring and really out of place.

I was so disappointed with this movie. I expected so much more. It was kind of nice to see Jeff Goldboom wish he would have had a bigger part it might have been a little interesting then. The direction they took with this installment has ruined the whole franchise for me just like Star Trek when they destroyed Vulcan and rewrote the whole timeline. This takes away the warm and fuzzy feeling and replaces it with nausea. They totally jumped the shark. Bye Bye Jurassic World.


Good Idea, Lackluster Execution
I love Alan Cumming, I don't think I've ever seen him in a bad role. I only just discovered this show and binged on the first 6 episodes. I like the premise, I love Alan, I like the characters and the story. I don't like the Hollywoodization of the characters. The show is about murder, unusual murders but there's just a bit too much comedy thrown in, it feels awkward and out of place at times. What is going on with Alan's hair? Sometimes it looks light brown and sometimes a strange color of red? The black hair works for Alan, maybe a touch of gray around the temples. He looks great but we all know he's not 35 anymore.

The parts of this show that really irritate me and it's a common thing with American TV shows most everyone is young is and beautiful. It's not realistic! I've seen female cops, none of them look like a super model. Forgive me Sharon Leal is a wonderfully talented actress but she is way too young and way too beautiful for this part, not to mention she hardly has any face time and when she is on screen she's not believable, not because she can't act the part but because she's too pretty and too young. This would have been great if they'd used an older experienced actress, someone with character. It would give the show some badly needed depth.

Again Bojana Novakovic is a beautiful actress but she's too beautiful for this part and too young. It's not believable that she would be a senior detective who is allowed to work on her own. That's another thing, where are the other cops in the show? They show Bojana at her desk and there's absolutely no one else around. It's these small missed details that hurt the show. Did Alan require such a huge salary that they had to low ball the rest of the show? I don't know?

I want to like this show but I want it to be more. I want it to be serious enough to have believable actors playing the parts. Alan is Brilliant with his eccentricities and I love that he plays a gay character, there are so many good things about this show, it just needs to be tweaked a little to make it into a great show. Get some believable realistic actors, not fashion models who look like they just got out of high school, cut back a little on the inappropriate comedy and think this series could be a real winner.

In Darkness

I love a good Suspense.
There have been a bunch of movies centering on a blind character many of them have similarities, so this movie was a complete surprise for me. It kind of gets off to a slow start but a lot of good stories get off to a slow start. This is like an old Hollywood suspense movie, you know something is going on under the surface, you make guesses, you're intrigued but you're not quite sure what's going to happen next. It pulls you in and suddenly you're immersed.

Natalie Dormer is Brilliant in this movie, I felt her pain, her sadness and her strength. I hope they remember her when it's nomination time. I felt her performance was that good. Joely Richardson who I remember as the wife from "Nip/Tuck" was at first unrecognizable to me but there's no hiding that voice. For the most part I don't think she's that great of an actress, she mostly seems to have 1 character, cold and aloof but it works for her in this movie. The other actors did a fine job, none of them really stood out for me, the police detective being the least interesting.

The cinematography was really nice, the music was wonderful, I wish there would have been more of Natalie's character playing piano, it was so beautiful. As with any good suspense story there were some surprising moments and it kept me thinking and wondering right to the end. This isn't an action movie with CGI special effects, it's a real movie with a believable intricate plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I'm sure I'm going to be watching it again where I'll pay more attention to details. There are some movies you can only truly experience everything it offers, the first time you see it and you can never have that experience again but you need to watch it again to observe seemingly insignificant nuances.

If you're a fan of interesting movies with a fully developed plot and good acting I'm sure you will enjoy this movie. If nothing else it's an original story, it's not a remake or a reboot, something that's becoming quite rare in the entertainment industry.

Tomb Raider

I've never played the game, the only thing I know about Tomb Raider is what I saw in the Angelina Jolie movie so I was kind of expecting that kind of movie only more. I was greatly disappointed. It's a basic start at the beginning type of movie, the kind of things real fans might enjoy because it may answer some questions. It's character development which in this case is boring. It's like when a new director wants to showcase his vision of Batman and we have to sit through all that crap about his parents getting killed and the birth of his inner angst. Been there done that sick of doing it again and again. I wanted to see more. More of the real Lara Croft. More action. More excitement. More WOW! With all the hype generated about this movie what I actually got was and there's no other word to describe it, disappointment. This felt like a really long coming attractions clip for the real movie with the Lara Croft we expected.

I thought Angelina Jolie embodied the character of Lara Croft, she is a tough act to follow. Alicia Vikander doesn't have the chops to do that job. She's not tough, she's prissy. She has an oddly shaped head, I often found myself staring at her big cranium and losing track of what was going on in the movie, for me it was really distracting. Usually when an actor has a physical flaw they do something to hide it, but it was out there on full display. I might sound cruel but I wish they would have shaved her head down CGI to make it look normal. It looks like she worked out for the movie, built up some muscle but she still looks too petite to play this role. I can't imagine why they chose her, the only thing I can think of is she has a slight resemblance to Jolie which in my opinion is a huge mistake. The plot and dialog are so bad all I kept thinking was how I should have saved my money and watched the original version, her slight resemblance only reinforced the idea that I could be watching the original instead of an imitation. Sorry but this didn't add up for me. If they do a sequel I hope they find a better more suitable actress for the role. (What were they thinking?)

Dominic West was a very wishy washy Lord Croft, hard to believe such a milquetoast could have created this vast empire. Walton Goggins was a disappointing villain although his misshapen noggin fits the villain archetype. Yes, he and Alicia have the same oddly shaped alien cranium. I'm going to watch Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and try to wash this garbage out of my head.

The Hurricane Heist

Movie Disaster not Disaster Movie
Right from the opening sequence I knew this was going to be a terrible movie. The acting was terrible and behavior was not normal at all. After the opening sequence I couldn't figure out why it had even been included, it sure didn't need to be there, it didn't really add anything to the movie and it could have been explained later with a few lines of dialog. Oh that's right, whoever wrote the dialog for this movie needs to have their computer confiscated so they never attempt to write anything ever again. I'm wondering if the writer was related to some hot shot of the movie, maybe Rob Cohen's niece or nephew or his third cousin twice removed? They sure didn't get the job on talent.

I feel like the plot of this movie was totally lifted from Hard Rain 1998 only Hard Rain had a great script and great actors. The only actor in this movie that I'm familiar with is Ryan Kwanten and to be honest he wasn't in True Blood because of his acting ability. I really wanted Maggie Grace to be Katherine Heigl, I think Katherine could have elevated this movie and she would have been more believable, even with the crappy dialog. I can't say Rob Cohen's movies are known for dialog and plot but this is ridiculous. It's like a bunch of people got together on a rainy weekend and decided to write their very first script. I don't know how to say it other than the dialog was just plain awful, it's worse than any low budget Lifetime or Sci-Fi channel movie of the week I've ever seen. Watching this movie I can't believe it's even being show in theaters, it's not quality, it's a TV movie and not even a good TV movie. Sharknado looks like an Academy Award nominee compared to this tragedy.

I don't want to include any spoilers, not that it would be possible for me to spoil this movie for you, the producer and director already took care of that. The action sequences were alright, they could have been really good if the cinematography were better. The lighting was so muted nothing really stood out. I get it, there's a hurricane, it's rainy and gloomy but even the inside sequences looked washed out and gloomy. I don't want to sound like a broken record but in Hard Rain the weather conditions were kind of similar and that movie looked awesome, you knew they were in a serious rain storm but it didn't look like you were watching the movie through a gauze filter.

There was opportunity to be more suspenseful and to create plot twists to give the movie a little substance but they ignored it, in fact they pretty much laid everything out in the open so there were no surprises. It's really not worth the price of the ticket, I'd say if you're really curious wait 4 to 6 weeks and it'll be on Netflix or HBO.

The Revival

Almost got there but not quite.
I'm suspicious about watching gay themed movies, most of them aren't interested in telling a story, their main goal seems to be to punish people for being gay. Even if it's a "pro-gay" movie it often is filled with heartbreak, tragedy and punishment. Yes gay life has these things, as well as straight life. Life is so much more, there are incredible moments of love, happiness and reward. I'd like to see those moments.

This genre of punishment needs to come to an end. Surprisingly the acting was pretty good in this movie. You can tell some of these actors have cut their chops in community theater but they put forward a respectable performance. There was a deeper character development than is usually seen in these types of movies but there's nothing new here, it's been done before so many times. I had hope that maybe this would be something new, it would break new ground and have some hope and love but it's mostly filled with angst and hate.

For me and I'm sure for many people there is a hope for acceptance in religion for gay people. I look for the day when churches accept gay people and makes a home for them without thinking of them as sinners or as a lesser person.

This film was hugely disappointing to me and left me with a bad feeling. It didn't break any new ground. It's a sad excuse for a movie. I really think it's time for women to stop thinking they understand the relationship or feelings 1 man can have for another. I know they want to be empathetic, understanding and accepting but until you walk in my shoes you can't know my world no matter how good your imagination.

Just Getting Started

Bring out the Geritol
I had high hopes for this movie, they didn't last very long. It's almost interesting when it starts out but it takes a long time to get anywhere. I have a lot of respect for most these actors but I fear some of them are way past their prime. When Tommy Lee Jones walks he looks like he's in terrible pain, I get it, I have joint pain from arthritis to but it's distracting to see on the screen.

The writing is very unrealistic, the characters are so fake. What is Renee Russo doing in this movie? She's too young to be hanging out with these old farts. It's sad with all the talent hired on to do this film they didn't have better material to work with. The writing is just plain bad. Obviously most of these actors just did this for a paycheck, they put their time and went home. There is nothing special about this movie. To be honest, I wouldn't even watch it on broadcast TV it was so disappointing.

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