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The Dead Don't Die

I would give negative if I could
Actors were great. Story was pointless and made absolutely no sense. Why show the kids and then that goes no where? The guy in the woods the same thing. Why did Zelda kill some zombies then get on the ship? None of this stuff or the back stories were explained. The female cop was so annoying I wanted them to get her eaten first. I like he as an actress but the part they had her play sucked. Honestly I feel bad for the people who paid to see that movie in the theaters. They should all get their money back. It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life.

All American

Love the show but!!!
Love the show and you get sucked in. Only issue I have is there's just too much drama. One thing after another. I wish they would slow it down a little. How many times is he going to say I didn't ask for your help or have to apologize for acting a fool? Again love the show but make him be less over the top mad all the time. Other then that I agree with the other reviews up here that also see it's a great show and just needs to catch stride and be on for a few seasons

Station 19

This has got to be one of the worst firefighter shows ever!! It's greys in a fire house. You can tell they are using a green screen when driving, there is nothing real about any of the scenes and to be promoted you have to take a test. You don't walk into you fathers office and say I want to me an LT and bam you get the promotion. Honestly when you flow shows like rescue me and then Chicago Fire I don't get why they would even green light this show if they weren't going to make it someone realistic. The dude who was the doctor on Greys Anatomy is really the only believable one and the captain. I watched the first bunch of episodes hoping it would get better but honestly it's just plain bad. The first spinoff they did was 100% better than this show. Sorry to all the actors but who ever wrote this show did a horrible job.

Everybody Wants Some!!

Very disappointed
I honestly don't know what to think of this movie. I was hoping for so much more. Most of the actors did a good job but Some of the college kids looked like they were 35 years old. The story just stunk. After the fact that dazed and confused was one of my favorite movies I guess I was hoping for something just as good. This movie was beyond bad and something which looks like some high school kids put together. It bounced around so much from topic to topic without actually getting into any of them. I kept waiting and waiting for the movie to get good. Then the credits started rolling and I turned to my girlfriend and said that's it? what the hell did we just watch? I wasted 2 hours that ill never get back on a movie that the best part was the credits at the end. I'm sorry but i'm being honest. Not like a lot of these studio reviews to make you see the movie. Just bad. Very bad.

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