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Wszyscy moi przyjaciele nie zyja

A wild ride from start to finish
I've been on IMDB for a decade but rarely review, but this deserved some attention. This movie was an absolute blast from start to finish. If movies like "Tonight She Comes", "The Babysitter", "Dale and Tucker Vs Evil" are your cup of tea, you're going to absolutely love this movie. It has everything you need, from comedy to violence to sex to nudity to literally everything in-between. It's just an hour and a half of fun, and a must watch.

Kidnapping Stella

Went into this not having read any reviews or watching any trailers, it was shoved down my throat on Netflix so much I decided it looked good enough to give it a try.

Bad idea. The movie is bad. Someone reviewed it and used the word "sexy". I don't know how. It's not sexy, it's not good, it's not suspenseful, it's just bad. The whole time I kept waiting for some type of twist, or something to make this better. It never was there. I thought the acting was fine, but all around, I'd recommend a pass.

Vis a vis

A Masterpiece!
I stumbled on this scrolling through the endless abyss that is Netflix, and decided to give it a shot. I did the same thing with La Casa de Papel, and that turned out to be a gem, and this one did not disappoint either. I was absolutely hooked. The series didn't lose any steam going through, and each episode left you wanting more and more. The first episode for me was a little tough to get through, but it captured my attention enough to keep going. And after the first episode, there's no stopping it! 10/10 would recommend.


Deserves more than a 5
Considering the reputation this movie has, I was pretty shocked to see it was only rated at 5.3 at this time of writing this. Shocking? Yes. Brutal? Yes. Sickening? Yes. However, in my opinion the most shocking scene is at the beginning. Sure there's more rape, torture, and general horribleness, but that's stuff you can see in a lot of other movies that don't get the reaction this film has gotten. All around, a pretty good movie. Kind of a mix between the shockingness of A Serbian Film and the revenge story of I Spit on your Grave. If you've got the stomach for it, definitely worth a watch.

Srpski film

Do your research
Everybody knows this movie is shocking, horrific, downright awfully terrible. I'm not here to talk about the art, the directing, the acting, or the story line even. There's a lot of people who rate this movie low, because of how disgusting it is. I guess to each their own, but that's just not fair. Do your research, know what you're capable of digesting, and give it a go if you choose.

Parks and Recreation

From someone who never gave it a chance....
As a big Office fan, I started to watch this show probably 5 different times, and never made it to episode 2. One of my close friends just recently watched the whole series through, and she told me that I just HAD to give it a fair chance. I powered through, and after the first season (6 episodes) I was completely hooked. It's like the best parts of everything you love in life, jam packed into one show. It's the perfect mix, and I don't think there's one episode that I would skip on my next watch through. I've referred 4 or 5 other people to it, they're all watching it and hooked just as I was.

If you're a fan of the Office, of life, of laughter, or just of entertainment in general, you have to check this out.


If you like a slow burn....
And by slow burn, I mean putting your pan of water on the lowest heat and waiting for it to boil.

Not much happened in this movie, and probably could have been done in 45 minutes tops. You think there'll be a twist, a reveal, or at least something, but there just isn't.

Cop is just crazy, I thought we might get something redeeming out of this movie, but we don't. Guy loses his kid, and from the way he was talking, just starts murdering anybody who isn't a squeaky clean law abiding citizen, because apparently they'll end up kidnappers, rapists and killers.

I don't know. I hated it. The end just seemed super unnecessary. Maybe I'm just not deep enough.

Oh also, the F word, at least 500 times. I don't mind cussing at all, but when it's literally every other word for the entire movie... it's just annoying and ridiculous.

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