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The Fall of Men

Slow...with one Great fight scene
The film is slow and that's its downfall, it drags in places, while it does give you a the sense of the characters desperation and the danger that they're in, the rest of it is just boring. where this film really shines is the Fight scene. Although its the only one in the film it makes up for the first half.

The fight has great atmosphere, you really feel the stakes (the whole film has good atmosphere even the boring parts)the music fits perfectly , well paced, and its choreographed well easily the best part of the movie.

The SFX are passable, the CGI on Cell is OK but some shots of Super Sayian Trunks look just plain bad.

The acting is alright... the actor who plays trunks is OK if not a little of the bland side (when he's narrating) Not all that bad though same goes for the guy who voices Vegeta.

The production design and set are impressive for a Fan production

Aside from some pacing issues , not great SFX , and kinda bland acting I was left satisfied.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

Fun to watch, and show off the talent of the crew
The action sequences are exciting well choreographed , and done with great special effects for amateurs , Keeps to the spirit of the original series.(though there are one or two shots that to look... a little cheesy.) Its just when there isn't a fight sense its problems show (hey kinda like the original show). Some of the dialogue isn't written the best and some problems with the acting. The child actor sounds like he's doing the best he can , but he still has a long way to go. His acting made one scene come off as really awkward and said see felt shoo-horned in already, though it was a scene that was needed to introduce his mother it felt rushed, the rest of the actors do a fine job though.

In conclusion I did enjoy this and look forward to the other episodes...If they ever come out

Susannah's Lesson

Might be interesting to Fans
Some Dark Tower Fans might find some enjoyment in this short film because its a scene ripped directly from one of the books. But to a person who has never read the books it doesn't have much going for it. The acting isn't very good, though the actor playing Roland is the better of the two , but that doesn't make him good. Some of the lines coming from Susannah are just cringe worthy ( Not sure if that's from acting, or the dialogue not transitioning well from book to...well short film...perhaps a little of both.

Some of the Editing is a little choppy...wasn't't all that bad but it was a little annoying.

Of course this is just a Short film so I can't expect high quality entertainment and there are a few positive aspects, the customs are good every one looks the part and there are a few good shots with the cinematography and they sorta feel like the characters from the books.

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