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Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

I Finally Believe (includes a spoiler)
My favorite Kubrick film.

I was born the year this movie came out, I think I saw parts of it in my teenage years, and could not understand it. I saw it again later in my 20's, and still did not understand. I suppose I am not the sharpest cheese in the "Fridge". Seen it 3x since, today being the last. All I can say is after 52 years, I finally get it.

Peter Sellers and the writers are brilliant, George C. Scott, Slim, and all actors are perfectly executed. The movie to me for years was absurd, I always figured it was some inept way to make people look foolish. Well, people are foolish and as absurd as the movie may seem, it portrays just how silly we can be and I would never put it past humans to "not" let something like this happen.

Spoiler follows: BRILLIANT, great movie, must watch several times, the war-room seance with George C. Scott explaining what is going on is absolutely hilarious, unreal yes, but plausible. And the "President" talking to Dimitri... LOVE it! My favorite line is when The Ambassador passes Comrade Dimitri off to the President and he warns him, "he might be drunk".

And when the Pres says to Dimitri, "Put everything you got to that sector, you cannot miss!" LOL

The Magnificent Seven

One of the only good Westerns
I am not a Western film fan, at least not since the early 1940/1950's. Though the story is stolen from an Japanese movie, which I never seen; I know about that film. I just am not good with subtitles, I like looking at the camera background and setting, no time to read subtitles :).

After 30 years of not seeing this film, I saw it with a friend who had never seen it before. I thoroughly enjoyed it, except the usual things like,, "Why do people/men come running out doors when there is obvious gun fire shots.... they just run out and get shot, as if it was scripted , LOL." Love the musical score, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Yul Brenner!

The Winning Team

Old Baseball, love it
I am 52 and never had seen this gem before until today July 10, 2016. I am not much of a movie critic, just wanted to throw in my 2-cents. The real-life baseball footage from the 1911 to 1927 years really got me, it does not get any better. I truly enjoyed the early 20th century "raw" baseball film footage caught in this film.

The love story is a bit corny, the whole "Aimee gave him his strength", I feel that was Hollywood doing their thing, just as in the end showing Grover striking out the last batter, when in fact, Babe Ruth was thrown out at 2nd trying to steal 2nd base, typical Hollywood in making up what they want.

Overall though, I loved the movie, loved the real 1910-1927's baseball footage! If you are a baseball fanatic, you will love this one, except for the side story with his love life, but I tell ya what, Dorris day played it well, I actually loved her performance.

Sportsman Park, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, and Forbes Field with the banners and the crowds really won me over in the movie, along with the old-time radio broadcasters. The raw footage is AWESOME!

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