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The monotony of life
I believe many of the people who have reviewed this movie here really do not understand the message of this movie.

This is (and I thought it was pretty apparent pretty early on) a very unique way of depicting the monotony of suburban life in many cultures today. A couple buys a house, they have an unexpected child, that child is a nightmare in their life but is their responsibility (in this case, by force,) the couple begin to fight because the child strains the relationship, the father works himself to death in search of some kind of meaning, the mother dies of heartbreak, and the child moves on to continue his own monotonous life cycle.

I believe the movie was meant to be boring because it was supposed to reflect how boring "your average citizen's" life can be.

I agree with other reviews saying there could have been a montage of the couple trying to escape. It would add a bit more substance to the actual plot and could have represented a "midlife crisis" to stay in line with the overall metaphor of the movie.

I really enjoyed this flick, especially considering I've never seen anything quite like it. It definitely isn't for everybody, but I think there's a certain demographic of viewers that will absolutely adore this film.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Not even bad-good
This movie is atrocious in every way. The very idea of this film is sick and twisted, which is awesome, but how could you screw up so badly? There isn't a single syllable of good acting. The shots feel cheap and intentional. The writing feels like it was written on Wattpad by an edgy 13y/o boy. I fully expected this to be a good bad movie but the complete ineptitude shattered my suspension of disbelief and ruins the entire film.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls

This is literally the antithesis of cinema. It lacks literally every element of cinematography, except the fact it uses a video as its "medium." I understand "pushing the envelope" or "avant-garde" but this isn't that. I wouldn't even consider this exploitation, since there isn't a single moment that you can coherently understand what is happening on screen.

God, I can only handle so many shots of a tile floor while a non-actor rambles in the background sounding like she's strung out on heroin.

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