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Happiest Season

Not that great
I don't know why anyone thinks is lighthearted holiday fare. It is one of the most depressing and aggravating holiday films I have ever watched. There is just so much heartbreak and a lack of joy, and not at a lot of holiday fun and romance. I loved the representation for the LGBTQ community, but this movie was not what I hoped it would be. I wasn't looking for a Hallmark or Lifetime cloyingly sweet Christmas movie, but I at least expected some romance in the middle of the movie. What I got was like watching my family if a movie was made about us.

Northanger Abbey

It's Okay
Northanger Abbey isn't my favorite of Austen's novels, but I gave the adaptation a chance. It's incredibly boring and its only redeeming quality is JJ Feild. Most of the actors act as though they would rather be doing anything else but this movie.

If you're fine with that, go ahead and see this.

The Windsors

Quite funny
I decided to watch this since I couldn't find anything else, and was pleasantly shocked at how funny it is. It clearly favors William and Kate, since they're the only ones who aren't made to be completely stupid, but it's good. So if you go into this with an open mind and knowing that it's English humor poking fun at its Monarchy, you might like this. If you bleed Royals, stay away.

A Very British Christmas

Not great
My review will likely be disregarded because I didn't watch the whole movie, but I couldn't make it five minutes. I feel like the main actress was supposed to be playing an American, but her accent was VERY obvious every time she spoke. Normally, I can look past this, but you get the feeling that she won't be able to suppress her accent when she is surrounded by other English people.


I'll admit that I saw what amounts to a trailer online of this travesty, but nonetheless, this is a nightmare. It changes the story of the original play, and turns into a Riverdale-like story of idiocy. Ophelia is now deemed an "enemy" of the Danish court, and therefore must be removed? Who wrote this, the director of Twilight?

Destination Wedding

I'm a huge fan of Winona and Keanu together, so I had to see this movie. I got lucky and found it somewhere On Demand for a short period of time. It was hilarious and extremely painful to watch, but in the best way.

The plot itself (which might not be fully explained on the site) is why the film is so painful, and as someone who is part of the demographic for this movie, it makes sense. It's quirky, funny, and reminds you why Keanu and Winona make sense onscreen.

Miseuteo Shunshain

Great show with beautiful cinematography
I am a huge fan of Korean shows, and this one is no exception. It is a beautiful story, with just as beautiful cinematography and rich characters. As others have written, the first episode kind of goes all over the place, but it is worth sticking around, because you basically figure out who is who in the second episode.

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