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Lost: Confirmed Dead
Episode 2, Season 4

The second episode of the new "Lost" gives you just what its fans were lacking - a fair amount of riveting action. From the very first scene, you keep seeing brand new features you weren't expecting to encounter. It's the best proof that the series, ingoing its 4th season, is still alive and kicking hard.

Although the producers don't amaze us with some more flash-forwards this time, the return to flashbacks is more than satisfying, as it brings some shocking facts. The flashbacks introduce a few fresh characters, and the familiar ones turn out to be connected in a surprising way.

The fresh characters dominate the whole episode and I can't say it does any harm. Their scenario parts and their actors both do extremely well, providing us with a bracing feel - right after the episode, you'll realize that the show really needed people just like that. And here they are.

"Confirmed Dead" is full of gripping action and greatly written dialogues. I'm sure I'll quote the best scenes of the episode for the long time - they're just that good that they remain on the spectator's mind. The episode is entertaining, smart, and perky. You like "Lost", you have to watch it. My vote is ten.

Lost: The Beginning of the End
Episode 1, Season 4

"Lost" is back... feels so well
"The Beginning of the End" isn't one of those episodes that makes you fall down from your chair. It doesn't shock you like the last episode of Season 3 would. But it's still a great piece of movie work. The acting is great (with Jorge Garcia reaching his career high), the pace is snappy, and the scenario uses all the disturbed chronology fun for its own advantage. You get a chance to see all of the show's most important characters, a few main threads combine together well - it's a great introduction to a new season, considering we've had so long, 8-month hiatus.

"Lost" is still "Lost", so don't suppose you won't get as much emotions and mysteries as possible. There are a few new questions that you'll wonder about for some time. You also meet a new character, which is definitely evil and unsetting. "Lost" remains American TV's unique show - good to see it back, it's the only one of its kind.

My vote is 9. I really enjoy and appreciate it, but I am sure we'll see some better episodes this season.


This may be the best picture of 1999.
This one is actually shocking. It's based on a true story, but it's directed as well as Hitchcock would do it - the first scene makes you tense and the whole movie keeps you like this. You don't stop thinking "why it has ended like this (after the first scene there's a retrospective)? what has happened?". The director Krzysztof Krauze plays with you decently, because you make your own vision of what will happen and after awhile you see you were not right. But "Dlug" is not only thrilling. It has a lot to think about. Some say that there are a few illogical things in the scenario, but anyway it seems realistic. There is no happy end, and there is no good character in whole picture. Everyone makes tragic go even more tragic. As good as it gets, actors make great creations, especially Andrzej Chyra as the "terrorist" (I live in Poland and believe me that's actually how illegal borrowing does finish).

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