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Lazy Game Reviews: Duke Nukem 3D World Tour Review
Episode 76, Season 9

Guess they don't have the real thing.
Well I played it. And it really was something awesome. I was obsessed with it for about a Month! Beat all the levels, kicked the Crap out of the Final Boss in World Tour, not as impressive as prior ones.

What the Health

Wow. Rude or what.
Welcome to Arrogancein it's pure form. For those that have not seen this film I won't spoil it for you, just be aware that the attitude of the lead Documentation is one of complete distaste for any belief or lifestyle that is beyond or different from his. This individual (again, no spoilers) has an absolute belief of how people in the world should be eating and surviving. Throughout this film you see this person promote his lifestyle, (which is one that few can fallow due to the risks of Starvation and Malnutrition), and attack aggressively all other options of alternative diets and meal preparation. Throughout the film there are very important environmental concerns and issues that are brought up, though not by him. This being done to show legitimate concerns of health. Experts brought in are intelligent and accurate on their research, however this is all being overshadowed by the Rude attitude brought forward by the main interviewer. It is highly unfortunate. It took me 2 showings to Finnish this movie, due to the Arrogance of this one Documentarian.

Killer Instinct

The best of the Best!
No other game of the era could have come close to topping this record breaking high action brutal fest. This was the one, and in 1995 it had its day. I did play the Arcade version as well and that outranks every game for a long shot so, to be fair I am only talking about the Super Nintendo version that I still own. The graphics were top of the line, the fighting and combos were nothing that was ever seen before and there were multiple different ways to Finnish your opponent. This also not done before.

The SNES version was second to the Arcade version but it was a definet must have to play back in the day for anyone who enjoyed fighting games. 10 stars doesn't even cover it, but for now it will have to do.

The Handmaid's Tale

Takes a walk-in the Dark side
Yes. Truly revealing, one of those shows that makes you take a look at some of the country's surrounding yours. This is a dark look at a future that can easily be seen for the USA, but it is still Si-Fi Apocalypse. Handmaiden Tale is something that can easily have had roots in Religious Dominated cultures. Yes this does bring to quick mind Saudi Arabia where it is not hidden at all that women have no rights. But in cultures of extreme Religious beliefs found throughout the world and including in North America and Australia, this paints a chilling picture of what could be if these religious extremists gain control over a society, and the deaths the people of power would go to control their population to enslave them.

Blake Stone: Planet Strike

First Full Version.
Yes. Yes. YES. I can't believe that they have it here, listed on this site. This was my first game that I got my little hands on way back in the day that I bought new. Or should I say my Parents bought for me new. I mean don't get me wrong, it was in the bargain bin and about 5 years old at the time. It was a treasure to me. I had an old computer and it ran smoothly on it. So. The story goes as such. You are Blake stone back for action. (I bet you didn't know that this was a sequel). And this intergalactic DB created a doom ray that can take out a planet. Now it is up to you, being a spy and all, to stop them.

Back in the day I know you had Doom and Wolfenstein. This game works in a different way. There are civilians in the game and if you shoot them you are a bad player. Also you need to collect bio scans to get to the next level. It is kind of a tricky one. Then there are these cans of explosives that you put in certain places to destroy the device. There is one on every level. Classic and enjoyable all the way.

The cheat is JAM Enter. Hold all the keys.


The Win 95 Classic.
I can't believe I found this here on IMDB. I remember going to my Mom's work and playing this for hours. Back in 1997 when you were 8 years old and poor, (because you were 8), you may not have had a Gameboy, or a Gamegear. This is what there was to do when she was doing paperwork, remember that too? A pile of papers, so this was it on a work computer. Yea. The game goes like this. You are surrounded by mines in this digital minefield and need to find and flag all of them. Won't spoil it for you, but if you don't already know you are probably a Z and perhaps never will.

Dune 2000

Damn solid RTS.
I am currently playing it for PlayStation. Heck of a good game and solid storyline. It even has Gimley from Lord Of The Rings. Fascinated with every Mission. Very Difficult though. Hard to get all the way through without cheating. I rate it second to Command and Conquer Red Alert. Solid 8. P.S. it is a long campaign as there are 3 sides so if you are interested in playing it i'd Set aside a good month.

Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins

It is a rare Item.
Well. With the exception of my picking it up at a garage sale in the early 2000's I most likely would have missed it entirely. I am a huge fan of the game and my 8 year old mind was Blown Away from the live action film. This small piece of MK history is important as it pre-dates MK3, which was the massive change of the series,(as every game since them has been made from it. This film is the missing links from the charactors that we did not fully know about at the time. Plus after the movie they had cheat codes for MK3. That was nice. Good little cartoon with crummy CGI. Enjoyable for a fan.

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