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Poorly executed
This was one of the worst movies I have seen- maybe even the worst one. The main story isn't the problem here. I knew I was getting myself into a light hearted dance-movie. This isn't exactly the sub-genre you expect too much but even not much was too much too expect.

We have a woman who has family issues and a dance crew. Because she used the money her parents gave her for college to get an apartment and pursue dance she has to come to India with them for her father's colleagues sons wedding. This is far fetched as you can see even the genitives gave up on me for this one but we can see where this comes from. In India all she does is dance at the wedding where she meats an Indian dancer. The problem with him is: Her best friend from dance back home is in love with him too. As their romance unfolds we get more stories intertwined and the plot gets confusing. Her family argues and the parents are having a bad time. The triangle love story isn't getting anywhere because she feels bad for seeing the Indian dancer but doesn't stop dancing with him. The only one the viewer really sympathizes for is her best friend she completely ignores and doesn't stick to. All the drama that's created feels unnatural and comes out of nowhere. There is just too much going on simultaneously. In addition to the messy plot all the Indian accents are doing the situation any favor. They make everything more more confusing. It should have been an easy-to-watch movie but you had to really pay attention to even understand something. I have to spoiler here because the ending just didn't do the story any favor. In the end the Indian dancer and the girl find together (shocker, I know. You couldn't expect this *irony incoming*) but after all of this the dancers girlfriend from dance class is just okay with it and even helps her? They left way too many loose ends which weren't tied up and in the end I felt like everything fell apart. Why build up all of these characters if they didn't do the plot any favor? To conclude the plot review because I could rant on why I didn't like the plot: It didn't wasn't what the writers probably imagined. They might have had some good ideas behind all of the story but well - there was just too much story loaded on top to see them. Although the movie had a somewhat new storyline in comparison to the dance-movies where they have to form a new dance crew and fall in love with either one of the crew members or the person that helped them to form the crew it wasn't executed very well. The plot was not as good as it maybe even could have been if they cleaned it up and threw out some of the story line. The cinematography was mediocre, nothing too special or out of the norm just what you would expect for a chick-flick. I am not an expert on cinematography so the review mainly focuses on the plot.

If you're in for a really bad chick-flick/ dance-romance you might enjoy it but for me it was just too busy and not enjoyable. Hope this gave you some insight into the movie.

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