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Vikings: Brother's War
Episode 1, Season 2

I only have one quote
So, from the whole episode, i'm chosing to write down a quote that Ragnar said that surprised me: 'Unhappyness is more common than happyness'. I like it, got me thinking, had to laugh and agreed. I'm sorry that it has nothing really to do with a proper review, but this stayed with me and i'm going to steal it to share with others.

The Pembrokeshire Murders

Well performed to the point story
It had a good steady pace in the storyline. Not too "distraction" regarding family life. I laughed when he kept saying 'did you ask your mother' or 'does your mother know'. aweful true story but it seems to be a good adaption of the events that happened as far as I've read on other sources. Acting was good, you could feel and follow the characters. Nicely shot scenes as well.

The Queen's Gambit

Only her age bothered me, otherwise great watch
I'm going to try and keep it short. I think I'm not that over exited as most of the reviewers here. Sure, it's a great show, acting is fine, story is fine, predictable but still holds your attention. I just feel that most of the 10 pointers are overselling it. The only 'problem' I had with the show is her age line in the story. I got a bit confused with the whole teenager /high school part, as I thought they went on ahead and skipped her teenage life to early 20ties, after her overdosis. But they wanted to keep the young genius kicking ass going (which i understand )and her development .... but then I feel perhaps a teen should have done the middle part or cast a different actress al together. Otherwise, she did a great job, love her eyes. Cinematics were great, loved certain shots to emphasise the situation.

Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob

Mort de rire!
J'adore cette film. De Funès es vraiment un acteur impeccable. Ses grimaces dans ce film sont formidables. Et la danse ! Vraiment mort de rire :) pour une excellente soirée.

'Allo 'Allo!

Best britcom ever in my opinion
I love the acting , jokes, characters and storyline. Too bad that they had to switch actors a few time, like Herr Flick (preferred the original one), the Italian general ( also preferred the first) Monsieur Leclercq etc.. I also thought that the ending was perfect. I would definitely recommend to give this a try.

La soupe aux choux

Love this movie
I've watched this a million times. I love the french humour and I particularly love de Funès. Great movie indeed about friendship with a touch of sci-fi. No cgi in those days and still they managed took make it look good. Personally I love how they live, drinking and eating not caring, trying too enjoy life. I love the story and humor, one life my favorite Funès movies

Journey Back to Christmas

I gave it a 10 because it was different
So this whole December there were a lot of Christmas movies per day on tv. So I kinda had an overdosis,if you think 2-3 movies per day from the 1st of December... This was by far one of my favourite because it was different , not cheeky and the actors were okay to deliver the story. Yes it was predictable, but that's beside the point I feel when you watch a christmas movie. I think that it was good because it didn't envolve s jealous ex of some kind, an event planner of some kind, a remote village that the main characters find themselves in.... You know, your standard hallmark feel good Christmas movie. This is why this movie gained points with me :) I hope you have great fun watching this.

The Christmas Note

cheeky and I just didn't buy it... i'm sorry
I don't want to be too negative about this movie, because in general you can just switch of your brain and watch it and cry. But what didn't do it for me was the 'witchhunt' to find the sibling. because in such a small town, everyone knows everyone (as we've seen) so the whole thing kinda felt as a stretched script to fill in the minutes. I must have missed in the beginning of the movie that the lead was adopted, perhaps it was mentioned there, so i had my money on the dad at first. I will leave it with this. But you should watch it, it's okay.

Merry & Bright

Had some gaps for me, but okay movie
Well, all the elements are there. I liked the little twist at the end, just thought that it would have been the guy to still 'save' her business. in the end she took care of it by herself, and for some reason the proposal at the end didn't feel right. Overall it was ok.

Coming Home for Christmas

Lovely sweet Christmas movie
I've had an overdosis over Christmas movies this 2020 December month. I have to say that this one has caught my heart. Can be the wine as well that helped, but definitely one of the Better movies I've seen. Everything clicked for your classic Christmas movie, acting was ok, chemistry and you can't go wrong with this storyline. The speed of the movie was good, good characters and issues to go along with. Could have gone more into details with the loose ends like the grandma, but it's beside the point. Lovely movie to watch

The Santa Squad

Lovely story, good chemistry
I didn't think I would enjoy it as much. The bad ex girlfriend was just perfect, the chemistry between all the actors was good and you could be dragged into the story. The "mistake/turning" point in the movie seemed a bit... Forced. Like they had to find some excuse to drive the two apart in order for them to get back together, but it is at least better than to reintroduce the ex and making the lead girl think they got back together again(or some kind of twist in this) Good movie to watch during the holidays

Welcome to Christmas

It's an acceptable Christmas movie
Surprisingly not a lot of "evil/jealous ex'es etc". It was an okay watch. Chemistry between the leads was minimal, but much more between the kids and the lead actress. The lead male actor was also quiet "distant" in the movie, like he didn't really care. But other than that, :) a good movie to watch during the holidays

Christmas in the Air

It's okay, but no real romance feel
Instead of the usual eventplanner , it's now a personal organiser. Ah, it's a twist I guess. Didn't feel the chemistry between the leads. It's an okay movie to watch during Christmas

Penguins of Madagascar

Funny for old and young
I love this movie. It funny, cheeky and the characters are just lovable. Phrases like: "Nicolas, Cage them." Or "Go all terrain." "You melted him". I love them. The story is okay, you have the villain, the competition which supporrts the cheekyness of the pinguïns.

Singin' in the Rain

Good reflection of reality when silent went to talkies
I was watching an interview on "talking pictures" with gene kelly before watching this movie. And he was explaining that the movie was based on reality. And yes, if you wacht it you get a better understanding of how movies where made back in the day, the rise of musicals but also the impact sound had on careers. You can also see the importance of casting the right person for a role. Careers ended boot only for actors but also the orchestra that wasn't needed anymore in theaters.

This musical will stay a classic, with songs such as good morning and of course singing in the rain and great dancing. All the other reviews on here also point out the excellent directoring and screenplay.

Cars 3

A good closure of the series
I thought it was surprisingly good and a well thought of ending four the series. It was funny and realistic, easy to relate to and get involved with the story.

My Christmas Prince

Yeah, don't bother...
Funny enough I saw a much worse "royal christmas " story line earlier today. Seems like I'm on a streek. The lead actress was horrible .i couldn't empathise with her. The choice to cast british actors for the royal moldovian family is... interesting. It missed an oomph, connection, and interesting story subject

A Royal Christmas Ball

God this was painful
Solid "classic" story, there are many versions of this kinds of tales. But god... Bad acting, bad casting, lead actress is terrible and I feel lead actor is too old to be believable. I didn't feel anything of romance or chemistry for a romantic story, other than annoyance. Too bad ..

Finding Santa

Less then expected
I didn't really feel the chemistry between the actors. Also the storyline had some glitches for me, such as the whole "i want too décide my own life", the parents never really spoke nor pushed him. There was no back ground on the characters to better understand them, so I felt it a bit harder to engage with them.

Christmas Jars

Very heartfelt movie
Well,...although the movie is pretty predictable it delivered very well.the actors were great, good chemistry,realistic scenes and heartfelt moments.

A Christmas Detour

Cute nice story for the holidays
Good chemistry between the actors. The storyline is a classic one, but always works if acted out correctly. For some reason I liked the pace of the movie, it had folks speed. Loved the characters, enough love to get the point, not matching fiancee with a the emotional father and prestigious mother. Loved it

Marrying Father Christmas

Not entertaining
I feel that they missed an opportunity here. It was really boring and not at all a sparkling christmas wedding. The secret uncle angle could have been much more as well. Perhaps I'm a bit biased because I've been watching so many christmas movies. I didn't feel it four this movie and tuned out several times

Wish Upon a Christmas

Magical movie
It has been a long time since I saw a movie with a magical touch. The classic, fire people just before Christmas is always a good base to start off on. The bauble gave this stiry an interesting twist on other likewise movies.

12 Dates of Christmas

It missed something
Adaptation of groundhog day. For some reason it didn't sit with me right. It missed something but I cannot put my finger on it. After a while, it felt long and stretched.

Christmas in Palm Springs

Could have been acceptable
The storyline is okay for a christmas movie. But the actors just didn't do the movie any justice. Only the character Gabriel did it for me. There was no connection between the father/mother and kids. You couldn't really get carried away with in the whole situation, it lacked spark and sense of feeling. Really too bad, because it could Have been an okay christmas movie

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