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Sea of Shadows

Exploring the barriers of nature conservation
Truly migndblowing movie. I have learned so much about the different processes that go into these rescue missions. There is also a lot of mistakes made that can teach us how to do better at saving our planet. I admire the drive of these organisations, like Sea Shepherds and Earth League International.

The Sound Is Innocent

Very interesting film essay about electronic sound and the impacts of it. I especially liked the connection draw to electricity as an important invention in human history which changed the way we perceive and accept reality because a lot of information we take is recorded.

The artistic make-up for the movie was also very intersting and unique offering an easy to follow but at the same time entertaining motif of reality and fiction. Especially at the end, the visual and sound mix up of instruments and sounds that were matched to make appearance of a direct result of playing these devices was marvelous.


Great message
Very inspiration movie that left a tear or two on cheeks of environmental geek as myself and a public viewer who i showed it to. Great message and great sentiment, coupled with amazing special effects that really bring the possitive vision of the future to life. We also very much liked the kids interviewees involved and think it was the best part of the movie.

Curiosity and Control

Excellent movie essay
This movie essay brings out a lot of important questions and presents a diverse range of opinions, problems and solutions. Worth watching and keeps the brain spinning for a long time afterwards.

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