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Black Earth Rising

Bone Structure
More beautiful even than the compelling narrative, the faces of this movie are so diverse and striking I could not look away. A visual feast, an emotional indulgence.

Prime Suspect 1973

I Remember it Well
Stephanie Martini is an excellent young Tennison. I graduated tom high school in 1971, and I affirm that the sexual politics are spot on. Right down to her mom. I'm really enjoying this, and I wonder what Dame Helen thought of it.

Grace and Frankie: The Incubator
Episode 2, Season 3

Grace is trying really hard to launch the business. Jacob threatens to make it a guy thing.
Jane Fonda is my flawed hero. She is 10 years older than me, and she was someone I always "got" and drew inspiration from. Never has she been more inspirational than she is in this show. She and everyone else is lucky to have her in this vehicle. She makes me want to live forever.

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