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great end of trilogy
Forced and awkward plot twist but heart warming and great performance from god tier multiple character shifting in long take aka James McAvoy. It is a movie that connects all the the previous movies and give satisfying ending. It is slow and boring and especially frustrating if one haven't watched previous movie as this movie is just a conclusion to previous movies. Overall it is beautifully ended and probably open to expansion of the universe which is interesting to be explored further

The Nun

bad but love it
Probably the worst of the conjuring universe and scare jumps are recycled but making valak as the star is worth it

Yip Man ngoi zyun: Cheung Tin Chi

too much fighting and lack of storyline
But who cares with bad foreigners vs hobo master trope that keep used in four movies. The movies were intended for sadistic viewers who love to see the actors get beaten up in close up as close as possible. Ip man has always simple story with lack of depth but the stunts are not. So it is not for people who want deep and meaningful storyline because what this movie want to show is wing chun is all about breaking furnitures and crashing glasses. Furnitures have become the victim of gangster fights in hong kong and ip man movies keep raising the issues by breaking more furnitures, as if sweden colonize hongkong and they decide to attack ikea

Power Rangers

Being a 90's kid is s***
Discovering power. Team relationship trouble. Enemy want to destroy the world. Mecha. Big robot. But for the first part is not about power rangers. It about teenagers problem. So they think 90's kids are psychologist now? And rita being thrown to space? Now it is pokemon? Are they trying to combine everything 90's kids know? The costume looks awesome but the rest are so okay. No weapons? Thats disappointing. Japanese version is always invested in monster. But this one is like coming out from horror movies. So mature, so boring, like being reminded that I'm a kid no more

Sap nin

It feels like golden age is back
I love Hong Kong movies because they are not normal and always open to interpretation. They have a lot of talented directors and actors who end up in Hollywood. But everything gone when China says 'everything offends us'. Now Hong Kong love to lick mainland butt and now they were making so so movies. Watch out, Hollywood. Many blames no one want to invest in film industry but back then Hong Kong movies always low in budget and turn out really good. What I can blame is china. So when this movie came out and turned to be weird as luck, it feels like Hong Kong movie finally come back. What amazes me they show things that Chinese gov hate but this movie like giving middle finger to them. Government conspiracy to support mainland, check. I think the second one is about that organ looting of Falun Gong or that melamine baby milk, not sure but check. Forcing unification, check. Protesting for democracy, check. Cultural revolution (wow), check. Hong Kong movies try to enter mainland market due to its high grossing but this movie like the total opposite. It is purely nuts

Ba wang bie ji

The director absolutely pay attention to details. Like xiao si captured by red guard is allusion to when he replace dieyi. Juxian suicide allusion to laizi suicide. A lot of scene were like that to bring the concept of karma which often mentioned at the movie. The ending was confusing but after watching Birdman ending I believe dieyi died then xiaolou scream dieyi but then smile and saying 'douzi' as means he saw dieyi as a man while it just his imagination. This movie is confusing but easy to analyze if paying a lot of attention to detail. For example the shadow of burning candle on Xiaolou Juxian photo. That is why every scene is very interesting to watch. To be honest, Chinese movie today is terrible which it so surprising to find this movie so great. If only China stop censoring everything they would beat Hollywood already because China has lot of talented filmmakers. And plus point is Leslie. He is so gorgeous in make up that his beauty defeats Juxian (Gong Li is much manlier that the rest of male character though) and make everyone in gay. Minus point is propaganda. Communist has better manner than Nationalist? Please just compare Mainland and Taiwan now. But better than Jackie Chan who is CCP whore (although his action great). I would recommend any Fujoshi out there to include this in 1001 boy's love to watch before you die.

La La Land

What the story is even about?
First it is interesting. It has great visual. But the story is unclear. It is not focusing on certain topic. Is it about romance or about pursuing their dream. At first it is interesting when we were exposed to the difficulties the character facing to achieve their dream but what is actually the conflict is? After half of movie it is not even clear. After i skip it, i realize half of the movie spend focusing on Seb. Seriously??? I thought it is far more interesting if the movie just focus on Mia since we are exposed a lot to her complications. Frozen main character is unclear as Elsa is much interesting but it is about Anna. However the story is still connected and the conflict is clear. And it disappoint me more when suddenly Mia said no one come to her theater. Why there is no scene about it? Yep the visual might be interesting but the plot is failure. It deserved the Oscar mix up

Rogue One

An okay star wars
Follow the journey of Master Ip Man. Not enough with Japanese occupation, British occupation and Hongkong triad, he open school in Aleppo during Syrian war. Making bad decisions in his teaching career, his school destroyed by ISIS and end up blind. Then he realize he should just accept Bruce Lee. I prefer this girl than Rey. Rey is a man with boobs and vagina but I can relate with Jyn. Since I'm not star wars fan and only watch force awaken and this, i had no idea whats going on. But I'm happy that they making girls as main so I enjoy it. I enjoy fan girling Diego Luna and Mads although Mads has proved he is worse than Jack Crawford. Who endangers someone for sending a message, 'destroy the reactor and death star down' so basically without the power source, death star destroyed. Duh. While in cheesy Korean drama here comes love, villain can contact people using untraceable phone. I prefer the characters in this star wars than the main one. They are interesting characters and much more alive. Force awakens is like Rey and insignificant others. So -2 for killing them all

The Last Emperor

Im too late probably. The description of his life is so dramatic. He lives in outdated castle and live in luxury, suddenly become a puppet emperor then become a prisoner, then a gardener. It is like you live in ancient china and suddenly people use internet. Everything is so pretty and so pleasing to eyes. I don't understand the whole deal about politics but the characters often do something crazy and unpredictable sh*t enough to keep my attention. Im so glad that the prison governor survive cause he is like my favorite character suddenly and if it is George martin he probably just be killed off even though the real one still alive. And the spy is sassy too

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