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Anywhere With You

This movie has nothing to offer, wonder why it was even produced.The acting is not great and the viewer doesn't connect with the characters.

Runnin' from My Roots

Nothing stands out in this movie.The storyline is predictable, the actors not great and it fails to keep your interest.Not recommended.

The Upside

Say NO to Racism!
This movie is full of racist comments against white people.

Finding Steve McQueen

Pleaseant movie
First you have to know this movie has nothing to do with Steve McQueen.But it's not bad, very watchable ,with nice acting.

The Trap

Avoid it at all cost.Bad acting and racism against white people.

The Burial of Kojo

Not recommended for those who like fast action movies.

Never Grow Old

Dark & Boring
I am a fan of westerns but this one was too dark, too boring and had nothing to offer.I don't recommend it.

Christmas on Holly Lane

What a nice movie!Not the usual Christmass movie, it's more like how 3 long time friends change their lives for better.Just watch this movie and i am sure you will like it.

Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back)

What a great movie!Refreshing and original.Go see it and i am sure you will enjoy it.At last something different from the usual Hollywood stuff.

Under the Autumn Moon

Not convincing.
The story is ok but typical.In my opinion the problem is the actress playing the leading role.She is so unlikable !Never convinced me .

Been So Long

Not good!
Nothing worth seeing here.Badly written and not well executed.Not recommended.


Pleasant but naive
A simple plot with many inaccuracies.Not at all realistic.Better suited for teenagers.

Generation Wealth

Not good!
A misleading title and a self-centered movie with no purpose.Skip it!

Bad Blood

The movie tries hard to keep your interest with the element of mystery but just fails.I think the problem is the poor writing.

The Surrogate

Nothing special
A typical movie like one you hane seen many times.I don't recommend it!

The Keeping Hours

So many fake reviews!
The movie is not good!!Avoid it at any cost.You've been warned!

The Game Changers

A movie not to be missed.Very informative and well presented.

Sorry to Bother You

Just Awful
Stay away from it!This movie is not good!Boring and uninteresting.

The Spy Who Dumped Me

The movie is not good!Don't waste your time.It's not funny and the plot is childish.

Death Kiss

A clear message
A must see movie, with a clear message.Highly recommended for all Bronson's fans.

Ali's Wedding

A Muslim love story
What an amazing film!Great acting, great story and full of heart.Recommended !

Bottle Girl

Not good!
The movie fails to keep your interest.It doesn't worth your time

Unwritten Obsession

Definitely not a 10!
A typical Lifetime movie with good acting and a descent plot.Just don't expect a masterpiece.

The Children Act

Powerful movie
Great acting, a strong story that keeps your interest.Highly recommended.

I Can Only Imagine

A movie for faith and hope
A great movie with a strong message.Highly recommended.

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