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Everybody Wants Some!!

Can you say one dimensional? At the end I knew nothing about any of the characters. There was no hero. There was no villain. There was no goal. And what was the countdown to class all about?

The media hype implied a soft-core 70's type romp like "Squeeze Play" or "Hots!", but there was none of that. The one set of breasts was nice but really just a tease. The nice girl and the nice guy finally go on a date after bit of impromptu swimming in their underwear and immediately sleep together AND spend the night together. can you say "Tame"? I got a little excited when the bar fight broke out, but when I saw drunk jocks and 80's bouncers not throw a single punch I had to pinch myself. It was reminiscent of "The A-Team"...bombs and guns going off all around, but NOBODY ever got injured. Didn't deliver the advertised sex and violence of the 80's at all. "Dazed and Confused" it was not.

Oh yeah! Where was the cocaine?

I really want those 117 minutes back!!!

I would have given it a negative review if that was an option.

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