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An embarrassed Dane writing...
This is NOT a good example of a Danish or Scandinavian crime drama. This is actually a piece of crap. It is unrealistic, confusing, NOT an accurate picture of Denmark, the danish people, the way we do things or the way our police works. The actors seems stiff, the dialog is a joke - and bonus information, the original director, Henrik Ruben Genz, who made a lot of popular movies in Denmark said, that issues due to creative discrepancies prompted him to subsequently have his name removed from the series. Clever dude! It is a shipwreck, that not even Jack would go down with!

Criminal Minds: Broken Wing
Episode 9, Season 14

Tara hyping Tara
The episode in itself was ok, not great, but the constant Tara-centric hype was cringing, since she directed it herself. She should have let more of the others shine, and sorry but the acting was off and well kind 'o narcissistic :-/ And where was Reid? Was he even on screen?

Criminal Minds: Epilogue
Episode 6, Season 7

The motive didn't add up...
If he was really scared of going "back" to Hell, then would he really do something so heinous as killing innocent people for personal gain? Thereby sealing his fate for sure! And how would the victims experiences change after only a couple of minutes? Would they not have to DO good/evil to have different experiences if this was examples of going to Heaven or Hell? I could understand, to a certain degree killing the victim, who many years earlier had the experience, but then why would his change, since he had been only good ever since? Made NO sense at all, and I accept, that he was crazy, but still the motive should be clear to at least him, and it wasn't!

The Magicians: Escape from the Happy Place
Episode 5, Season 4

One great episode!
This is a slow pace-episode, but it speaks to your heart! Not a whole lot of action until the end, but it provides a greater look into Eliots' psyche. And takes us back to the consequences of the 50 years Eliot and Quintin spend as lovers/parents. I always thought this would have repercussions, and this could very well be true! What happened to "their" son? It was in Fillory, and way before the Beast (since Jane came and talked to Quintin). What if the son is the new Monster somehow? I can't figure out, how (since he said to Bacchus they were brothers/had the same parents, making him a child of Zeus and Semeles/Persephones/Ammon/Amaltheia) If the mythology holds, I think the monster is Khonsu, (because he is childlike by nature and likes to play games), and since they like to jumble mythology, this seems possible.

Criminal Minds: 300
Episode 1, Season 14

Pretty solide...
... provided an answer to the "following", but I still think, that it is unrealistic all those people would just condone human sacrifice?

Criminal Minds: Believer
Episode 22, Season 13

Not bad, but...
... it kills me, that they do not use real counselling anymore, cause no-way so many alpha serial killers would work together in that fashion... Or just be content finding victims for their "Messiah" and watch him kill? Maybe if they had all been true submissives, but they aren't, and the BAU just skate over the actual profiling. One of the shows greatest forces in the earlier seasons, was the sound science in profiling, often referring to actual killers MO. Now they just throw cases together for shock and awe :-/ Bad decision imo and probably why, they are now cancelled!

Criminal Minds: Annihilator
Episode 15, Season 13

Why, oh why do they keep killing my show? WHY? This is so annoying, why does it has to become a soap???

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Nothing new under the Sun
It's an okay documentary, but in no way more informative, than what else is out there. Maybe better compiled. We do hear a Ted Bundy voice-over from time to time - but mostly recorded in the time he still denied all the crimes. It seems a weird choice, but must have been the only material, they had to use. Since he confessed in great details post-conviction, in my opinion it was unwise not to include more of this material. It feels like most of the docu is made right after the trails, but before the confession, and therefore sheds no light on motive and/or the actual modus operandi (i.e staying with several dead victims all night cuddling, coming back and repeatedly washing their hair or applying make-up, the five heads he keept in his apartment for a period of time ect.). We hear Bundy speak about the motive in the 3rd person for maybe 5 minutes altogether. Not what I had expected, since they stated in the first episode, they have 80-100 hours of interview. I've seen a lot of documentaries about Bundy, where we followed the investigation, and about 90% of this docu is about and/or the same as this - recaps of the crimes and interviews with lawyers, police and press. So not that much "interview with a killer". The most interesting is the last episode, where we see a lot of raw material from the trial, that I hadn't seen before. It didn't really offer something new, but it was somewhat interesting to watch - maybe because I favore courtroom-drama. All in all, I got absolutely no new information, and I would actually say, you would learn more reading the wikipedia page :-/ But if you know nothing or very little about Ted Bundy, are interested in serial killers and have lived under a rock (or is very young), this could probably be very interesting to you.

Alien: Covenant

Not too bad, but not great either...
It is actionpacked and the effects are great. As for the storyline, it could be loads better. There are the usual plot holes; how did the alien grow so big, so fast?What did it eat? And why are all the Alien movies an introduction to bad human decisions? I mean could it not be possible to make just one of these movies not based and fueled on human errors? It's like, hey, we are on a mission, and we do know about the alien-threat, but let's go check out a weird signal, and you know what? Let's just send a small team in the middle of a storm to an unknown environment, and when someone gets infected, let us just skip all procedures and what we learned in training and allow them back on the ship. And while we're at it, why not trust the weird android, who has been on the freakin' planet for ten years with the aliens, and who is acting really suspicious AND has a lot of weird stuff in his room. And why not follow the android into a creepy chamber with eggs AND stick your face into one of them?? What could go wrong?!? (Btw, where did David get those eggs? And what was the greyish alien, he tried to friend? Where did come from? When and why did he sacrifice Elizabeth Shaw? Soooo many questions?) As for the people on the mainship responsible for 2000 colonists, bah let's overwrite the main-computer and go through a major storm to pick up the remaining crew... knowing that something og someone killed the others on ground; infections or aliens, cause that's military procedure?? How stupid are they? And were there really no way of checking if the android, they brought back really was Walther? I know, I would be extremely suspicious, them looking so alike. Finally, I did not get the motive? So the android is disgruntled, and don't want to be a slave to humans? Weak! The new Ripley started out really annoying, but she was the only one, who didn't think the new mission was a good idea, so that earns her a star in my book. Also she did not scream as much as Ripley, and that was a plus too. So all in all, not bad, the effects were amazing, but the storyline could be much, much better!

Murder on the Orient Express

Disappointing to a true Christie-fan
One thing is, that I do not think that Kenneth Branagh do the great Hercule Poirot justice. As a true fan, I think that David Suchet is the most perfect Poirot, and it is obviously too big shoes to fill for Branagh. Another thing is, that the strong finish, that Christie is a master of, gets kind of blah. It is make to seem, that Poirot cannot solve this crime, which is so obvious, and first at the end it hits him *Sigh* In the novel and in the Suchet movie it is pretty clear, that Poirot knows, but is having a moral dilemma. He understands the motive, but do not condone of murder, and therefore he is less than inclined to solve the riddle, than in his other cases. This fact is totally left out of this remake! Why do I give it 5 stars then, you ask. The scenery and the stunning sets.

The Haunting of Hill House

Horror, mystery and family drama all combined
I do not often make reviews, but this pearl deserves one! The Haunting of Hill House starts a bit slow if you are a hardcore horrorfan, but it builds up to a great story and reveal later on. The way the show arcs the story seen from different views is amazing. I love the flow of the story and the way the scenes intertwine. We are shown the same exact scene from different perspectives throughout the story, and I would say, that even Tarantino could not have done better. The characters are likeable, and all do amazing jobs. I especially like the Theo character, and the haunted twin Luke is also a personal favorite. The scenery is also astonishing, and the way the different clips in scenes come together throughout the timeline blows my mind away! The wrap-up of horror-shows are always the weakest link. The WHY to all the horrors and mysteries throughout the show, will they be explained? And if yes, will it be an explanation in a satisfactory way? To that, I can only say yes! It might not be the the climactic battle against evil, that some hardcore horrorfans would prefer, but since this is actually a story about unconditional love, the ending is the best wrap-up I've ever seen.

I absolutely loved this show! Everybody involved did an amazing job!

I Am a Killer

Cool concept, but really frustrating to watch...
I really like the concept of talking to death row inmates, but the editing is annoying and frustrating. Why am I watching paint dry up-close, a girl pressing broccoli on the register, coffee being poured, flags, birds, water, snow e.t.c It made me wanna smash the tv and keep fast forwarding.

Sharp Objects

Dull, weird 'n scary in the wrong way
I must admit, that I really looked forward to this, and I have never been more disapointed! The protagonist. is so unlikable, that it's barely watchable... and the plot is... hmm mainly in the background. It's apparently more interesting watching the annoying girl slash her wrists and cry, and I'm sooooooo bored!

Criminal Minds

Not a fan anymore
I was a hardcore fan for 11 seasons. I've seen every episode, but this last season is absolutely the s'worst. I don't know if they got new writers, or the writers are just totally out of touch with the fanbase, but it has become ridiculous and soap-like. The Reid-line has taken forever, and it's really painful to watch. I think, I'll drop the show, and maybe pick it up again later, when they maybe get it back to it's former standards. But I fear, that this is it for Criminal Minds. With the downfall, I'm not sure it will survive for a 13th season.

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