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MSG 2 the Messenger

Awful Movie.....Fake Baba get off the showbiz
Now what can I say about the movie!! Dude, you better go and watch a Reality show. That would be much entertaining and If only If you like to watch a BORING and WEIRD sh*t then this movie is all okay for you. I am saying that the movie MSG: The Messenger is bad because it is freaking worst already. Okay, now I think we are only counting the bad points of MSG: The Messenger. Right? But these are the only thing which I can count!!

This is not a movie. A whopping 197 minutes long, this is a poorly assembled, terrifically tacky and tremendously ill-conceived showcase for a self-styled spiritual leader — self-styled because no costume designer in the world could match up to this man.

MSG is an ad that runs for three hours and is painful. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan will test your patience and leave you with a splitting headache! This is probably the first time where I am compelled to give a film a rating as this. 0 star it is for MSG 2: The Messenger.

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