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Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Awesome, that's what star wars needs.....
-the characters are unique and cool.

-story is full of secrets, betrayals, side changes and helped expand the star wars universe, we have new faces and old characters -the explanations of how things work are great -the omega characters impressed me a lot.

-the gang interaction is really cool.

-the narrative is spectacular, it's a little slow like clone wars.

-this series reveals very important things from the star wars universe, it is must required for fans and to have a better understanding.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

It's a good series, great fights, good story, mistakes in some plots.....
-Great figths -good characters -the story is regular -moments with continuity errors and nonsense but and errors are few.

-faithful to the comics, with characters who only know that reading the comics -the series villains are reasonable, could have developed better -there are a lot of filler moments.

-good performances , especially from the triplet:Anthony Mackie,Sebastian Stan and Wyatt Russell. And Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo.

-best episode for me is 5.

The Book of Boba Fett

boring, boring and more boring....Much of the series is filler and the story of how boba fett survived in episode VI
-The direction is horrible, -fights are poorly filmed and horrible.

-Very moments boring and fillers -This series is responsible for destroying the destiny of a very important character in the Star Wars franchise (it is in the last episode that he appears).

-Minor characters is boring -the scenarios are well built -Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen's performances are reasonable -the series has some good moments, especially 2 good episodes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Narrative, character building and script are bad, but the fights are awesome...
-Characters words,discussions,talks and fights are sometimes moments is nonsense.

-the construction of almost all the characters including the inquisitors are very bad.

-characters who were to die but did not die -the only good performances are from Ewan McGregor and Indira Varma.

-the best thing about this series is in the last episode.

-despite this the series has no retcon in timeline of star wars.

-continuity errors.


Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Animation 3d and 2d like Roger Rabbit but with reference and satire pop culture, and it really worked..
-Nostalgia,Meme and reference great funny.

-story and scripty is not bad but is regular -it's a world where all animations characters are actors, there are characters that are imaginable to appear in the movie, their appearance and involvement in the movie is awesome cool -it has overturns and betrayals, the villain is awesome and has a great story, but on this issue the movie went wrong with cliches but still fun.

-It's a movie for those who love references, like captain america.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Suprised me,but....
The game has a great story, charismatic characters, but the gameplay is regular and very bugs.

How Game works: -Great Story,but could have more classic Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy villains -Gameplay with lot of Bugs,the skills of guardians is cool but have moments of bored -Moments with too many villains(bored) -Metroidvania system is work but have places with bugs and repetitive -skins of characters is great -performaces is regular -the desing guardians is good -comedy,action and 80s classic songs(similar Guardian of the galaxy 2014 movie)

Ryu ga gotoku 7: Hikari to yami no yukue

A game that surprised me a lot,Nearly a Masterpiece....
Despite not having the protagonist of the previous games, for me this is the best yakuza of the franchise.

A game with a great story with major twist, action and comedy, an innovative and awesome gameplay, an open world with lots of things to do.

The main objective of the game is for the character to search the path of redemption together with new allies, similar to gta sa andreas. The game is a Grand theft auto in japan.

How Game works:
  • innovative and awesome gameplay
-open world with lots of things to do -Great Story( similar to gta sa andreas) -outstanding and unique charismatic characters -great powers and rps system -the game city is big but it has many repeated NPCs.

-great performances in japanese(Ichiban Kasuga,Koichi Adachi andYu Nanba) -Good graphics.

The Matrix Resurrections

The film is basically references, criticisms and reviews about the Matrix franchise.
The film is basically references, criticisms and reviews about the Matrix franchise.

We have many ''revived'' elements such as characters, flashbacks and retcons of the original story. The movie is a good narrative but the action is not so cool, it's not a bad movie, but it's also far from the first. The best part is the last one. Act with an outcome that gives a new ending to the Matrix franchise, this quadrilogy honestly has to end because despite the movie not being so good it closes the saga perfectly.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

The movie shows that everything has a cost......
The movie shows that everything has a cost and as the hero persists in his actions the cost increases until in the end the cost is the highest in the entire movie.

In the 3rd act until the end of the film is a rebirth and a new origin of the hero. Still the screenplay facilitates giving generic solutions to the problems, the film works very well, it's a gift for Spider-Man fans. Narrative is perfect, the movie execute with successfully connect these points mentioned above with perfection. The fights are good and were inspired by marvel's Spider-man on ps4.

The movie did things that seemed impossible to do, it's definitely one of the best movies ever made.


The series is good for a teen romance and generic action movie, but it's not an authentic superman story....
The series is very far from the story of clark kent and how he became the man of steel. Many characters have underwent changes that have left him unrecognizable,put stories, elements and even ridiculous powers for the characters, the clothes not good and are tacky. Another giant mistake is to bring villainsthat clark kent only faces them when he becomes superman,the producers used this classic villains in the series to try to call the public instead of trying to write a true and good superman story in his youth. Despite so many mistakes, bad effects and teenage novels derived from the 2000s the series has a very good cast and charisma.but they were not well used, but still worth watching this series as an alternative story of superman because it has lot of plots ,relationships and romances kind of cool.

Dune: Part One

A Good Start for a Movies Franchise...
The film has many similarities to the star wars franchise but its history and book came before. Characters that refer for example to anakin,darth vader,palpatine the political crisis as in star wars. The big problem of the film are the constant daydreams that Paul has very hinders the progression of the film, The film can explain how the powers work,the politics and the desert without seeming like a class,but the direction and the construction of the characters is very good,the film can demonstrate the greatness of the story and the book of Dune,finally someone managed to make a good film of this story.

Burnout Paradise

Drestution and frenetic racing game
Surely the best game in the burnout franchise.

Although the programming and engine of the game is a little bad: several bugs and a little bad handling the game is fun and has a range of cars. The long term Burnout Paradise will be cloying and boring with nothing to do, But its The idea is interesting and worth a try if you are a fan of frenetic and car games but unfortunately the gameplay of the game is cloying when we get to a point in the game.

The city is not alive and the game does not have many maps that is another problem.

But still the game has more positive points such as missions, quests, challenges, different cars and soundtracks and music.

Skate 3

The best skate game until today
The game has a simulator and relalist gameplay.

The scenarios and tricks that can be done are surreal

The Game brings fun to this day, remains after 10 years one of the best skateboarding games.

Track creation and online mode is still active on xbox full of players to play.

I highly recommend this game for even those who are not a fan of skateboarding, many fell in love with skateboarding for this game.

Grand Theft Auto V

All GAMERS must play this masterpiece which is mandatory for everyone.

Awesome story

Flawless and fun gameplay and doesn't get bored

The Game practically does not cloying, the game is played to this day online for more than 8 years.

There are no bugs that hinder the gameplay

iconic characters

memorable missions

The game that earned the most money in history.

Red Dead Redemption II

A game that borders on perfection
STORY: The strory is amazing even being a western game, it is so unique that better than great original stories, its narrative holds us until the final mission, the relationships that the protagonist acquires are important in the story, even the secondary missions are worth being made.

GAMEPLAY AND OPENWORLD: Gameplay is realistic gta 4 style, it may displease a lot of people as it is a very very realistic one but I still find it interesting despite many moments it gets boring. The cities are very diverse and every moment we spend is a unique experience.

PERFORMANCE:The game has few bugs, the voice actors have a great performance of acting is amazing how well the rockstar chooses who will act and what their role.

CONCLUSION:It's a masterpiece, This game and is recommended for everyone is one of the best games in history, is impeccable and was well programmed by the devs and has a beautiful script. As always, Rockstar always hits their work that comes close to 100% quality.


An offense to fans and one of the worst adaptations ever made in cinema.
Sony made this movie just thinking about profit, the movie has nothing to do with the story of Venom.1- There is no way to make a venom movie without spider man because venom is born from the revenge that simbonte and eddie brock have on peter parker.2-The symbiote doesn't talk to its host, it only makes gestures,3-The symbiote corrupts the host to do what the symbiosis wants,Eddie doesn't have any trace of corrupted.4-The film contains several horrible cgi scenes the venom itself does not have a faithful design, it is small. 5- The film has several holes in the script, the narrative itself has problems. Should never have been released is an offense to fans, one of the worst adaptations ever made for the movie.

The Office

It's amazing how everyone in this series is awesome at acting and really personified the characters.
Although many employees all have charisma and personality, he is without doubt one of the best casts in the series. Michael scott despite making bad jokes still his effort and his characteristic to make the joke made several iconic moments in the series. The characters Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly, Dwight Schrute, Ryan Howard are the highlights of this series. Jim and Pan's relationship is perfect and generates several funny moments in the series, Dwight despite being the most annoying employee, he personifies the character so well that it makes us want to follow him .All episodes have good and funny moments, even not so good episodes, it's worth watching them all.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Classic adult swin is so good that I could go back to today and be successful!!
The jokes are well thought out and smart and really make us laugh, Space ghost its actor voice is excellent, the characters' relationships in the interviews are brilliant, the interviewees were well chosen, the script excellent despite being a talk show.

Home Movies

The cartoon is saved for being ridiculous!!
The cartoon presents itself with a badly made and drawn animation, but it is saved for that, because these characters are so poorly drawn that it is nice and funny, the cartoon is acceptable and also doesn't have a good story but you can watch, we follow the everyday of a boy, even funny plots with the physical education teacher, relationships with his friends making movies is what gives the series its name. This drawing is acceptable, no big deal.

Pickle and Peanut

TRASH!!One of the worst cartoons ever made!!
Orrivel animation, poorly drawn, Stories is Trash, characters generic and random, script terrible aimless narratives ilogical. Do not know with a series like this was approved by disney and shown on tv. There is nothing good in this series.

Ballmastrz 9009

animation with boring jokes, very exaggerated story
Very forced and boring jokes, the animation style is cool to watch but the story is very exaggerated, many moments and fight scenes are meaningless and even cloying.


Back again but with style...
The series returns only adapted for the current internet world. Carly is similar to a youtuber, Jerry Trainor is great seems to be giving his best. The return of iconic characters is one of the great reasons to watch this series.

The series returns only adapted for the current internet world. Carly is similar to a youtuber, Jerry Trainor is great seems to be giving his best. The return of iconic characters is one of the great reasons to watch this series. Screenplay Is ok but needs improvement it's not a total failure.

Johnny Test

johnny test is too saturated...
Please, stop! Enough already of Johnny test, we had so many episodes and comebacks, this series is already very repetitive and saturated. The series should have ended a long time ago but they insist on continuing the series and it ends with the same generic stories, characters that already nauseate, no longer works back.

Megas XLR

Cartoons + Anime + Robots
It's amazing how you can combine cartoon and anime, script of this series is grand and brilliant, the villains are unique and even satire other cartoons and animes. The 3 main characters combine a lot, each has a story behind and a reason, the style anime made the series more cool. The battle animations are another strong point of the and jamie has a fantastic and really funny connection and the addition of kiva, an awesome warrior, completed the group. This series should have more visibility and recognition. Of the best series of the action cartoon and also one with one of the best scripts.


Powerful story of protagonist Michiru who has many secrets and where she herself tries to discover them.
Powerful story of protagonist Michiru who has many secrets and where she herself tries to discover them. In a colorful world with colors and animation styles work. A beautiful story of adventure and exploration. Script is interesting and manages to keep our attention on the plot to discover the secrets of that world,Although many elements of the story are inspired and already exist in other animes, Bna manages to entertain us and show us interesting things.

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