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Magyar népmesék: A székely asszony és az ördög
Episode 6, Season 3

Hilarious!!! But...it's actually not for kids. :)
No bad words or explicit language, though. Just observe the design. The shapes of the landscapes, the devil...and you'll get the idea what this old folkstale is *really* about. There's an English dubbed version of this available as well.

Skazka stranstviy

Beautiful and heartbreaking tale... (POSSIBLE SPOILERS!)
...but not for young children. A deeply philosophical movie about reasons to live for and meaningful life, dressed as a fairytale for children. It was broadcast as one in my country, and unfortunately became one of the most often-mentioned movie on the "scariest TV-experience of my childhood"-lists. No wonder: although not explicitly shown, it has immolated dead and sick people, a very well-created fire-spitting dragon, human sacrifice, inquisition, the "Santa" kidnaps the brother of the main heroine (may trigger future fear from Santa!) and an implied rape of the female lead toward the end...so not a family movie when you have young kids, no. But it's great for teens and adults.

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