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The Tree of Life

The meaning of everything
This is a cinema which asks questions, the questions which has no answers and the cinema doesn't want to give answers. Everything in this cinema ask questions about spirituality. The cinema asks what are the reasons for our being good or evil, why we want show kindness and love each other instead of hatred or being evil. We are in an eternal quest of finding the meaning of everything. Jack asks these questions subconsciously in his teenage years and he is in a journey of finding the meaning of life like every person. We see life forms in these universe and in the womb of Mrs. O'Brien. We see Jack is born with innocence and love as every children does. We see Jack experiencing life and continuously every morality and immorality forms inside him. For the first time, we see jealousy in him when he feels negligence because of his younger brother. We see Jack asks questions to God. We feel the battle inside Jack between rational and spiritual. All these questions, experiences are the single dots which forms the circle of life. And when we get get old, all we have are the memories of our beloved persons and the urge of reuniting with them in afterlife. And when we die, our life circle is completed. I will recommend watch the extended 188 minute version of the film.

Days of Heaven

Like a short poem, not a novel.
This is like a film which never shows the real motive behind the story, yet it all sums up when it ends. It's a story which we have always known. The hunger for materials and trying to topple anything in the way even if means sacrificing the love of the beloved. The slow transformation of greed to love and love to jealousy. With almost zero conversations, this film is filled with little scenes of constantly moving story. The story is not a complicated one, but it is seen through the eyes of a teenage girl which makes it warm and beautiful.


The first thing that I realized while watching the movie was the environment of the location. I realized, this is a story which is about the darkness of human conscience. Almost every part of the movie was located in frozen Minnesota, which is covered with white snow and under the white earth there is a river of blood. The red is soaked by the snow, just like the human evilness is covered by house, clothes, job etc. Throughout the movie we see no logic and no remorse behind the murders. People dies because of no reason at all and people kill them because of no reason at all. The greatest thing about this movie is the coldness of the characters. We see characters go through the story and nothing changes their greed or the evilness inside them. This is not a movie about good vs evil where in the end goodness will overcome the evil. Because the story is the evil fuel of this movie. Though we see the murderers get caught at the end, still it showed no indication that this was some uncommon or unique story that happens once in a decade. The thing this movie portrays is that, this whole story was some ordinary thing and it was the glimpse of the murders that are done because of greed in this world.

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