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The Queen's Gambit

Enjoyable ....but no blockbuster!
While the story is interesting, the acting is a bit amateurish and the script and dialog is quite childish! These are all actors plucked from obscurity so it is understandable if they sometimes don't go above the level of a high school drama project. Lines are delivered by some as if they are reading from a teleprompter. I guess for those who are into chess, that part of the story will be riveting. To others, it's just boring!

This is a theme that has been done countless times before i.e a prodigy/celebrity who achieves early fame, is always out of step with the world, and who has their life consumed by just one thing to the exclusion of all else. Following the trajectory of these stories to their predictable conclusions is however, always an interesting journey that viewers like to take. It fulfills our need to be Voyeurs on the outside looking in! The characters all usually self-destruct but I guess we are always fascinated by the method and journey they take to get there!

Sh'at Neila

Very well done
This series is very well done from the point of realism. One certainly gets the feel of being in battle with people fighting for their very right to exist. The war was hard on all sides and resulted in loss of life. The personal stories are very dramatic. The worst thing one could say about the series would be the toupees used to evoke the 1970s feel really looked a bit silly. However it id not detract from the excellence of the production. It is well worth the watch and it helps if you know the back story to the war and the culture of the region. Do not under any circumstances watch the dubbed version! Watch only the original version in Hebrew and Arabic and read the subtitles!


Predictable Rubbish
The formula that this film uses is to take a series of scenes and stick them together in a random fashion in the hope that a story will happen. In the first episode we meet a group of individuals without knowing who they are or what exactly they seem to do. It's as if one is dropped in the middle of a story that started a while back. There is little context offered to help define any of the characters. The dialog is made up of words said in a staccato fashion and really makes little sense. The acting is very borderline. This really does not even make it to a 5/10!


A Soap Opera with a childish script and terrible acting!
This series is really an embarrassment to any streaming site. It's impossible to understand what type of audience this would have any appeal. The dialog is childish, and the story completely illogical. The scenes lack any continuity and events just seem to happen without any explanation, back story or context. Hopefully there will be no more seasons!

La vita davanti a sé

Not even Sophia Loren could save this movie!
This is a movie that runs like a Fairy Tale. It is totally predictable and completely illogical. The focus is that of a "feel good" experience but to expect viewers to believe that all the actions carried out by a child were possible....it's just asking too much! The film has all the components of an Italian production.....a lot of drama and crying! Loren's acting is impeccable and believable but not even that could rescue a weak and improbable script of pure fantasy!

Por H o por B

Pura Basura
This series is made for HBO Europe but is just pure garbage! Deals with the friendship of two women in a hipster type barrio of Madrid. The humor is silly and certainly doesn't translate to a global audience. I guess it's the Spanish version "Sex and the City" with just two people. It's just not worth the time to watch it! Gave up midway through Episode 1.

Invisible Stories

Bizarre stories that show a different side of Singapore
This is a collection of vignettes that show the side of everyday life in Singapore. Some of them are totally incomprehensible and really need to be fleshed out more for a global audience so that they are not buried in nuance. By not doing so, the message and point of each vignette is totally lost. That defeats the purpose of the series and gives it a low rating. The series has potential but it certainly has not been fully realized! Pity it's missed the mark!


Fun garbage.....but still garbage!
This is a movie that celebrates July 4th, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving all rolled into one. The script, events etc are all unbelievable but fun. Watch it without thinking since the script is pretty mindless and the dialog straight from the cheesiest factory imaginable! It's fun......but pure garbage!


Don't expect much...it's based on a comic book!
Approach this series as if you were reading a comic! Don't look for logic, meaningful drama etc. It's just a bit of fun to pass the time. The acting is well below average from actors who deliver their lines as if they are reading them from a teleprompter. Despite being big budget, the fight scenes and stunts are pretty terrible. Think Doom Patrol is a lot better than this but hopeful this will improve. Don't think about it when watching...just watch and accept it for what it is.....a comic book movie!

What Happens Next

Good idea, bad movie
The idea of a man in his 50s not realizing (or accepting) the fact that he may be gay is a good one. Unfortunately the execution of the idea is done so badly with a weak script and really bad acting, that the movie just doesn't make it off the ground. It plays like a 50s sitcom or a stage play. It appears to be a low-budget production so that may have been a barrier to good production. Wendy Malik pays her usual stereotypical character but even that couldn't save the movie!

Miss India

Could only manage 20 minutes of this garbage
One can only wonder where streaming sites find rubbish like this movie to stream on their platforms. The first 20 minutes were a good indicator that if I actually sat though the 2+ hours of this, it would be time wasted, time I'd never get back!


Just above average but worth the watch
Have to say that the use of Latin and German really added to the authentic feel of this series. The biggest problem was with a lack of continuity of the story line. Sometimes, flashbacks explained the issue, other times it just remained confused. There are points in the script where the story line makes a jump and no explanation is given.The acting is not that strong and the plot falters at certain points but overall, it's a decent watch. I never watch English dubbed versions of foreign productions as the dialog, accents etc just don't match the ambience of the production. Reading subtitles for me is therefore never a problem. The were with this series in that sometimes they would flash on and off too quickly to be read.

C U Soon

Low budget drivel
The movie seems to be a blatant imitation of one made 2years ago. Aside from lacking originality, it is so badly acted with a script that seems to have been written by a teenager. The quality is similar to what would be produced for a high school film course. Where does Amazon find these low grade films?

Star Trek: Discovery

Very woke....but could not keep me awake!
This has to be the worst adaptation of a Star Trek concept that I, a diehard ST fan, have ever seen. I lasted 20 minutes into S1E1 before I realized that it was all about messaging Political Correctness and matching characters to current PC themes e.g. Feminism, LGBTQ, non-binary etc. They are all important issues but in the series, it was like there's a need to constantly message the audience about all these themes. Coupled with actors who seem to read their lines from teleprompters and very cheesy special effects, this soap opera version is insulting to the very proud Star Trek tradition. Sad that the series has come to something like this.

The Right Stuff

Does not make it into successful orbit!
This is a hybrid of a Daytime Soap Opera and a bit of National Geographic documentary. It appears to use Tom Wolfe's book by the same name, as a base for ideas . The series is low to medium budget with a cast of lesser known actors, so it's no surprise that the level of acting isn't that great. It does show the work that went into creating a carefully crafted PR image of "heroes", even though their private lives showed they were just like everyone else, riddled with human flaws and insecurities.

The slow pace means that the producers are planning to be in it for the long run. As to whether it can sustain audience interest will be anyone's guess. It acts like more of a "queue stuffer" rather than a "must watch". It's in the queue for when there's nothing else to watch!

Hate Crime

Predictable but touching
The movie has a very simple and predictable script. However, it's very emotional and ends up being not a bad movie to watch. Does show the power of love.....and hate!

Mai wei

Choppy editing makes it unwatchable
I tried to watch this movie but gave up after 15 minutes due to the very choppy editing. The scenes jump all over the place along a very fluid timeline. The dialog through the subtitles loses a lot in translation and is overly dramatic. Overall, it was just unwatchable for me!

For Here or to Go?

Movie with an agenda
The movie is one with a specific agenda that focuses on Indian software workers in the US with H1B visas. The producer seems so focused on the movie's only message and agenda that the storyline and character development never happens. Rather than focus on the vagaries of the US immigration system, the focus might have been better spent exploring in greater detail the reasons for the reluctance by the temporary workers to return to India and use their skills to help build the country. It will mainly appeal to a Desi audience.


Slow moving and dots not well connected
This is a slow moving series. Typical of many Polish series, the dots do not connect the storyline very well. It's as if they writers don't want to give away anything to the viewer, even if it means that the plot becomes totally incomprehensible. The lead characters are not charismatic, and with a weak and confusing storyline, it is difficult to become invested in the characters or the story. How it lasted 2 seasons is anyone's guess.

Alguien tiene que morir

It moves along....but just barely
Once again, this is another example of the apparent obsession Spanish cinema and TV series have with the era of the 1950s. The backdrop is Franco's Spain, wealthy against the poor, Fascists against perceived Communists. The production suffers from the usual poor audio that plagues Spanish productions where the Castilian "lisp" and speaking the language with "boca cerrada" makes it almost impossible to understand. This is where Mexican Telenovelas have them beat with plain spoken, audible dialog that is easily understood. The plot is very thin and perhaps not intended for global appeal. Contrast this with a production like "Casa de las Flores" which has been able to transcend cultures and has the "quirkiness" to appeal to a wide audience in many countries. This production may enjoy more popularity in Spain.


Requires the viewer to suspend logic and critical thinking
This is another example of Ryan Murphy's obsession with the era of the 1940s. The costumes and sets are from an old Technicolor movie, and Sarah Paulson appears to be dressed like Joan Crawford in every scene. As the series progresses, the plot becomes more and more outlandish, leaving the realm of reality in the dust. There is the usual list of Murphy's favorite actors but even their acting cannot rescue the puerile dialog that is replete throughout the script. There are times the twists and turns seem to be drawn from a daytime soap opera and has to be taken "tongue in cheek"! I have seen most of Murphy's productions and have to say this is the most bizarre one....ever! Watch it from a fun perspective!


Entertaining but with disconnected storylines.
This is a well acted series but the plot often does not seem to have enough dots to connect the events. Things happen in each episode that makes the viewer wonder if they missed some line of dialog that would explain how the event occurred. At times, everything just seemed to be sewn up a bit too neatly. The show is formula driven in that each season is driven by some historical crime that occurred in Whitechapel and suddenly copied by the present day perpetrators. It's an average series, nothing special.


A Telenovela with Limited Interest for a Specific Audience
This series is slow moving to the point of being a "snoozefest". Molasses runs uphill faster than the pace of this Novela. There are varying timelines that require the viewer to hop back and forth, and the story can get too confusing. It really is of interest to a niche audience, and one with stamina to sit through a very boring tale. The scenes drag a lot of time with minimal dialog and a lot of intense staring at others and out to space. It's not for everyone!

Motherless Brooklyn

No, no, no
This is a movies filled with annoying characters, overacting and a very boring story line. I managed about 20 minutes of it before Norton's overacting became too much to bear. Maybe it works for some people....it did not work for me at all!


Really tried to get through it
This series requires too much work to follow the disjointed story line. The scenes seem to randomly stuck together as if they were put in a hat, thrown in the air and then stuck together in whatever order they landed. This resulted in a story that is NOT told in a cohesive and comprehensible manner! The characters are not well delineated from one another, and all are incomprehensible since they try to be very clever, intelligent, and philosophical. It comes across as a very elaborate video game, with a bit of "The Matrix" thrown in for good measure. The way the story is told in this series is just one huge snoozefest! The individual who labelled it as "Convoluted and Pretentious" was right on target with that assessment!

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