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Really Brutal Fightscenes for the Scott Fans
This movie will keep your attention. Its very much the opposite of say the stylized mayhem of John Wick - the fight scenes in this movie are visceral, brutal and bloody - and they comprise a good chunk of the movie. Scott gets all the good lines and exercises that sardonic sense of humor he is well known for in his movies.

I do wonder sometimes why he is cranking out movies like this at the pace of 3-4 a year. He is prime material for more A list movies and has great screen presence. Love his martial arts & action movies but hope to see him in more high quality big release movies sooner rather then later.


Very enjoyable!
This movie is really in the genre of The Equalizer and John Wick and its equal to the task The acting, direction and cinematography were all first rate.. We have a lot of cast that goes against typecast here and that is one of the things that is so enjoyable about the movie. Great opportunity role for Vanessa Hudgins versus her typical light pop queen stuff. MM just kills it - I know he has some dark roles before but nothing that I recall this voilent.

The movie has sequel written all over it, and I would pay to see one if it comes to fruition.

Triple Threat

A solid martial arts action film featuring Scott Adkins
This appears to be a chinese produced martial arts film with a sizeable budget - I am going to guess in the $15MM-$20MM range. I think it is mostly aimed at an Asian audience as it features 3 well known asian martial arts stars (Tony, Iko and Tiger) who are really the focus of most scenes in the movie, along with Celina Jade as the lovely lady in distress about which the plot revolves. Some of their conversations are in Chinese and another language (I think Thai but not certain). All 3 do a lot of fighting in the movie and really get to display their fighting skills.

Scott Adkins is the "star" power and draw for worldwide audiences along with Micheal Jai White as a supporting role member. Scott is the mercenary team leader of the "bad" mercenaries, and while he of course has many prominent fights his actual role and spoken parts are mostly "secondary". In this movie he is the bad guy, not the good guy, and as is often the case when he acts such a role he does it with gleeful abandon. I like Scott in everything he does and keep on hoping he will land a proper A list movie role that is deserving of his actual acting talents to accompany his superb action oriented skills.

This is a fun "movie for guys whp like action movies" type flick (plus it does have a couple of accomplished attractive women fighting as well). Its a great weekend evening popcorn flick. I knew what I was getting into and I quite enjoyed the movie and rate it a 7-7.5.


Not really aimed at the western audience
I gave this movie a 7. It had some good fight sequences and the overall production values were good. Looking at the executive producer and financing list I don't think its really aimed at a western audience but rather chinese and vietnamese audiences. Its sort of a hash of eastern mysticism/scifi/martial arts. So I can understand some of the low scores although they are not really warranted - nothing in this movie was a "2" and if you want to see a 2 score movie I can point the way to plenty.

Anyways it has a discernable plot, it flows forward with no obvious continuity errors, has a reasonable budget for cgi and special effects, and has some good martial arts sequences. Its not going to win any awards but if you like an action movie with a touch of scifi to it and have exhausted all the tier 1 and 2 level movies then this is an ok stop.

Christmas Pen Pals

Just better all round then most of the Christmas fare
The acting in this one was strong, especially on the male side with Niall Matter and a surprise appearance by Michael Gross. It took me awhile to warm up to Sarah Drew whom I am unfamiliar with but I did not dislike her by the end. The supporting characters, especially on the female side were very good.

Writing was better then average. Yes as usual with these movies much was already telegraphed 15 minutes in but there were quite a number of moments that brought a smile to the face. As with all these movies you have to overlook all the plotholes and make assumptions about the resolution of many secondary stories which is a bit unfortunate as several of the secondary characters had a nice way about them.

The Rookie

Very enjoyable - easy to watch, fast paced, mix of drama and humor
I really enjoyed this show. Great to see both Nathan Fillion and the very beautiful Melissa O'Neil in a tv series together - 2 Canadians who both have great pedigree with scifi fans. I wondered where Melissa would end up after the end of Dark Matter and had no idea she would be co-starring in such a heavily hyped network prime time show.

I generally like most facets of the first hour, and how the characters are set up although there were 2 aspects added for dramatic effect that I think are unnecessary: the hidden intimate relationship between 2 characters was totally an unnecessary plotline, as is the cowardice by another character. Neither of these add value to the show - we all came to watch Nathan with probably a few of us also interested in Melissa and Richard Jones - most of the rest of the cast is relatively unknown to my knowledge.

I think I recall reading about a rookie on a police force who was 54 so the age here is not at all implausible. I thought Nathan did real justice to the role and look forward to future episodes.

Lost in Space

I guess I am a contrarian as I quite enjoyed the show and so I think will many of you...
It captivated us, and I think it will do fine for most of you as well.

I can understand the mixed reviews - the foreshadowing was a bit heavy leading to some predictable outcomes, there was to much sociological correctness, and a substantial portion of the focus was oriented to the children so some of the themes were on the surface not very adult.

But it was a pretty fair ride for the 10 episodes - I thought the acting was very believable (and Molly Parker in my eyes was looking quite fine) and this show had excellent production values and score. It certainly was on par with the new Star Trek series on both and in fact its continuity might even have been superior.

I saw some criticisms (in a few cases I might even term it "whining") that this reboot was not faithful to the original. And why should it. In my mind the original provided a premise and a vague structure, and really need not have provided more. I doubt one person in a 1000 even remembers the original beyond a few caricatures and with good reason - it was campy and really not very good.

It seems the deeper themes of redemption, love of family, coming of age, the transition of youth to adult, the difficulties of marriage, mixed into an action/scifi setting are not enough for some jaded viewers. But they were more then enough to hold the interest of I and my family. We wanted to see each episode and ended up binge watching this over the last 2 days.

This was a quality product. Not Oscar material, but certainly a good watch with some very captivating moments.

Global Meltdown

It beats the pants of any of the Asylum movies
This movie is much better then the 3.5 rating it has when I write this comment. Its certainly not a blockbuster, but I thought most aspects of the movie were quite well done for the budget. If you are a die hard scifi fan like me, then you likely have sat through lots of real stinkers. This was not one of them. Its clearl a movie on a budget, but its not one of those awful stinkers like Range 15 or Tasmanian Devils, to name a couple that come to mind immediately.

The name actor of the movie Michael Pare plays a character that brings to mind the type of real danger one is likely to encounter in a widespread disaster - a ruthless survivalist. Almost always most scifi movies portray survivalists as a bunch of yahoos or hillbillies. Pare's character is much more realistic - someone who is mean, hard and has no interest in anything but their own survival with everyone else potential prey. I have no idea how he ended up in a local (Alberta) Canadian production but the character he plays is exactly the sort of person you need to be wary of in a disaster situation.

As the movie did not have a big special effects budget it kept most of that pretty grounded. The cinematography and editing were professional, as was the sound.

I have never understood the economics of making a direct to dvd movie in the first place, but i think if your a fan of the disaster genre its worth a watch. Of course it has plotholes and some absurd circumstances, but then its a movie!

Frozen in Love

Easily one of the best Hallmark Winterfest themed movies I have seen
I can see reading other reviews that some love the movie, and others where kinda "mehh" about it. I am a single dad and usually watch these movies with my teen daughter. I have also reviewed several other Hallmark Christmas movies since I started getting hooked on them in 2016. Others in their reviews have outlined the plot so I shall not touch on that in my comments and instead focus on our impressions of the movie.

Speaking for both of us, we really enjoyed this movie. We found it more realistic and relatable then many of the other hallmark holiday season themed movies and we thought the chemistry between the leads was great. I have never been a Rachel Cook fan, and even in this movie it took a bit of time to warm up to her, although at the end of the movie I thought she looked very pretty. On the other hand I have always really liked Niall Matter in these types of movies - he fits into the characters they have him portray very well and we thought he hit a home run in this movie. My daughter is reminding me we saw him as the lead in another Hallmark holiday movie last year which we also enjoyed.

There were many occasions during the movie where we laughed, and otherwise we always had a smile on our faces. It was an enjoyable movie. I think most Hallmark fans would be charmed by this movie.

We felt this movie deserved a very good rating. Please note we rate relative to the genre. For a Hallmark movie this was a home run, and so it gets a 9 in that context.

Stargate: Atlantis

Even in 2018 its holding up well
IF ever there was a Stargate show that could be restarted its Stargate Atlantis. Having just watched it again from start to finish in Feb/Mar 2018 I was reminded why I loved it so much the first time round - great cast chemistry, mostly very interesting episodes, good humour, very good special effects, and more.

Many of the actors are available as well if they wanted to use any of them in a reboot.

I did realize this time more then my first go around that they relied on Rodney to much to resolve situations in fantastical ways, and so yes I could conclude the writing was a bit weak in that department. Yet the writers did succeed at great characterization for a number of the principals, so not everything fell down in that department.

They also lost their way a bit with a couple of them such as Teyla - the purposes of her being sort of "drifted" and it was clear the writing team in later seasons did not know what to do with her other then she be a strong member of the team. I will say this -Rachel Luttrell is really drop dead gorgeous - I had to be an adult to come to that realization....

There is so much unfinished business for this series - I know the Stargate Atlantis Legacy book series helps close many of the loose threads, but I would like to see them acted out onscreen.

Each Stargate series had something I liked, but I think this one had perhaps the best balance, and was the most "enjoyable" to watch. And to me at least it wore well.

Stargate Origins

Really Atrocious Writing
In which the main characters are all undeniably stupid and dense beyond belief. The writers go for a mixture of slapstick humor and idiocy, and by the end of the 2nd episode it commences to be grating, and by the end of the third your ready to murder someone given how it gets on your nerves.

There was the potential of a real prequel, and it got tossed away like so much sand in the wind. I just finished episode 5 and I don't think I can take anymore. If you make it that far you deserve a medal.

I say avoid at all costs.

Marry Me at Christmas

It is better then some of the other reviews convey, and we thought a decent bit of escapism
I and my daughter just watched this movie. So I am reflecting our opinions. They don't really jive very well with some of the very negative reviews I am reading here, and I am wondering if we watched the same movie.

We have been watching the Hallmark Christmas movies for a few years now, along with offerings we are seeing from some of the other stations. I have even posted a couple of other reviews last year. In the grand scheme of specialty channel Christmas movies, we felt this was one of the better offerings.

We found the leads charming and believable. Rachel in particular we thought was very good - she is able to convey a lot with her eyes, facial expression and slight body movement - she can actually act. She is a very attractive woman (that's me talking on that observation! LOL). The male star is also handsome, and we thought he did a good job. The supporting cast was fine.

These movies are made in a very short period of time and a very tight budget, sometimes filming is only 7-10 days! I am aware of this when I watch these movies, and sometimes its evident when you see a scene end a bit abruptly. And you can't blame an actor for the sometimes banal dialog - they have to work with what they get, and sometimes its only one take and then they have to move onto the next scene.

I thought the conclusion was a bit rushed and underwhelming, if only as I would like to have savored how it played out in a bit more depth. But all-in-all we enjoyed the movie. We sat through a real stinker the other day (Sweet Home Carolina with Heather McComb) and Marry Me at Christmas was superior in every respect.

You just have to know that all the Hallmark movies follow a very similar script - even when the concept is potentially somewhat original they always play it out via a formula. You will never find romance/Christmas movies with less sexual tension in them then a Hallmark movie, many of which only have one kiss at the end.

Another review noted the move Christmas Cookies with Jill Wagner. Both movies were the same - a beautiful woman trying not to find love finishes the movie with one kiss with the handsome interloper, said kiss intending to convey eternal love and happiness to the audience and the rest is up to us to fill in the blanks.

If you don't like the formula, don't watch the movies....

The Orville

Saw the 1st Ep, will watch more
I remember reading the fall previews and the critics were pretty savage about this show.

But I enjoyed the first episode. It certainly steals from a lot of things and the humor is pretty low brow, but the cast were miles better then that of STNG, which was absolutely as stiff as a board the whole first season, let alone the 1st episode.

The special effects were outstanding. I was ecstatic to see Scott Grimes and he gets perhaps the best characterization and best lines in the first episode. It was also nice to see Penny Jerald from Castle.

I understand the show is a homage to the entire Star Trek franchise ala Seth Mcfarlane style. I can see that in many elements I saw in this episode - but none of the way it was done was bad.

I do wonder where the show is going to go as time progresses. Most scifi has some pretty serious dire cliffhangers after a serial format for the season. I don't recall a major scifi entry that was lighter in tone and did not have a dark menace of some sort in the background. So I am both curious, and a bit apprehensive, but definitely ready to sign on for more episodes.


These Survival Experts are an embarrassment
I am admittedly way late to this series - its July 2017 and I only just found it now and just endured the first couple of hours. And by endured I mean suffered through alternate periods of disbelief, boredom and perhaps even rage, at the stupidity and lack of preparation and experience of most of these guys.

The premise of the show is not surprising, take a bunch of guys mostly from the USA, who think they know all about survival having been on a camping trip or two with the good old boys, read a couple of survival books (but ignored most of what was in them), watched a few youtube videos and probably been brought up on the typical "I am American" arrogant attitude of being experts at everything in their own mind.

They all thought they knew the basics - it was lovely to see each one of them recite the abc's of what they needed to do first I think to convince themselves if no one else. Of course the prime ingredient to surviving in the outdoors is first having a strong mind, and it seems almost all of them forgot that at home when they left Yahoo USA to experience the real outdoors.

Hoping to see some real bushcraft and display of knowledge and skill? Leave those hopes behind - there was almost none of it on display after the first 2 hours I watched. Just tears, moaning and groaning, in spades.

The only plausible explanation I can think of is the producers did not tell them where they were going. And when they heard Vancouver Island, they missed the island part and only heard "Vancouver" and thought they were going to get a room at Ritz Carlton.

Maybe there is something further along in the series, I hope so as after the first couple of episodes, had I been one of the participants I would have been afraid to ever show my face in public again.

So your forewarned if your trying to decide whether to watch this show.

John Wick: Chapter 2

A good old fashioned kick ass action movie!
John Wick 2 is a 10, in fact it might even be higher.

Relentlessly paced from start to finish, JW rarely ever gets a chance to rest, every step someone is trying to kill him, and the tension will get to you, and by the end of the movie, your nerves will be like a wet dishrag.

This movie did flesh out the world John left behind, but my one mild criticism might be that there is not much time for characterization, I think the first movie delivered more in that regards.

But its a very minor criticism versus the outstanding cinematography, the incredible fight choreography made all the better by the fact you know Keanu was doing all his own fight scenes and stunt work - it was over the top, yet believable in a strange twisted way.

All fans are anticipating and wondering where Chapter 3 will take us: John has friends even though he has been declared persona non- grata, and will they be there for him when he needs them? Who will take care of dog? Will he get to his stash in the basement of his house allowing him to get on even terms with the horde after him? I can't wait to find out.

I am going to enjoy this movie many times more over the next few months, and I suspect this is true of all fans. Blue ray here I come!

To paraphrase an old expression" John Wick 2 is an action movie for men who like real action". If that is you then so is this movie.

2017 is looking to be a great year for movies, and yes there may be others that are better, but none will be its equal.

Thank you Keanu et al for this movie!

The Halcyon

There are some good points..
Reading the other reviews I find they are a bit harsh, but not completely without merit.

The sets are gorgeous, as is the costuming. I like most of the female characters, they feel less forced and and more nuanced and the 3 female leads: Hermione Corfield, Olivia Williams and Kara Tointon are all to my male eye, easy to watch and credible in their performances.

I have seen some suggestions online comparing Hermoine Corfield to Scarlett Johansson, but Hermoine is much prettier and more attractive physically. I think she is also a better actress in respect of dramatic contexts.

I will also add that I have since seen Kara Tointon inteviewed, and she self-deprecatingly refers to herself as a shower singer, but this is not true, as evidenced by her recent role in the Sound of Music. She has a wonderful voice and fine tonal quality and range. She will be able to do as much theater as she desires in the future. She plays the "minx" role in this show, and she has the figure and the attitude to carry it off with aplumb, and her vocal abilities are the icing on the cake.

As the episodes have progressed, some of the male characters have improved -> Steven Mackintosh is particularly strong, but the complaint that clichés abound in the writing particularly in respect of the male characterizations is regretfully quite true. It makes for some real plodding moments as a result.

Unfortunately, in episode #5 the clichés only got worse as the inevitable gay plot lines to appeal to every fringe audience were introduced as well. It is out of place for the show and just not of any interest to me whatsoever - dull and boring. It was unnecessary and detracts from the show.

Likely that was the final straw and I shall drop my viewership of the show. Its to bad as The Halcyon had potential, but I am honestly not interested in such indoctrination, it was the final straw in a mixed bag of writing, and so I shall have to pass.


I am hooked!

Are you a fan of say the Jesse Stone movies with Tom Selleck, or perhaps The Tunnel or The Bridge series out of Europe? If so then Cardinal is for you. The same atmosphere, foreboding, characterization, quality writing, acting and direction are all present. The main protagonist Cardinal, is very much in the vain of Jesse Stone, moody, skilled, with warts and flaws, and secrets yet to be revealed. In the first episode saw a small glimmer of the man, although perhaps flawed or misdirection, peeled back.

This is apparently a Canadian production, and takes place in a nameless mid-sized city apparently in Northern Ontario, and which I think is supposed to be a mirror for Thunder Bay (correction, North Bay apparently).

Other then the weather (its a winter setting) the actual setting is incidental to the plot, and could easily be where you are. The quality of the production itself is exactly on par with the series I noted in the first paragraph, so no let down will be found there.

I look eagerly forward to the next episode. I suppose the one thing I do believe is more bodies will be found, other then that the suspense is palatable, and I relish it.


Mar 1, 2017 cont'd - Cardinal has been well received and has been picked up by quite a number of networks internationally. Which is a good thinkg since its budget is about $1.8MM per episode. But apparently it is a financial success as its primary sponsor CTV in Canada committed to not one but 2 more seasons of at least 6 episodes. 6 eps is very short by North American standards but from what I have seen quite common in many euro productions.

Each season is going to do a book or two from the written series.

I really enjoyed the entire season. It had very few lows, and many highs. Billy Campbell was superb as Cardinal. I feel my comparables above were accurate and relevant.

Navy Seals vs. Zombies

Not great but its not another 30K production thankfully
Having sat through so many true amateur productions that actually deserve their -1 ratings, I will give this a solid 5 in context of it being a direct to video production.

This had some name actors in it (while 3 anyways...) and it least it had professional production values. Money was spent on set, props and military co-operation. Yes, the script was likely written in a day, and some plot devices served no purpose whatsoever (like the reporter and her video camera) and there were some glaring holes as well but that is the way things go with these types of movies.

Anyone with a military background will of course spot tons of mistakes. I have learned to set that aside when watching B movies particularly in the action/sci-fi/zombie genres.

Its better then its current 3.9 IMDb rating, but not worth much more then the 5 I gave it.

IF you need to kill some time its watchable, and possibly bearable....

Shi cheng

It left me breathless
because the first half of the movie actually was relatively good versus most of the 3rd rate zombie movies we genre fans typically have to endure, but then the 2nd half of the movie descended to 4th rate clichés, and was almost unbearable.

The leads in this movie Andy On and Jessica Cambensy are the only ones who really scored - they fell in love while shooting the movie, and are now married and have a daughter.

The rest of us who watched this movie will never get those 95 minutes back and will be that much poorer for the loss.

The action and fight scenes were mostly quite good, some even almost A grade. The makeup was mostly very good as well, most of the zombie schek out these days is much worse.

There are scenes of not just violence, but rape and degradation in the movie so you are forewarned (in the stupid 2nd half of the movie).

Overall, I rate a 5. Had it not been for the 2nd half of the movie, it would have been an easy 6-6.5. The 2nd half of the movie is a 2, if that.

The surprising thing is that there are many, many worse zombie movies being churned out all the time. This one actually had a budget, and some known Asian action stars (Phillip Ng, Andy On) in it.

You will survive the movie, and the taste in your mouth be only modestly sour.

The Hollow Point

Eclectic modern western with lots of twists
This was a very unusual movie, and I am certain it will not be to everyone's taste. I am not a professional critic but to me this is almost what I envision to be "art-house" in a modern western genre.

What I loved is the movie has lots of atmosphere, intrigue, fine acting and many unexpected moments. I do think it gave up a couple of its secrets a touch to early, but I don't believe that detracts from the overall story.

There is suspense and action, and some pretty gory outcomes along the path to the conclusion. And there are at least 3 wtf moments while all that plays out.

Overall, I really enjoyed. I live for action movies, but they don't all have to be over-the-top massive cgi efforts. This was more grounded action but for me very enjoyable nonetheless.

This movie made me think of Get the Gringo with Mel Gibson from a couple of years ago. The Hollow Point lacks the humour of that movie, but it is generally in the same genre dealing with the rot that is the USA/Mexican border, the grit and seediness of the area and all the trouble of existing in it. IF you liked Get the Gringo you will like this movie - they are definitely not the same, but there is in my mind some style similarities.

Anyways, its definitely not a 5.5 movie (the current overall rating on IMDb when I write this). I have sat through enough movies of that caliber to know! I give it a solid 7 to 7.5 for overall movie value.

Ice Girls

A solid teen movie that family can enjoy
This is a solid outing in the figure skating / teen angst genre, but the whole family can enjoy it. Don't expect your teen sons to hang around, although as the girls are pretty they might, but otherwise that is one demographic this movie will not grab - not a big surprise.....

What I did find surprising is that Elvis Stojko is actually one of the character leads, but he does not get that billing when you view the credit summary. And he does a good job in his role, he is a much better actor then many of the performances I have endured in other movies recently. He is not a big guy (I think both the teen female leads were actually taller then he when they were all on skates) he looks like he could do well in a more action oriented role were he to take that on.

While not academy award material, and all the clichés including the domineering mother, the teen rivalry, etc are on full display, that does not take away from the fact the teen leads are all credible, appear to do most of their own skating, and nothing seemed too out of place or to stretch the imagination beyond reason.

Things wrap up a bit too neatly, but that is the way of Disney movies... a happy ending with skimpy plot devices (such as 2 separate budding romances) all falling aside without further thought once the budget has run out! In its genre, I give it a 6-6.5.

Christmas Cookies

The leads are on fire, the rest is more smoke
Its tough to rate a Christmas movie, I gave it a 7 but that is not based on the same scale as I would be using to rate a big budget 1st tier production. But for a Christmas movie its fine.

Jill Wagner and Wes Brown are the lead actors in the movie, and very watchable. I actually did not know Jill was this capable, as my only prior exposure to her was with Wipe-Out where her role was to be smoking hot with a touch of comedy. She fulfills the smoking hot role exceptionally well in this movie - she is gorgeous. Wes is a handsome guy and he has presence, so their chemistry was quite believable.

The story has all the usual dramatic Christmas elements - love of family, turmoil, angst, with a happily ever after solution typical of a Hallmark movie. The ending was a bit corny - and never mind that one self centered boyfriend was left in the dust.......

This movie is suitable for the whole family - other then admiring how good Jill looks in anything (and those 2 small suitcases seemed to pack a huge wardrobe) there is nothing in the movie that even approaches PG.

Its light but enjoyable entertainment, not heavy stuff but the cast never pretends otherwise, and you will want cookies and pie when done watching it...


A very solid character focused zombie movie
I agree with the reviews I read, this is a cut above many of the zombie flicks.

I was amazed when I realized that I was watching Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan - it was well into the movie before it dawned on me - MF is unrecognizable until close to the end of the movie.

I wonder how they ended up in a Spanish/french funded and directed production but they should be glad they did as this was a professionally shot movie. No idea what the budget was - it was certainly not a $50MM dollar flick, but whatever it was it no corners were cut, especially in the special effects - they were not complex but they were well executed and shot.

The score, the cinematography, the acting were all excellent. The movie built up its suspense as it carried on, I found I was fully invested for most of the movie.

For any fan of sci-fi, or the zombie genre, but desiring some real character, acting, and suspense this movie will not disappoint.

Tasmanian Devils

Holy Battlestar Stargate Continuum!
The epitome of a Vancouver sci-fi production featuring a slate of actors who in some cases appeared in all 3 of the above noted shows.

I guess once you act in a syfy show, you are forever doomed to appear in lower caliber syfy movies of the week, but at leaat you know every now and then you can collect a paycheck that covers the bills for a few months for your 20 days work on the movie.

Its pretty funny to watch a bunch of actors who are all pushing, if not over 40, trying to act like a bunch of careless 20 something rebels... the opening scene was particularly testing but thankfully that act dropped 15 minutes into the movie (which was 15 minutes to long but beggars cannot be choosers).

Danica is very intent on proving to the world that you can be a hot brainy almost 40 something woman who also sort of acts, and she wears the bustier/corset in this movie to prove it, but I for one am not complaining! You just have to ignore the look of pain when she occasionally turned and it squeezed the breath out of her while simultaneously pushing forward her attributes....

Sadly we saw not a hint of anything else, and the lovely Rekha Sharma did not get any opportunity to display her equally attractive charms.

Its not hard to guess how this movie will progress - its a timeworn (and well worn) plot to have all the characters drop off one by one until only one fair lass and knight remain, who shall of course end up forever entwined.

It certainly was not the worst timewaster - I have endured much, much worse from syfy, and if you are seeking a 90 minute mindless popcorn movie when you need to kill some time, you may survive the experience better then its participants!


Some glaring stupidity but still watchable I think....
I gave the show a reasonably good rating, but I partially attribute this to my being so starved for scifi/fantasy series and the pickings are particularly slim this fall now that shows like Dark Matter are in their winter hiatus and others such as Into The Badlands won't commence season 2 until sometime the next decade....

Every negative comment about the obtuse stupidity of the family given the circumstances is well earned and deserved. I sometimes wonder why writers and showrunners decide that the characters should be such, but here is hoping they have a plan, a positive plan, so we don't end up hating everyone but the one daughter who seems to have an actual brain.

There are some positive elements if you really delve through the first episode. It was fairly fast paced, we did get a grasp of the characters, and there is a lot of crap going on! There were definitely some moments in the show that surprised me, and that in itself may be a good thing.

The show dropped some heavy hints that ancient folklore is going to have an influence in the show, so as another reviewer pointed out we seem to be headed to a confluence of SuperNatural and The Walking Dead all in one.

I will stick around for at least a few more episodes - 13 are in the can apparently and I am intrigued as to where it is going to end up, but I think some matters will have to improve significantly in order to it to land at the end of the season a success - chief among them that the writers give their characters a brain and not be so obtuse about what is occurring.

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