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It will exceed your expectations
Another perfect movie for Jake Gyllenhaal, I was not expecting it to be that good to be honest.

The best thing about this movie is how real it is, the great acting of Jake Gyllenhaal was able to express deep, mixed, and confused emotions that we all face through out our lives.


Ard al-Khof

One of the best movies not only in Egypt but ever.
This is one of the best Egyptian movies ever made, why is that ?

Well, here is why: 1. Acting is exceptional from everyone, specially Ahmed Zaki & Hamdi Geth. 2. The story itself and the hidden meaning is great, the more you watch, the more you understand that this is a great story and plot. 3. The soundtrack is really amazing.

This is truly a masterpiece.

Ordeal by Innocence

This is a great series. Cinematography is from another world.



One of the best movies of the year
What I have just seen? It is not another boring Christmas movie. It is not the same old story of Santa Claus. Also, it is not the'' Just For Kids '' cartoon. Moreover, it is not only just an amazing CGI and animation film.

It is a re-written story of the universal Santa Claus, it is original and full of fun, warmth, and most importantly motivation for us to be more human, kind, and never lose hope to be good people. Because no matter how bad your situation is, helping others and see happiness in their faces is the best (and easiest) thing anyone can ever do.

Le grand méchant renard et autres contes...

Not only for kids
I was watching this with my kid thinking that it is one of the boring kids' animation, but it turned out to be a very funny movie with one of the best and unique animation's technique i have ever seen, i was drawn to the movie from first scene till the last.

Easy 10/10

The Passage

By Egyptian standards it is 6 for me, I didn't like the fact that it is not a true story, because I am sure the Egyptian-Israeli war history have lots and lots of great stories to be told, why tell us a fake one ? This particular story is very expected, full of many gaps and holes even by the Egyptian standards, I understand that Egyptians will love it because it is a story of patriots and they will feel that they have to love it, but still it has so many flaws.


Excellent !!
The Joker movie is a journey of how society can make people explode, and turn them into rebels and anarchists.

I wish the movie can be a first of many DC connected movies. They made me like and understand the Joker, not the character but the person and the ideology.

Acting is a top notch, if Joaquin Phoenix did not get an oscar for his mesmerizing performance this year, then who will ?

Storyline, direction, footage, colors, mood and cinematography are all very well done too.

Easy 10/10, one of the best movies I've ever seen.

A side note:- The Joker character is very close to Wael Ghonim in 2019 the activist who sparked the Egyptian uprising in 2011, ofcourse both are not related and Wael Ghonim is not a killer but both personalities have a lot in common.


Underrated Movie
Released in 2018 ? this is totally an underrated movie.

The animation is great and the effort made to produce such an amazing quality stop motion film from independent studio is surely respectable.

The storyline on the otherhand is very good too, it has some flaws but not a deal breaker.

This is a hidden gem, highly recommended.

Man on Fire

Filming style is so bad
It was a very bad experience, the camera movement and the style of filming was very irritative, couldn't stand it.


It was great
This is a great adaptation to one of my favourite childhood charachters the Ninja Turtles, I watched this movie in 2019 and to my surprise it was very good, the CGI of the turtles is amazing, exactly how i wanted to see them in a 3d animated movie. The storyline is not the best out there and has a lot of flaws, however, the full experience is great, I loved it.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Film locations does not make sense
I am Egyptian, this is my problem with the movie, that I am an Egyptian. I love Transformers' movies, they are epic movies full of great CGI and good storyline from my POV. However, in this particular movie, I couldn't get over the fact that they made Giza's Pyramids, Jordan's Petra & Luxor temple in the same place like they are 2 Kilometers apart while in fact they are at least 1000 Kilometers apart from each others.

The Secret Men Club

It is okay
Well, it was going okay till the last part of the movie where the movie's storyline started to crumble.

By the Egyptian standards it is a good movie, and it is good to see Karim Abdelaziz back again.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

The best of the series yet
The best movie out of the three, not because of the action, but because of the storyline. Everything about the movie is great now that we know the motives, background and the history of what is going on. My advise is that you need to watch the two movies back to back to remember and understand what is going on.

The action in this movie it TOP NOTCH.


True or not ?
I couldn't finish the movie, because I am not sure if what I am watching is a true story or just fiction, it is like someone wants you to believe something by providing you with his side of the story and blocking you from viewing it from the other side, i couldnt get any confirmation if the film events did really happen, hence, stopped watching.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Another underrated movie
Just 140 million USD dollars in the box office !! this is a 100% underrated movie. Forget about rotten tomatoes ratings and boxoffice revenues, this is an amazing experience even by 2019 standards. The CGI is a top notch, i watched this movie 3 times over the last ten years, the last time was couple of days ago and it did not feel old or unrealistic by today's standrads. The storyline is good with flaws ofcourse but the movie as a package will force you to ignore these flaws.

Highly recommended.


The movie is great, definitely an underrated movie. The only flaw that i find is that the killer motives are not clear, we did not know why he is doing the killing or why he kidnapped the kid and why he did not kill him ? But even thouth it was an enjoyable movie.1

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The only superhero movie that i did not see
I don't know how it happened, but I didn't see the movie from its date of release until now. I don't know why exactly it has a low rating because I really enjoyed the movie. I am not a comic book reader so I can not comment on how it is related to the original story, however, this particular story was good and it was connected well to the previous movies.


A 23 years old movie
I used to see my sisters watching this movie back in the old days but i was never interested to join them, however, i have seen it myself after 23 years and i can say that I liked it. It has its own issues but considering that i was watching it on TV and that it is a 23 years old movie, it is a good movie and i was not bored at all.


A very good movie
I watced this movie on my way to Egypt from Uae, and it was such an amazing experience. The acting was excellent and the story line was well made. If i knew it would be this good, i would have watched it in the cinema while it was showing.


I was not a big fan of Warcraft game, but I loved the movie very much and I don't know why it has such low reviews from well known critics, I hope that one day we will see a sequel.


Worst movie ever
It was a big mistake to see this movie. and I don't see any reason for it to get Oscars over Lala land other than it is promoting the LGBT

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