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Once Upon a Time in Deadwood

Half Decent for a B Western
Ok so here is the deal. It is a low budget modern B Western. It is one that is watchable. No your not going to be blown away. The acting is ok at best, action scenes mostly fairly poor and any of the movie shot indoors is downright sub par even for a B movie. Now the good news. The plot is pretty simple yet compelling, there are some very hot gals in the film, there are some really nice outdoor shots and there are some decent old school musical scores. If you are fan of Westerns I would say this is worth the 85 minutes - this is surely in the top tier of the B westerns - even if thats not saying a whole lot.


Solid Enough Low Budget Western
I know this movie has received much hate on this site much of it unwarranted. First of all let me say I'm a big Western fan so I like to watch pretty well any new one that comes out.

This is a low budget movie. If you are a Western fan and enter the movie understanding what it is you will likely enjoy it. If you are expecting a big budget Hollywood blockbuster of course you will be disappointed.

The story: A very simple one. Daughter is kidnapped into the sex trade and her dad is going to find her come hell or high water. It doesn't get really more complex then that -- and I don't feel it really had to. A simple yet easy story to relate with to set up some nice action scenes, some gritty gore and some interesting characters.

The acting: I found was decent enough. Fair enough no one is going to get an Academy Award but I found they actors did a decent job in bringing a small diverse characters to life.

The Action: Some nice gunfights, bar brawls, fist fights, blood, guts and glory. All the standard fare of a good Western can be found here.

The Scenery: Some nice old Western saloons, homesteads and brothels. I found the sets very nice and allowed me to get immersed in the story.

In wrapping up I would say if you are a true Western fan and come into the movie with expectations for a 98 minute decent low budget Western I would say this is well worth a watch. If you are not into Westerns or don't care for lower budget films this may not be the one for you.

My finals score is a 5/10 - solid enough for what it is. Westerns are so rare these days I was happy to get this one.

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