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Shingeki no kyojin: The Town Where Everything Began
Episode 13, Season 3

best episode!
One of the best episode in this anime the action , the music and the surprise factor are so good!


Best Korean series i ever watched
If you like movies and series that talk about time travel and full of mystery this series is totally for you to watch.The writer of this series made a phenomenal job with some mind twist ideas every episode hook you up till the last minute all 16 episodes are full of excitement and you don't get bored at all 10/10 would recommend it and i hope to see season 2 for it.

De'ah Da'iah

best Arab comedy series
Most of today's modern shows have technologies shown in them so "De'ah Da'iah" come and show you what the world would be without these technologies and how much life would be simple, that the example of a village called "De'ah Da'iah" great comedy that you can find in today's simple people in villages where technologies didn't find it's way yet 10/10 recommended.

La Casa de Papel

A series for thriller and mind games lovers!
I must say la casa de papel is an original series with great mind game ideas that will keep you hooked in all the episodes the ideas of the robbery plan are original and fresh.in my opinion it will be better if the producers worked more on the guns aspect, in some scenes we see robbers or police shooting from guns more then 200+ bullets without even reloading which clearly make no sense even for non guns experts. other then that it's a great series.

7-beon-bang-ui seon-mul

A movie to remember!
i must say this movie is the best movie i ever seen, thanks god i didn't miss it the acting was superb you almost believe that the main actor is a fool in a real life , this movie will make you happy and sad and you will enjoy them both you will enjoy every moment in this movie even the sad moments ! i wont go in details to avoid spoilers but you will not feel it till you watch it, i recommend watching this movie with your kids , it will teach them a lesson about the father love .i'm now a really big fan of Korean movies especially after watching this one sadly most of Hollywood movies now focus on making money more then the content of the movie itself please Korean director keep Korean movies your way!.


stop whining about tower inferno
this film is really good all actors are good and the story is very good , i personally like disaster movies and this one got me people here are complaining and giving bad ratings because its a copy of tower inferno i mean tower inferno was released in 1974 the filming quality back then was so bad so why not make another movie same story with good quality and better destruction effect ... today most gamer video games you like to play first person shooter games for example and you play the same game but different release every year and you don't complain about it even though it's the same concept which is shooting in different scenarios and if you are not gamer then you can take Xfactor show as example each year same thins which is singing ... so in my opinion watching a same story film after 38 years is totally fine by me i mean in this duration a new generation is born and it's there right to enjoy the movie in 2012 like you enjoyed it back in 1974...

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