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The Stand: Pocket Savior
Episode 2, Season 1

Better than Episode 1
While I hate the fact that there telling the story like this.( From the middle and going backwards with disjointed flashbacks) I feel like they nailed alot of scenes from the book this week. I didn't hate this episode maybe I just had to lower my standards.But wow I probably would like this show significantly more If Naden Cross wasn't played by Amber Heard.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

A true epic in 2019
This is a refreshing film that is not based on pre established material(sequel, reboot etc). In 2019 that is a needle in a haystack. Just go in expecting a hang out movie and you will surely enjoy the ride. Honestly I have no quoms, this has all the components to make a great movie and it delivers in strides.

The River and the Wall

Great documentary
This was a beautiful documentary, with a great message. There is a lot of insisting that a boarder wall would solve the United States problems, the doc goes into how a large structure like the wall would really be a pain in the ass, and more of a problem than what it's worth. But the doc isn't all about politics it also has large chunks of the doc with great nature and wildlife footage bundled in.


Logically this movie should be a 5 but......
When watching this movie there comes a point when your going to have to "take a leap of faith", you may not like the outcome of the final product but its undeniably a memorable movie. From scene 1 the film bashes you over the head with a quirky score and a odd opening scene. If you don't imedently get hooked on first 10 minutes than I dont know what will. Honestly this isn't a good movie but if you are looking for a film that is going to make you question the reality that it came from please watch. Damn I could go more into the movies strengths and weaknesses but that is just me wasting mine your time. Time perhaps better spent watching Ravenous.


If you go in with low expectations , you will probably enjoy the ride. I had fun and was surprised by some of the twist and turns in the picture. Just don't expect to watch the next Ex Machina .


This is a odd film
This film technically speeking is impeccable. The Directing, Cinamotagraphy, Editing, Acting, Audio Design/Music,etc was all vary stylish and slick. However the aspect of the film that I think I enjoyed the most has to be the world building involving the tethered which I find it fun to pondor about on retrospective.The whole concept of these doppelgangers having a grudge on humanity has given me lots to chew on as far as my interpretations and deep hidden meanings to think about. This is the kind of film that I expect is going to bother people and be controversial.Some will love it and others will look at it like a over ambitious Shyamalanesk film that falls flat. Personally It checked all my boxes it was well written, the comedy worked when it needed it too. The story was filled with great moments and the world building was dope and really cool to contemplate about.


Come in with a open mind
Yes it is messy and yes the rotten tomatoe score is vary low. However when this movie works it really works. James Macovoy gives a great performance Samuel L Jackson provides his typical level of charisma to his character and Bruce Willis exhibits one of his best performances that he has given in a long while. The music and cinematography was top notch and the ending is vary bold and bittersweet. Some criticisms thrown at the film are vary valid when it comes to the continuity of certain things and the rushed aspects of other thing, however many of the complaints being thrown at the film tend to bug me because its obvious that the naysayers wanted more of a stereotypical and cliche conclusion with a big action set peace to bring it all home , but yet they forget to remember that Unbreakable as a film was vary different with its depiction of superheroes compared to other films in that genre. This series of films was trying to be the anti superhero movie series and because of this, things need to be subverted in order to ground it in reality. I dug this film and really the reason why this isn't a higher score is because of some nit picky things here and there. Plus things that are a little too convenient for there own good. However the pros for me out way the cons and I highly recommend this film if your looking for a superhero movie that is vary different from the flock seek this one out.

The Haunting of Hill House

Close to perfection
9 episodes was fantastic television with great characters and at points had me in complete tears than 10 rolled around and it nearly ruins the entire show, However I still recommend the ride, even though the destination was flat.

Above Majestic

Skip if you have a basic understanding of how to make a decent documentary.
Vary inconherient and low buget, the conspiracys seem to fail to transition to each other nicely and the music and sound mixing is atrocious.

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